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The mod extends difficulty growth in Dark Souls beyond NG+6. Each play-through the game will be getting harder and harder until you can't beat it.
How far can you go?

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New Game Plus Infinite Mod

What this mod does

The mod extends difficulty growth in Dark Souls beyond NG+6. Each play-through the game will be getting harder and harder until you can't beat it.
How far can you go?

  • After NG+6 the Health, Damage and Soul drop of enemies will be increased by 6% per cycle. The increase is exponential, i.e. in 10 cycles you get 80% increase, not 60%, in 50 cycles you will get enemies harder by factor of 18!
  • There is a way to progress through NG-cycles much faster, increasing enemies strength by 34% per playthough.
  • Four Kings health grow is tuned down so they won't be the bottleneck.
  • Eight new items (besides tokens), which some people will find to be useless and some to be everything that they've ever dreamed about.
  • The mod will instantly put any character to NG+7 when you load it. This gives you several options. You can gear up a character with unmoded game and then go to NG+7 with it after installation of the mod. Alternatively, you can create a new character and have the "fresh start" challenge at NG+7. You can even go to NG+12 in a minute, if you have save file with an old character at the end of playthrough.
  • The characters, which you create/use with this mod, are usable in the standard (unmodded) game as NG+6 characters. Thereby, you can use this mod to instantly up the NG counter for your characters and do NG+6 playthrough with unmodded game.
  • Few more minor quality of life improvements.

  • The mod is English only (there is not much new text though).
  • All enemies are fully resistant to bleed, poison and toxic now (the player character is not).
  • Traps in Sen's are triggered only if you step on them (i.e. no longer triggered if you attack them).
  • Mobs can behave a bit weirdly from time to time, but nothing major.
  • The mod is not developed with coop in mind.

Leaderboard & Boss Stats

Check out the Leaderboard of people who play the mod. You can be on it as well if your progress is big enough. 
The spreadsheet also contains a few boss stats across all NG's. 

Installation instructions

0.  It's very recommended to start from a fresh DS installation if you have installed any kind of mods (besides DSFix) before.

A) If you have a standard working version of PtDE from Steam:
  1. Download my files and unpack them.
  2. Download Drag and Drop mod Manager (DSDAD) and launch it.
  3. Drag and drop the content of my ForDSDAD folder to DSDAD window.
  4. Launch Dark Souls via DSDAD by pressing the button at the bottom right.

B) Alternatively, you can unpack your Dark Souls files for modding (which will take additional 7GB of space, but will let you to run the game directly from Steam):
  1. Download my files and unpack them.
  2. Unpack your Dark Souls using UnpackDSForModding mod.
  3. Navigate to: DATA folder and make a backup of the subfolders mentioned below.
  4. Replace DATA\param\GameParam\GameParam.parambnd by my GameParam.parambnd from ForDSDAD folder.
  5. Replace the files in the DATA\msg\English\ by my .msgbnd-files.
  6. Replace the files in the DATA\event\ by my .emevd-files.
  7. Replace the files in the DATA\map\MapStudio\ by my .msb-files.
  8. Replace DATA\menu\menu_4.tpf by my menu_4.tpf
  9. Replace DATA\menu\menu_local.tpf by my menu_local.tpf
  10. Launch Dark Souls via Steam.


1. It should be fully compatible with mods, which do only visual changes, like Anor Londo Remastered, Disable Enemy Health Bars or with another mod of mine:  Pure Darkness ;)
2. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with most of the mods with gameplay changes, like Prepare to die again, since they change game param, event and map files.
If you still wanna try it, just know that the core of the mod is in the following files: "GameParam.parambnd", "common.emevd", "m16_00_00_00.emevd" and "m18_00_00_00.emevd", they can't be replaced or you'll screw your play-through up. For example, the mod looks partially compatible with Item and Enemy randomizers, since they don't replace these files (though I haven't tried it). Just install ng mod first and then another mod over it.  
In any case - backup your save file before you try any kind of mod combination. 

Feedback request

Any kind of feedback is very welcome. Especially bugs and suggestions on how to improve the English text I've added (I'm not a native speaker).

If you like the mod please press that "Endorse" button.
If you think that my work is worth it, and want to encourage me: here is my donations link. (language can be switched in the right bottom corner)