Daggerfall Unity

About this mod

This mod remasters all of the Daggerfall Audio-visual assets -
Please read bellow for a detailed description and settings!

Permissions and credits

Welcome adventurer - Please read the 1st page bellow!

  • Especially the Recommended advanced settings, INI settings & Mods sections
  • Give a "Posts" section a visit for info & troubleshooting, I monitor it regularly
  • USE RECOMMENDED GAME FILES:  >> Official source download <<
  • Current version is DREAM 2022 v1.0 - have fun!

Contact:     >> Click to get to the Daggerfall Unity - DREAM Mod Forums. Post your bugs, comments and death threats there <<

  What is D.R.E.A.M ?

aggerfall  Remaster  Enchanted   Art     Mod

DREAM covers 100% of the game assets including sound, music, cinematics & all graphics found in-game.

It goes beyond a restoration and additionally fixes the old quirks, bugs and increases variety/fidelity everywhere possible.
Consider it as a base upon which you can build up your mod setup. You can always overwrite or disable parts u dont like.
It stands for 5 years of hard core dedication & proof that if you want, you can make dreams come true.  CZECH made®

  How does it look & sound like?

This video is featuring DREAM with recommended settings & mods

/////////// What is included in the D.R.E.A.M?

There are 12 main mod packages
- activate those you like & disable those you dont.

  • Paperdoll     Your character & all equip, clothing, weapons, artifacts
                               100s of new clothing color variants, new helmet materials
                               16 000 sprites in total

  • Textures       3600 high quality textures, advanced PBR materials
  • Sprites          1200 in-game sprites restored       (trees, ingredients, dungeon props, loot...)
  • Handheld     5000 sprites of the 1st person handheld weapons  (dagger, horse, casting...)

  • NPCs           700 sprites of characters & statues carefully restored & redrawn in many stages
  • MOBs        5000 frames of AI-upscaled & manually restored enemies, corpses & emission maps (eye/spell glow)

  • Commoners    500 town-folk sprites, up-scaled and artistically restored
  • Portraits           600 portraits restored. Royals and VIPs have very high detail portraits
  • Hud & Menu    200 screens, inventories, maps, dynamic character bckgrnds, buttons, spell book, log, compass...

  • Music              81 original tracks by ByteMixer in his epic "Daggerfall Remastered Music Project" Listen to Preview
  • Sound           300 restored & remastered original audio files - improved variety, fidelity and environment effects
  • Cinematic      18 ingame cinematic have been carefully up-scaled / recreated. Original sound was restored

Additionally included:

  • Spell Icon pack    240 HD DREAM Spell Icons
  • ReShade preset   DREAM preset for a ReShade (Windows only)
  • Mods presets       DREAM presets for the recommended mods (read more at "Recommended Audio/Visual Mods")

  • Documentation    Version release notes and basic installation documentation in txt
  • Bonus posters      High quality restored posters for TES 1 and two variants of TES 2

/////////// Recommended HW specs

You will be ok with following specs @ 1080p/60fps

  • 2GB VRAM  (4GB+ recommended)  - 1GB VRAM for 768p/60fps was reported as sufficient recently
  • 8GB RAM    (16GB recommended)
  • SSD recommended (5,5GB space)
  • AMD FX 8300 or better for faster loading/streaming

Other mods can increase the HW requirements further!

/////////// Recommended in-game Advanced settings

Set your game according to this to get the best results


  • Start in dungeon    - ON
  • Smaller dungeons - OFF (its up to you, my preference is OFF)
  • Dungeon textures  - CLIMATE (not ClimateOnly!)
  • Camera Recoil Strength - 100%

  • Movement Acceleration -  ON
  • Bows - Draw and release - ON
  • Toggle Sneak - ON

  • Alternate music - OFF
  • Spell lightning    - ON
  • Spell shadows   - ON


  • Tool Tips - ON > Delay = 0,3 > Color - Dark Yellow
  • Crosshair - ON
  • Vital Indicators - OFF
  • Interaction Mode Icon - NONE
  • Arrow Counter - ON

  • Countdown Quest journal clocks - ON
  • Inventory Info Panel - ON
  • Enhanced Items list - ON
  • Talk Window modern style - OFF

  • Buff Icons layout - SMALL
  • Helm and Shield -  ON

  • Geographic backgrounds - OFF
  • Dungeon wagon access -   ON
  • Outline regional map locations - OFF

  • Everything ON but -> "Alternate random enemy selection" & "Compress modded textures" <-  set both to OFF
        (link to reasoning behind alternate enemy selection - OFF)

  • DungAmbient Light -  0.9
  • Night Ambient Light - 0.6
  • Player  Torch   Light - 1.0
  • Item Based player torch - ON (And lit those torches in your inventory!)
  • Maximum loiter - 12 hours

  • Full screen - ON
  • Run in background - ON
  • Quality   -   Beautiful (will look better than "fantastic" quality when paired with v.high shadows as described bellow)
  • All Filters - Trilinear

  • Terrain distance - 2 or 4     (I prefer 2 for faster loads and streaming)
  • FOV = 75                             (on 16:10 monitors)
  • Shadows - Very High      
  • Dungeon/Interior/Exterior light shadows - ON
  • Ambient lit interiors - OFF (ON reduces visual quality)

POSTPROCESSING EFFECTS SETTING (press ESC ingame & click the arrow in the top left corner)

  • Retro mode  -  Set according to your preference
  • Color boost  OFF   (it causes issues underwater)
  • Anti Aliasing - OFF   ("OFF" if u use my Reshade OR "SMAA/High quality" If u dont use my Reshade)

  • Ambient Occlusion - ON
           Method:    Scalable ambient  (do NOT use the other subpar method with DREAM)
           Intensity:  0.5
           Radius:     0.8
           Quality:     Ultra

  • Bloom - to be specified

  • Motion blur - ON  (settings for 60fps)
  Shutter angle:  40
  Sample count: 32

  • Vignette - OFF (it causes color banding artifacts in fog etc)

  • Depth Of Field  - OFF
        (In DFU 0.13.4+ the DOF was introduced, I do not like it and it requires us to disable tree shadows to work properly)      

  • Dither - ON

/////////// Recommended INI settings

Open the "settings.ini" at: "C:\Users\**your user name**\AppData\LocalLow\Daggerfall Workshop\Daggerfall Unity "
2) Change the following lines and save the file afterwards!

  • ExteriorShadowDistance =    150    - Max value which will stay saved in the INI, dont go above that number
  • MobileNPCShadows =         True    - Adds shadows to commoners
  • GeneralBillboardShadows = True     - Adds shadows to various smaller sprites
  • NatureBillboardShadows =   True    - Adds back tree shadows!
  • TerrainHeightmapPixelError =   1    - To ensure Distant Terrain Mod works as intended

  • Force Anisotropy - 16x
  • Texture filtering   -  High quality preset
  • Texture filtering Negative LOD bias - CLAMP
  • Anisotropic/Trilinear Optimalization - OFF
  • Low latency mode - ON (my personal DFU preference only)

RESHADE (Windows only)
Do as the "ReShade README.txt" states
Once its set up, tick the "Performance Mode"= ON (grants faster compilation at the same image quality)

Reshade results:

Better anti-aliasing than ingame
Slightly sharper visuals
Eye adaptation for brightness/darkness
Improved looks of sun & very bright surfaces

/////////// Recommended Mods

Install these mods to get a package which is confirmed to work & improve the game in a meaningful way

  • Load order Place DREAM at the bottom of a mod list! Only time you need to load another mod bellow that is if you want to
                              override certain parts of DREAM or if that mod has a dependency on DREAM.

  • Use (DREAM Presets) where applicable - they are included in main package u downloaded, read installation notes there

  • Presets are only for some mods as u can see bellow. Some mods (DREAM) dont have presets as there are not any settings

  • Continuous compatibility - it can change as ppl change their mods or DFU gets updated. Ill try to keep it up to date

Audio/Visual Mods


  • Improved Interior Lighting      > Download < DREAM Preset - IMPORTANT!
  • Better Ambience                         > Download < DREAM Preset
  • Loading screen                             > Download < DREAM Preset

Terrain & Sky

  • Dynamic Skies                              > Download < Use HD clouds preset
  • Distant Terrain                              > Download < DREAM Preset
  • Wilderness Overhaul        > Download < No preset
  • World of Daggerfall                > Download < No preset
  • Basic Roads                                  > Download < No preset
  • Real Grass 2                                > Download < DREAM Preset

Game World

  • Taverns Redone                           > Download < (Download DREAM patch there as well)
  • Hand-painted Models                 > Download <  (Do not use Buildings part)
  • Windmills of Daggerfall             > Download < No preset
  • Detailed city walls                       > Download < No preset
  • Birds in Daggerfall                      > Download < DREAM Preset
  • Fixed dungeon exteriors           > Download < No preset
  • Lively cities                                > Download < No preset
  • Unofficial block+model fixes   > Download < Enable both parts of mod in-game - LOAD ABOVE DREAM!
  • Finding my religion                 > Download < No preset
  • Fixed desert architecture         > Download < No preset

Audio Mods
  • Environmental Ambience        > Download < (Immersive Alternative to DREAM - MUSIC. Use if the music is boring to you)

Synergy Mods

  • Readied Spellcasting Hands      > Download < No preset
        Combined with DREAM, your hands will have aura based on the type of spell being held in them

Gameplay Mods
These mods enhance the game-play part of the experience

  • Roleplay and Realism                   > Download < DREAM Preset  (Partial synergy: Enhanced Riding)
  • Roleplay and Realism - Items    > Download < DREAM Preset - Important
  • Airships                                           > Download < DREAM Preset
  • Darker Dungeons  > Download < Set everything off in the settings (& pick torches from the walls)
  • HUD Torch Indicator                     > Download < No preset
  • Archeologists guild                       > Download < No preset
  • Daggerfall Unity Quest pack 1  > Download < No preset
  • Convenient Clock                          > Download < DREAM Preset!

Incompatible Mods !!

These mods will cause issues if combined with DREAM

  • Hotkey toolbar                             - working on it  - it currently messes up the dynamic paperdoll background
  • Inventory Filter                             - working on it  - similar as above, not properly tested
  • Realtime reflections                 - it just does not work well with DREAM textures

Not recommended Mods

More does not always mean better... These mods can be good on their own, but are IMO not good match to DREAM

  • Vibrant Terrain Flats DFUnity          - improved version is already built in a DREAM mod
  • Pure Vanilla Extract                         - as the mod is not 100% finished, it does not mix with DREAM well
  • Up-scaled portraits                        - DREAM uses higher quality portraits
  • DREAM Retexture - stargate begone   - DREAM is now more advanced
  • DREAM Retexture - hq portal bricks    - DREAM is now more advanced
  • DREAM-Convenient Clock compatibility - its not needed anymore

  • Alternative NPC HQ Sprites              - it does not mix well with my NPCs, creating inconsistency
  • Remastered HD Sprites                 - while I like the faces on human mobs, rest of the mod is IMO not better than DREAM
  • Villager Variety                             - while its a lovely mod, its low resolution and does not fit DREAM HD style
  • Villain and monster variety           - same as the above mod
  • Animated people                          - same as the above mod

  • Reasonable Blood                                - it replaces high quality DREAM corpses
  • Diverse weapons                                 - while I like em, they are currently only low res and do not fit DREAM HD style
  • Enhanced & Eroded terrain            - just use the DREAM recommended terrain setup, its better
  • Enhanced Pixelated Cutscenes      - DREAM uses more refined cinematic
  • Better crosshair mods                   - they are not better and do not fit my mod
  • All paperdoll body/portraits replacements
  • Perform at Taverns                       - completely messes up your game :)

/////////// Dream Team Credits ///////////

Bellow lies the list of the DREAM summoners

/////////// = Technical = ///////////

King Of Worms (KoW) - Robert Chrz
Czech Republic

project leader


tech support

The Lacus

tech support, scripting


tech support
1st set of advanced materials

= DREAM Base =

King Of Worms

7000 sprites, menu tabs & portraits
1500 textures
2000 additional textures for PBR materials
16 000 paperdoll sprites
New sounds, videos
& more

= Artificial Intelligence upscaling team


AI project lead


AI upscaling specialist


AI upscaling specialist / alpha mask generator

Thanks to the PVE AI UP-scalling team, DREAM uses beautiful Artificial Intelligence up-scaled MOBs!
It is 8x the resolution of original 1996 sprites.

Initial export & AI upscale of the paperdoll items

= Sound Engineering =

Tamriel Mixdown


Cleaned Sound clips

King of Worms
Further improved the sound quality & variety

= Music Production & Engineering =

"Daggerfall Remastered Music Project" viewtopic.php?f=27&t=921
SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/j-bot-1/sets/dag ... ject-final

= Animations & FMV sequences =


recreated the intro videos

King of Worms
recreated the dream sequences, vid/sound remux

AI upscaled rest of the cca 30 videos

cleaned up the original sound, converting for Linux


tech support

= Painters =

King of Worms
Everything not mentioned bellow


Beautiful hand drawn terrain sprites sets (248 files)
Temperate Woodland
Snow Woodland
Woodland Hills
Snow Woodland Hills
Haunted Mountains
Snow Haunted Mountains
Snow Mountains
NPC no.182_17-0

Paperdoll project buddy - female clothing, lots of weapons, female bodies... 1000s of files!


Perfect final touch, adjustments & corrections on NPCs, magical artifacts
and some items/nature sprites as well..
(well over 150 files+)

Alexander Sig
Hand-painted town ex/interiors (100+ files - Adjusted)
sets 079, 082, 085, 164, 312, 314, 326, 338, 342, 364, 369, 374


100s of portraits were corrected/updated
HD flute playing lady in 2 variants
HD Coven Witch guard lady  179_4
HD animated Hircine Daedra sprites (based on PhobosA art)  175_3
HD animated Daedra sprite (based on PhobosA art)  175_9
HD Night Mother  176_6
HD animated Mage Lady  177_3
HD animated "turning-head blue lady"  357
Corrected eyes of NPC  184_4
Corrected Redguard  182_57/357_10
New heads transplanted to 2 Redguard NPCs

VM Blast
travel map remaster
new mouse cursor
mages guild texture set no.337, tavern set no.360, 4x doors (17 files)
+ donated set of textures I used further on

vintage temperate Terrain ground set (56 files - Adjusted)


his animals pack (archive 201 viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2115) is used
I altered the brightness and saturation to fit better in the game. Have not used his dogs.


desert city building textures (12 files)

NPCs no.182_1-0 & 182_10-0 & 182_11-0 (3 files - Adjusted)

animated NPCs - Mage no.177_0-* & Smith no.177_5-*

Lutojar (DaggerXL) AKA Asknarin (DFU)
main character conversation portraits (32 files - adjusted, not all were used)


desert building textures (11 files - Adjusted)

base for HD HUD Replacement - Adjusted

AI Up-scaling of menu tabs not previously covered by Arl
182_33-0 dancer body
selected AI character portraits

= Player face painting team = 

King of Worms
Faces not mentioned bellow - 100 faces

Red Hook Ghost
HD paperdoll player heads - 32 faces
2x Mord male
9x High elf male
10 x Wood elf male
7x Khajiit male
4x Vampire

HD heads for female Dark elves & Wood elves - 24 faces

Paperdoll heads for Male/Female Bretons - 21 faces

Blazer Steppo
HD paperdoll player heads - 6 faces
3x Nord Male
2x Khajiit male
1x Khajiit female

2 HD nord male heads
1 HD male high elf head

1 redguard head

created faces of male Redguards which I transplanted to my paperdoll heads

= Various =

Mosin Nagant

SLADE editor tutorial which helped me optimize DREAM a lot and get rid of vanilla magenta compression artifacts
+ 4 textures of swamp temple which started it all!

font I used for texts in a new menu tabs (Headline font adjusted by VMBlast, font color by King of Worms)

Ammonium Dichromate
provided beautifully rendered Load/Save/Exit intro screen for RC6 on on, Thank you!

DREAM used to be merged with his beautiful Charcoal Ghosts mod viewtopic.php?f=27&t=1526
Thanks Pango! (this is not used  anymore as we switched to AI Upscaled mobs but it happened! )

provided me with 170 assorted save files to help me test every possible character within a paperdoll system.
HD parchment background files for the pop-up tabs
extensive bug reports

created a TODscript which allows paperdoll backgrounds to have a day/night/weather/location variants

bug fixed and extended the dynamic background TODscript

Thank you guys!

All your contributions took the DREAM to next level. You were a motivation for me to push and make this insane thing a reality! Its the biggest modding project I ever did and I am happy for everyone who joined in. It feels much better when its a community effort... epic sh1t, thank you