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This quest pack offers more than 150 original new quests for Daggerfall Unity, mostly for the game's guilds.

When upgrading, install over the old quest pack version, overwriting as needed.

Permissions and credits
Daggerfall Quest Pack 1 (Jay_H)

Extract the folder QP1 into the \DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\QuestPacks folder of your Daggerfall Unity installation.

Delete the folder QP1 from the \DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\QuestPacks folder of your Daggerfall Unity installation.

Install over the old quest pack version, overwriting as needed.


Quest Pack 1 has several new, innovative quests taking advantage of obscure Daggerfall and DFU mechanics. These quests are memorable and unique.

Quest Pack 2 has taken several of QP1's more lackluster, "filler" quests. QP2 is intended to create MANY more basic quests (kill a ghost, kill an assassin, etc) to allow more roleplaying options. Because this means there will be a LOT of these simple quests, QP2 was split off for those who don't want all those simple quest possibilities.

QP2 was born of the question: "Why aren't there quests to destroy the undead in the Fighters Guild for our paladins and undead slayers, or mages for our Inquisitors? What quests would a Ranger take if joining the Knightly Orders? Why aren't there more choices of things to kill?" Therefore, install QP2 if you want more content that is not necessarily awe-inspiring. I recommend using DFU's Guild Quest Selection List with QP2 due to the sheer number of quests it will add.

Take note of the following points:

* Skill checks have been implemented into some quests. An example format is "SKILL CHECK: YES: Streetwise, very high". This means that if you click the YES button at the prompt, a check will be made against your Streetwise skill, which should be very high if you want to pass. If it passes, you get a particular benefit. If it fails, something bad will happen. Choose wisely!

* Quests that teleport you into a dungeon can land you in an inescapable situation, such as inside a closed pit. Use the console command "teleport" when necessary to come free.

* The bleeding-edge version of the quest pack can be found on my github page: https://github.com/JayH2971/dfunity-questpacks. The Nexus download page will only lag a few days behind it at most.