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A multi-release project aimed at overhauling Daggerfall's temples, both by visuals and gameplay.

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Finding My Religion is a multi-release visual and gameplay overhaul of Daggerfall's religions. The current release is "Detailed Temples", which decorates and redesigns the temples' according to the worshipped deity's sphere of influence. Julianos boasts a bigger library than others, Kynareth has an indoor garden, Mara has a birthing room and more. Each temple have been expanded downwards,  with priests' quarters and additional rooms for all service members. They also feature a crypt where people of importance have been buried. 

Interacting with the gods' statues will display a message who they are along with their mantra.

An additional gameplay feature is the ability for temple players to sleep in the temples they are affiliated with.

Also, Lord Coulder, a priest of Kynareth, and Lord Quistley, a priest of Mara, can be respectively found inn Hebu's Temple of Kynareth (Lainlyn Region) and Anticlere's Benevolence of Mara. Those two NPCs are also added by Famous Faces of the Iliac Bay. This being said, both mods are compatible.

This mod is highly recommended to play alongside Transparent Windows (Macadaynu) because I've matched all of the interior windows with the exterior ones.

Finding My Religion's release roadmap

1. Detailed Temples <-
- Makes each temple more detailed and unique.
2. Ecclesiastical capitals
- The patron deity gets a larger temple in the region's capital.
3. Templar Orders
- Adds buildings for each templar orders (non joinable yet)
4. Minor Gods
- Overhauls the minor gods' shrines, adds the missing ones from the game's demo and makes them joinable.
5. Quests!
- Templar Orders joinable with quests and faction benefits.


First, make sure you are not inside a temple when installing this mod.

Either install using Vortex Mod Manager or install manually as described below.
Extract the content of the archive to the StreamingAssets of your Daggerfall Unity directory.

Example : [Your drive]\DagUnity\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets

The .dfmod file will be installed in "Mods".
In-game, activate Finding My Religion from the mod launcher.

First, make sure you are not inside a temple when uninstalling this mod.
Simply remove the mod file from the "Mods" folder, under StreamingAssets.

For existing save games, make sure you are not inside a temple before enabling or disabling this mod. Also, if you are doing a temple quest, complete it before installing Finding My Religion because the quest giver's identity may have changed.

It's otherwise compatible with both new and active save games.

Compatible with Fixed Desert Architecture, Famous Faces of the Iliac Bay and No Guild Loot Piles.

If you try climbing the main temple halls with Transparent Windows enabled, you may get stuck once you reach the ceiling. 

Will conflict with any mod that changes the temples (none at the moment).

If you encounter any issue with the mod, please let me know.