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I started playing Elder Scrolls games in 1996 with Daggerfall and since then the Elder Scrolls is pretty much part of my videogame hobby.
I still play Daggerfall today, actually. I'm young yet I count myself as an old-school RPG gamer. Even today, I keep playing good 'ol games such as Ultima Underworld, Daggerfall, Arena, Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Might and Magic, etc.

My real life job is video/movie editor and my pasttime is, you guessed it, modding. I always wanted to work in a game company so that's why I'm so hooked up to modding.

Since I've been modding for 7 years with Beth's CS, my modding skills are varied. My expertise is interior design, dialogue, quest making and object/npc creation. I suck at exterior design/landscaping though. Finally, I have basic scripting knowledge; I can write very basic scripts and manage to understand some of them.

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