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Decorates the exteriors and otherwise empty interiors of the city walls. Restores two bugged tower interiors and adds 3 quests taking place inside the city walls.

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Detailed City Walls decorates the otherwise empty interior buildings found inside city walls. They now contain guard barracks, storehouses, armories, training rooms and even a jail. The exterior is also changed. City gates now have ballistas. The walkways on top of the walls also contain torches to light the dark nights of the Iliac Bay.

The capital cities get a special treatment, with their regional banners hanging proudly above the gates and along the corner towers. In addition, two guard towers inside Castle Daggerfall's courtyard that had broken interiors have been restored.

Finally, it contains also 3 new quests taking place inside these new buildings so that you may visit them for a reason other than mere curiosity : 
  • The Watch Captain (Thieves Guild) : Blackmail an overzealous watch captain
  • The Watch Captain (Dark Brotherhood) : Avenge a fallen member who was executed by the watch captain
  • Contraband (Commoners) : Retrieve an object confiscated by the city watch. 


Detailed City Walls requires Ninelan's Daggerfall Expanded Textures 0.5.0 or later and Carademono's RMB Resource Pack.

Either install using Vortex Mod Manager or install manually as described below.

Extract the content of the archive to the StreamingAssets of your Daggerfall Unity directory.

Example : [Your drive]\DagUnity\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets

The .dfmod file will be installed in "Mods" and the quests will be in "QuestPack\Cliff\DCW".

In-game, activate Detailed City Walls and Daggerfall Expanded Textures from the mod launcher.


It is recommended you are not along the city walls when you activate the mod.

If your save game is in one of the capital cities, you will not instantly notice their regional banners. Traveling somewhere else and back will load the banners correctly.


If using Handpainted Models - Buildings, the banners will clip with the walls.

If you encounter any other issue with the mod, please let me know.