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Blade Runner Spinner add-on vehicle, no replacement required

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This is my 5th attempt at car modding in Cyberpunk 2077, so some funny quirks is to be expected (and the model itself isn't quite that high poly like NFS models so don't expect much this time)

Known issues:
  • Due to the way how the vehicle is designed, it's hard to balance and create proper handling so just use LTBF if you don't like how it drives lo
To do:
  • Nothing to do yet....
Console commands
Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle('Vehicle.br_spinner_purchasable', true)

installation: "\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod"

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LinceLsa for the model
AK47OG for the motivation
CDPR for Cyberpunk 2077
WolvenKit team for WolvenKit
and Blender add-on
Neurolinked for MlsetupBuilder
ErebusEquity for pointing out which file and where exhaust components is located
djkovrik for Virtual Car Dealer
psiberx for TweakXL and ArchiveXL
The community for feedbacks and helps :D