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Rough estimation of NFS 2015's gritty color grading and visual style for Cyberpunk 2077

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MAKE SURE you have these shaders installed:
Lightroom - qUINT_lightroom.fx
FlexibleCA - FlexibleCA.fx
FilmGrain2 - FilmGrain2.fx
Tint - Sepia.fx
IF not you can google them or use ReShade installer to easily download it

REQUIRED MOD: E3 2018 LUT < what it does is physically removes the vanilla color grading to gain the untouched raw colors for better control of color grading with ReShade

Recreates that gritty cinematic vibe from the 2015 reboot Need for Speed, after weeks of trials and errors, i think it looked good enough, beware though as the daytime colors may look a bit out of place or strange since this preset primarily focused on night time (NFS15 didn't have time of day lol), but i think it's fine.

This preset initially needed the launch options "-cinematicEXR" to work, but there was a mod just came out few days ago that does the same without killing framerates.

For the best result is to keep Lens Flare, Bloom and Screen-Space Reflections enabled, this is a requirement in order for it to look good.

and sorry for the screenshots taken in 1366x768 resolution, my rig is ancient xD
feel free to submit better screenshots if you want :D

 native implementation soon replacing the vanilla LUT .xbm without ReShade

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-CDPR for Cyberpunk 2077
-EA for Need for Speed
-crosire for ReShade