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No more crowd panic form using computers, doors, access points, etc.

Permissions and credits
This simple mod eliminates crowd panic caused by the use of computers or access points or even doors in the game.

The mod patches absurd in-game scenarios e.g. where the crowd is in panic for no reason while hostile enemies remain calm, breaking the immersive experience and drawing attention to the game tech glitches.

For the best immersion experience please combine it with the companion mod: Immersion patch - No crowd panic from stealth activity



Two editions of this mod are available: CET and redscript.

Which edition should I choose?

The choice between the two editions depends on your personal preference.
Both editions provide the same functionality.

The differences come from dependencies:

CET edition:

Requirement: Cyber Engine Tweaks

- Requires only one dependency (CET)
- Easy to manage and troubleshoot while the game application is running
- Easier to troubleshoot
- More susceptible to being disabled by game updates due to its CET dependency
- More likely to experience CET-related issues during gameplay

redscript edition:

Requirement 1: redscript
Requirement 2: cybercmd

- Requires two dependencies if used in combination with REDmod
- Requires a game application restart for management and troubleshooting
- Troubleshooting may be more difficult
- Less susceptible to being disabled by game updates
- Less likely to experience code execution issues during gameplay.

What if I install both editions?

There is no harm in installing both.
The CET edition will detect the presence of the redscript edition and remain inactive.

Compatibility info:

Game v1.6+ with corresponding requirement versions depending on the edition installed.
Not tested against earlier versions.

Issue reporting:

If you experience some unexpected mod functionality on the supported game and requirement versions please first verify it with all other mods disabled (with the exception for the required scripting platforms) before reporting.
The mods types that may affect this one functionality typically are:
  • the redscript mod files in the \Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts folder
  • the CET mod files in the \Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods folder
  • REDmod mods in the \Cyberpunk 2077\mods folder
Please note I don't provide support for the required modding platforms or plugins.
If you find any issue with the requirements please contact their vendors.

Please note 99% of issues come from incompatible mods, corrupted data in game saves, unhealthy game install base or corrupted mod install.
I reserve the remaining 1% for unknown yet mod bugs.

Install or update:

automatic - use Vortex manager. Please note it may sometimes not work properly due to the Vortex  issues.

manual - drop extracted folders into your game folder. Allow to overwrite files if asked.


automatic - use Vortex manager if it was installed by Vortex.

manual - remove the folders:

...\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\No Crowd panic from devices
...\Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\No Crowd panic from devices

The Immersion patch mod series so far:

Immersion patch - No crowd panic form using devices.
Immersion patch - No crowd panic from stealth activity
Immersion patch - The Hunt quest missing audio restore
Immersion patch - Skippy animations restore


 for a hint that prompted me to take on the issue again while turning my focus on to specific part of the game code.
jac3km4 for the redscript and the cybercmd
yamashi and the whole CET Team for the Cyber Engine Tweaks