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If you want it OTT - grab this visual mod.

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Fixed "Rain" weather
Removed Red Vignette for now
Fixed Lighting during "Pyramid Song" quest.
Fixed Border Volume Fog issues with Reed

USE TOGETHER WITH - Dogtown Location Visuals Nulled
Also - Night City Visuals Nulled
Highly Recommend - E3 Roads
file from "Optional Files" section.
Optional - E3 Kabuki
If you like quadrin all over Night City - Quadra V-Tech E3 2018

Love yall, enjoy, report bugz


From now on there will be two versions with only difference - LUT
kodak20 - E3 Gameplay LUT
kodak18 - Trailer LUT
- Edited more sectors for Phantom Liberty expansion(also re-added sectors i missed during 2.02>2.1 update) and base Night City
current sector count 113 vs 79 previously.
- Both Files updated.

- Thanks BabaBooey88 for amazing Bloom settings, help with my mod and overall support :3
If you want to help me with this mod, when(not IF) when you see sudden change in color grading or exposure/camera issues like sudden darknening save your game right at that spot and send me that save game file please.
Discord: NeHooYeY#5388


- Fixed and restored 2018 trailer(not gameplay) LUT kodakchrome_v018!
- Fixed issues during Slider/SoMi Blackwall sequence
- Adjusted RTAO & SSAO for new LUT(not final)
- Various Quest lighting fixes

- This variant is contrasted or dark sometimes AF just like some demo footage.

ovE3rchrome - v0.35

- Fixed exposure issues during "Tapeworm" quest in Pistis Sophia hotel room
- Fixed pitch black room lighting during "Search And Destroy" conversation with Hanako but some funni happens when you move your camera
will deal with it later not a big issue.
- Fixed lighting in quest ""Life During Wartime" Interrogation room
- New Experimental RTAO & SSAO settings i found in sectors
- Several sectors edited so game world now should be more stable.
- Badlands and many QoL fixes
- Game is very bright during night time now :D

- Fixed lighting during "I Walk The Line" quest and GIM boss fight
- Fixed lighting during "Transmission" and "Never Fade Away" Atlantis/Arasaka sequence
- Fixed lighting during "The Pickup" quest at All Foods factory.
- Fixed lighting during Kompeki "The Heist" mission.
- Fixed lighting during Concert/Arasaka Bombing Johnny Memories sequence.
many other fixes.

Version 2.1

- Exposure adjustments
- Two variants Dark and Bright check in screenshots.

Full Patch 2,01 Support Including Dogtown: 
- New LUT made with help of older version of this guide.
- Night City and Dogtown should have seamless switch at entrance gate in or out.
- There are so many changes i dont know what else to add, idk report buggz and tell me how dark/bright/grey/black/right/wrong/broken or nice everything is.  

My favorite visual mods i recommend you to check:

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Natural Californian Lighting Mod - author - ctxrlsec

GITS Visuals - author - BabaBooey88 

NEON GENESIS - author - nullfractal

This is not a ReShade

Now thanks to Skater6453 you can have E3 roads as Optional File!
Thanks ctxrlsec for finding a way to edit LUTs!
Also Thank you null for very well written guide on editing those LUTs and for all your help with my endless questions!

My other mods - 

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Elysium Sound Replacement For Burya 
Vanilla DR-12 Quasar & RT-46 Burya Sights Fix
You can combine it with E3 Roads Optional File, or just pick the whole mod instead, it’s awesome :)
Uploaded Diverse Weather Version.
Version 0.0.6 Update!
Now you need EACO Compatibility Dependency installed together with this mod, remove previous versions.
HDR should work now.
Its default weather version only for now.
If you want to change weather there is a simple mod - Holocall Weather
If i missed something, please leave a comment and describe your issue.