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Makes Errata look like that katana on poster from Tools Of Destruction trailer, upper blade will glow red in addition to existing orange edge.

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Update for patch 2.0 replacer for Errata.

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Works with Patch 1.6
When i saw poster and then first Thermal Katana "mods"(i mean Editing Saves) i thought, that it really misses upper blade red heat distribution, and although this mod looks a bit over the top for me, i still find it very cool to have nice fading red hot blade and orange edge.
I switch between Thermal Edge Katana mod and this one a lot, this mod may start to distract you over time.

- New darker metal material with scratches on it
- Made my own new gradient for it to suit new metal
- Carbon fiber on the grip
- Darker colors for grip
- Animation disabled to make gradient banding less annoying/obvious where the glow effect fades near the grip, plus i liked it more when i could see glowing in inventory tab.
Gradient is much smoother now, thanks again bobodori !

My biggest thanks to bobodori, author of the original Thermal Edge Katana Mod for making this idea of slightly red upper blade part to work
To spawn it use Cyber Engine Tweaks console and paste -
It has to be Thermal Damage variant to glow, so spawn until you get one.
To make it legendary without save editors in game use The Edgerunner Bazaar mod with CET
PayPal if you liked the mod and want to support the author: [email protected]
To Install: Put Arasaka_Thermal_Katana.archive to - Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod 
To Uninstall Delete the file

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