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Removes Wetness effect at night.
Works with Ray Traced Reflections on RT cards and non-RT default Screen Space Reflections.

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Removes Wet Roads at night if there is no rain, its looks very ugly on vehicles on my RTX 3060 mobile laptop with Ray Tracing so i decided to turn it off and share the file. 
This mod tweaks cp2077_master_env_ep1_v006.env and may break other mods that using it.
You will still get wet roads when it’s raining, so you don’t have to worry about breaking rainy weather.
I dont know if its the best way to do it, but i changed glossinessFactor from 0.75 > 0 in RainAreaSettings inside  cp2077_master_env_ep1_v006.env 
If you want to do it yourself or just add it to existing visual/weather mod like one user from comment section here’s the instruction:
1. Open WolvenKit
2. Create New Project
3. Add all files from the mod you want to modify to your project.
4. Among those files find cp2077_master_env_ep1_v006.env and open inside your project.
5. Inside cp2077_master_env_ep1_v006.env open worldRenderSettings section, then areaParameters.
6. Find number 31 handle:IAreaSettings -> RainAreaSettings
7. Find parameter called: “glossinessFactor” 
8. Set values as you like, by default you should see it’s set 0.75, if you enter 0, you will remove wetness/glossiness, 0.25-0.35-0.45 etc. controls wetness intensity.
9. When you done, click «Save» on the left top side in WolvenKit and then «Install as REDmod»
10. Optional If you don’t like REDmod format , you can take .archive(only “mod_name.archive” I mean) file from installed mod folder and put it to your default archive/pc/mod folder, most mods will work fine.

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