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Custom Burya and mag edited in Blender.

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My version of Burya that looks like a big ass gun, some parts removed, longer barrel and cylinder.
Or you can drag and drop .archive file to your archive/pc/mod folder(but im not sure)
Also you can try using it together with Blade Runner sound replacement mod for Burya:
RT-46 Burya 2049 LAPD Blade Runner Blaster Sound Replacer 
Or my sound mod
Elysium Sound Replacement For Burya 
Dont forget to install Material and Texture Override for Custom Colors 
Added Custom Comrade's Hammer Colors File
Matte Yellow
Matte Red
Matte Blue
Black & Grey
Ammo counter fixed and visible
Custom Colors
Some minor gun model fixes
Two versions uploaded with Vanilla and Custom Colors
v0.2 - Adjusted Holo Sight and removed ammo counter.
v0.1 - Fixed Holes i didnt notice
WIP its far from perfect due to editing limitations, so expect bugs.
Huge thanks to discord modding community!
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paypal if you liked my work and want to support me: [email protected]