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Menu to be used with CET to upgrade/downgrade weapon, clothing & mod rarity/level.. Spawn buttons for every weapon(including the different skins), clothing, mod, vehicle, including 1.3 DLC jackets & 1.5 DLC weapons. Bribe police, add johnny's arm, remove underwear, add money, ,perks, attributes, recipes, max slots, recover mods.

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Thanks to Expired, we now have a way to convert your equipped items to legendary without having to dive in the save editor and potentially screw something up. Even items that normally don't spawn as legendary.

Packaged all the scripts into a one stop mod where all you have to do is push the button for the desired effect.

Only use one of the main files. One has no cost, the other one costs eddies to use.

You can now upgrade and downgrade your items from uncommon up to legendary and back again.
This also increases the stats of the items, so armor increases on clothing and damage increases on weapons (it always did this, but some people didn't know)
You can also upgrade your clothing mods, weapon mods, quick hacks, cyberware mods (quick hacks and cyberware mods are off by default)
(only the mods with legendary counterparts will gain stats, it's mostly a visual change)
There is an ammo refill, and crafting material spawner.
Along with every spawnable weapon/clothing + recipe in the game.
Also added every weapon mod and clothing mod (working ones) as a spawnable button.
(there is also a text file with the same items so you can individually spawn them on your own if need be)
(pop up tooltip has a brief list of the items contained within)
And finally, you can remove the quest flag for items that prevent you from placing them in your stash and breaking them down
(the yellow exclamation point in the corner of the gun)
(this does not work on thrusters and epilogue clothing that stays equipped, you need to use a save editor to remove those flags)

Instructions to install Cyber Engine Tweaks are located here.
New versions of Cyber Engine Tweaks are always located here. (download the first one)
Make sure to do a clean install, that means deleting the previous files, don't just drag and overwrite.
Make sure to completely uninstall the previous version and make sure all files are deleted before downloading the new version of CET.
When first launching cyber engine tweaks, it will ask you to pick a keybind. If you can't get CET to come up, you did something wrong.

When installing my mod, and CET, make sure to use hardlink deployment with vortex. If you don't see the function, make sure the mod folder for the game is the same partition as the mod folder for vortex.

For manual install, unzip the file anywhere on your desktop.
Drag the bin folder contained within to your cyberpunk directory, overwrite any files(for first installs, it will only be replacing folders, not any files within them)
It would look like this. (for users updating their mod, make sure all previous files are deleted)

After you've installed the mod it should look like this.

Otherwise install with vortex. If installing with vortex from a previous version, make sure all previous files are deleted.

The menu automatically comes up with the CET window now. When you first install the latest CET, you will be prompted to choose a hot key for CET, once that's done, pressing that hot key will bring up CET and my mod menu.

You can then set a hot key for this mod in the settings section, but it's not really needed. You can bring it up with a keybind, but you won't be able to interact with it until the CET overlay window is up. (the hot key for mod menus only work when CET overlay is down)

Dofile scripts were removed, and consolidated within the mod itself, any old files will be moved to the old section and no support will be provided for them. Dofile is depreciated with CET.

Note: Skippy will begin the quest as soon as you finish the lockdown, so if you spawn him before then, he will be silent.

This is how your console should look after pushing one of the upgrade buttons for equipment.  That will let you know it's working.
If you only want specific items upgraded, unequip the other ones. If you only want specific mods upgraded, place the rest in a trunk, your stash or drop them on the ground. Then run the script and pick them back up. (note that this does not increase the stats of mods that do not have a higher rarity, it's mostly a visual change so your items look even) Armadillo mods will become legendary stat wise however (note that they're scaled to your level)

Check out the discord of the Official CP77 Modding Community. Here.
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If you appreciate my work on the modding discord or with this mod, buy me a cup of coffee.
You'll get forever immortalized in the description page, just make sure to let me know.

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