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Enables a configurable flight system for all vehicles with custom thruster models, visual & sound effects, and animations

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French


1. Install all of the requirements listed above
2. Extract into your game directory
3. Install cybercmd if you're using RedMods


1. Make sure Cyberpunk2077.exe isn't running in the background (check via task manager)
2. Run "red4ext/plugins/let_there_be_flight/uninstall.bat"

If you have previous, pre-Nexus versions installed, you may need to delete files manually.


Many settings are available via the "Mod Settings" menu, where you can enable/adjust each of the flight modes - each setting here has a description. For more advanced customization, you can edit r6/scripts/let_there_be_flight/let_there_be_flight.packed.reds (search for "FlightSettings.SetFloat").

Enable input hints to see the default keybindings. Controls can be customized by editing r6/input/let_there_be_flight.xml - see a list of all possible keys here:

Compatible with Custom Game Controller, where you can use dual joysticks (or any other configuration) to fly, and have more control over buttons/axes.

Quick-start Notes

* Toggle flight with E/Left Stick Press (by default)
* Switch flight modes with G/X + Left or Right (by default)
* Hover & Fly is the easiest mode, suitable for keyboards or controllers
* Drone is the most advanced mode, suitable for controllers/joysticks
* Other modes can be enabled/adjusted in Mod Settings (all are subject to change)
* When in flight, there is an additional roof-mounted FPP view (after the normal in-car FPP)
* When in flight, you will exit the vehicle after holding the exit button for 300ms (possibly to your death)
* When your vehicle reaches 15% health, it will catch fire (what normally happens), but an alarm will also sound while your health decreases based on a timer - you can still fly during this time (but not drive), and you will die if you are in the vehicle when it reaches 0% (where it explodes).


See here for translation instructions


Please make sure you've installed all of the requirements. You should be able to see each of them being loaded in "red4ext/logs/red4ext.log" (order does not matter):
Input Loader
Mod Settings
* Let There Be Flight

If you're using RedMods, you'll also need to install cybercmd.

If you're seeing "REDScript compilation failed", you may need to delete your "r6/cache" folder & re-verify your game files. If the error keeps happening, please upload your "r6/cache/redscript.log" to a website like and link in a comment/post. Do not expect the mod/game to work when this error happens.

If your game crashes, please install CTD Helper and follow this guide to get appropriate information - you can upload this log to as well.

If you think you've encountered a bug, please check the issues on Github before making a comment about it.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to @psiberx for Codeware LibInkPlayground Demo, and Redscript, CET & RED4ext examples on Discord, @WopsS for RED4ext, @jac3km4 for Redscript toolkit, @yamashi for CET and the E-mode mod (very helpful in figuring out how to work with FMOD), @rfuzzo & team (especially @seberoth!) for WolvenKit, and all of them for being helpful on Discord.

Interested in adding flying vehicles or a similar mechanic to an existing or new game? Let me know!

Audio system made with FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.