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I've solved the ever-annoying issue of eye adaptation / auto exposure whenever you look at bright area while being in a dark area. For instance, the fix let's you drive your vehicles in first person without going blind at daytime. You must experience this mod for yourself. It's easy to install & will transform how Cyberpunk 2077 feels!

Permissions and credits
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MILLIONS of people tune in every day! You can, too - just watch this video.
Thank you so much!

"I was blind, and now I can see!"

~~ John 9:25

Alright, listen up you beautiful people. You probably believe that driving in first person is impossible during the day and you probably think that going from dark areas to a brighter area is insanely blinding. If we talk about vanilla CP2077, then you are correct...

This mod fixes it. You have to try it yourself or watch my video that I uploaded (check "VIDEO" tab) so that you can understand the extent of this fix.

However, this fix will impact the entire game except for certain cutscenes/interior areas that have fixed exposure. You can expect your entire game to look different, sometimes it's just 5% different, sometimes it's noticably different. The eye adaptation has been reworked and slowed down. It follows your eyes now.

As a rule of thumb, going from dark screen to bright screen is SLOWER than going from bright screen to dark screen.

The game will be slightly darker on average, but I did NOT modify in any way the maximum exposure that the game can achieve.
You will still experience the beautiful sights of sunny weather in Night City driving on the highway or in the Badlands. You will still be warmly embraced by the sunlight, but you will see the road ahead of you instead of a wall of white light while driving in the first person. I hope I described this mod well enough, but once again, you have to try it yourself.

This mod has not been tested with HDR devices by me before the release, but it should work with HDR without any issue. My mod modifies the camera properties when it analyses in the lighting of the current screen-space for the game's final rendering pass. We'll see what others have to say!

[post-release comment by user wmulls on 19th April 2021]: "Works great with HDR as well. My monitor is 1000+ nits and being blinded in game as well as real life wasn't fun."

This is a 'release' version of my mod. It has been tested to an extent by a small group of people.

If you find the game to be too slow to update the brightness (too dark for too long for example) with main version of my mod, try the "Kiroshi Symmetrical Adaptation" variants. You can find them in the "Optional" section.

This mod is not compatible with any lighting mods or weather mods that modify cp2077_master_env_nge_v002.env or CP2077_master_env_v008_m8.env or weather .envparam files. I named the files in such a way that it will always load first, overwriting your LUT/weather mods if they modify these files, otherwise this mod will not function.
Also, the terrible in-game SHARPENING is disabled in my mod by default, so you don't have to worry about that. I do offer "vanilla sharpening" variants in Optional Files section if you're into it. Otherwise, read more about the other, superior alternative sharpening methods in the "recommendations" section below!

Since my mod is incompatible with weather mods whether I change weather or keep vanilla weather, I took the opportunity to also alter the weather probability so that the game's weather is a bit more varied. There's no reason why you should always have sunny weather when there's so many more weathers available.
You can choose between my weather probability fix main file or vanilla weather main file. Install only one of them at a time.

If you find huge issues in any particular area or weather that become comparable with exposure issues in vanilla, let me know, but hopefully the files I modified cover most of the game.


"Why was this mod only released now? Game has been out for so long."

As far as I knew at the time of making this mod, nobody else was willing to spend hours going through the files of the game - all of them, from scripts through .env through game settings through checking the cyberpunk2077.exe with hex editor - to find out what controls auto exposure without giving up on their way. Lots of trial & error and annoying step backs whenever I hit a dead end.
Took me a total of 20+ working hours. Granted, I'm not a great modder, but hey - we started at the bottom, now we're here.


Full list of changes:

- Eye adaptation / auto exposure has been reworked to avoid blinding effect on the screen when going from dark to bright places
- Eye adaptation / auto exposure is now adjusting slower, but more consistently
- Weather probability has been rebalanced so that it's "sunny" less often, just a small adjustment of probabilities for each vanilla weather conditions but should be a consistent improvement over a long period of game time


Known issues and their status

The total amount of time I spent digging through the files and playtesting them one by one, solely to improve this mod, has doubled since my initial release.
Despite my best effort, I did not find a way to enable the autoexposure fix in Badlands.

My autoexposure fix works perfectly in Night City, but when you're leaving Night City's territory, be prepared for the vanilla autoexposure to temporarily return to haunt you until you come back.

The file that controls autoexposure in Badlands is either incredibly well hidden with some really unrelated name, or this particular feature is hard-coded way deeper in the game files than we can currently reach. This is after consulting with many people from the modding community, too. I have no idea but I will try to look for it again when we get better tools.
When will we get Badlands autoexposure to work the same as the rest of the game? Maybe next week, could be in three months, perhaps never.

I'm hopeful, though. After all, we've already got this far!



Drop the .archive file of my mod in [your Cyberpunk 2077 folder]/archive/pc/mod/ and enjoy.
To uninstall, you can remove this file any time you like.



If you insist on driving in third person, at the very least I recommend you choose the "HIGH" vehicle camera gameplay setting to minimize how much the car obstructs the center of the screen, since the autoexposure fix makes the probing follow your eyes (which in 3rd person means center of the screen obstructed by the body of your vehicle) and I can't vouch for 3rd person vehicle camera as much as I can vouch for 1st person camera on foot and in vehicle.

All versions of my mod feature disabled forced built-in sharpening, because it is awful compared to vendor solutions from Nvidia and AMD. Use your own sharpening if you want, it will look nicer and won't really consume your FPS, it's very minor effect but it looks better when done by a competent software - your GPU driver is better than Cyberpunk 2077 forced built-in sharpening.
Most weather/lighting mods disable the in-game sharpening and this seems to be a silent agreement that we all disable it for the players.
Anything from driver-level sharpening to ReShade sharpening (if you use Reshades) will be better than in-engine sharpening and disabling the in-game sharpening is crucial for maximum compatibility with those better options.
I have an Nvidia GPU, so I use Nvidia's sharpening. Personally I set it up with 0.20 sharpening and 0.00 grain parameters. You can turn it on in "NVidia Control Panel" -> 3D settings -> find Cyberpunk 2077 on the list of games, or ingame via 'Styles' by turning on Geforce Experience overlay if you have that installed.

Most cars have a hidden long beam option for the headlights. Useful at night! Double click the headlight button really fast. Here's a video.

To reset your savegame's weather system and ensure the weather changes more frequently, visit the Bladerunner easter egg in Night City and ride back to the ground via elevator, then save&reload the game as per the advice of ZAJ, the creator of Geoengineering mod.

I recommend you install these mods:

Better Vehicle First Person
( an incredible mod - let's you reposition first person camera in vehicles as you like, peek through the window to see behind the vehicle and more!)

No Camera Auto Centering
( disables the auto centering of camera when you are in vehicles, both in third and first person - enjoy the views of Night City while driving!)

Blade Runner 2077 Better Finer Rain
( a lot better looking texture for the rain droplets - helps you enjoy the rain! )


I will continue to support this mod if CDPR changes something in the weather files in future hotfixes/patches in a timely manner.



- Dravic

Special thanks to the great people over at CP77 Modding Community Discord server who listened to me complaining about auto-exposure as I was frantically looking for a way to fix it, and everyone who makes tools for modding CP2077 such as the RED Modding team behind WolvenKit without which development of this mod wouldn't be possible. The lessons I learned by asking the many users of that Discord server my stupid questions were invaluable.

Banner and main image courtesy of user Brandoman!