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Change weather to other default or custom weathers, cycling or static.

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I upload Geoengineering mod to nexus by request, it's basically a fork of Climate change with more stuff where I been sharing the mod in comments cause author abondoned his mod it seems like.

Rain shaders working in this mod and also weather in northside+badlands.

Default fog weather replaced with custom one across the board because default one has problems with glowy stuff.

Use installer for mod GEMM.cmd or put files from "main" & "optional" folder in "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod".

To get E3 Demo colors similar to @WT3WD's E3 2018 Lighting MOD in install "luts\_ge_a_luts_e3_2018_log.archive"

Forced sharpening disabled like Forced Sharpening Removal use ReShade or NVIDIA Control Panel etc instead.

Eye Adaptation tweaks courtesy of @Dravic1; Eye Adaptation Auto Exposure Fix - No More Blinding Lighting Changes.
Eye Adaptation changes only apply in NC. If you don't use installer put "ge_c_eas_adaptation.archive" in "eas" folder in your mod path,
it's exposure tweaks for default weather files that loads after everything else.

Mods that alter "cp2077_master_env_v008_m8.env" is NOT compatible.

If weather is not working and it's not a conflicting mod go to Blade Runner Easter Egg then leave and save/reload.
Also VERY IMPORTANT! Don't reload saves with broken weather after or they will break ALL saves again even ones you have fixed with BR easter egg.
Do a manual save after fix and delete all previous saves at a point in the story with broken weather system.

There is a CET mod under "\.resource\" that can be bound in CET to a hotkey to toggle fog. Some quests need far vision and with preset with heavy fog might not be able to see objectives, this mod can remedy that to some extent so there is no need to uninstall mod preset for a quest.

More info in ReadMe.txt in mod download.

Recommend to use Blade runner 2077 Better Finer Rain aswell.

Big thanks to authors of the aforementioned mods for finding out various things I used in this mod since they all use same file and is not compatible.

And biggest thanks to alphaZomega on modding discord for hex editor template.

For increased clarity, presets in "main " folder controls what weather type is in effect/cycling etc.
And presets in "optional" folder is for added customization for various weather types in effect that changes the look of various weather types, so optional presets is stackable as long as they change different weather env.

As an example "_ge_b_main_nc_rain+badl_heavy_clouds.archive" will activate "24h_weather_rain.envparam" in Night City and "24h_weather_heavy_clouds.envparam" in Badlands. While "_ge_a_optional_rain_fog_density_half+intensity_0.65.archive" will alter look of the rain env in effect in NC, reducing fog density by half and intensity of rainfall from 1 to .65.