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This is a lighting/exposure overhaul across the entire game, unlike the previous versions of my mod which was limited to Night City. I've solved the ever-annoying issue of the game's light blinding you by changing its parameters everywhere. You must experience this mod for yourself. It's easy to install and will transform how Cyberpunk 2077 feels!

Permissions and credits
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Thank you so much!

"I was blind, and now I can see!"

~~ John 9:25


Extreme TL;DR:
I came back to finish the job that I started in April 2021. It's time for the Badlands auto exposure to calm the !@#$ down. And many other places, actually, because there's OH, SO MANY configs that I found and tweaked. Based on my current knowledge, in fact, I believe that I tweaked every single case of auto exposure in the entire game.

If you are a mod author interested in creating a compatible mod, please check out the Modder's Resources/Compatibility Dependency I prepared for you.


This is the Diverse Weather variant of the mod. Check out the IMAGES tab to see the inner workings of my personal take on Weather patterns.
If you're looking to preserve Vanilla Weather, please go here: 

Check the second top pinned comment in the POSTS tab to see why you absolutely need to install Better Vehicle First Person´╗┐ to truly take advantage of my eye adaptation changes when driving in first person. You'll find an example of a decent vehicle camera configuration, so you can understand how to do it yourself for any and all vehicles that you drive. Highly recommended! You can even set steering sensitivity per-vehicle! =]


Alright, listen up you beautiful people. You probably believe that driving in first person is impossible during the day due to the overexposed windshield and you probably think that looking at a bright area while standing inside a dark area is insanely blinding. If we talk about vanilla CP2077, then you are correct...

This mod fixes it by adjusting the auto exposure to focus on the center of the screen and follow your eyes more closely. This is a major, MAJOR improvement over what vanilla is configured like in most areas of the game. You have to try it yourself so that you can understand the extent of this fix.
Auto exposure will also adjust more slowly.
The extreme sun blowout is lessened while the original presentation of the game is hopefully preserved rather closely.

If you experience or find any issue with Eye Adaptation/Auto Exposure after installing my mod, please first refer to the (in)compatibility list at the bottom of this mod description. After you confirm that you have no conflicts there, please make a report with the exact location (a screenshot of your position on the world map would be great!) and a screenshot of the problem in-game, so that I can identify if it's actually a problem or just expected behavior. If I can help you out and possibly fix your situation in the next mod update, I will!

You can also watch a video I uploaded (check "VIDEO" tab). That video is slightly outdated by now, but it gets the first person driving improvement across.


Gone are the days of the past where I had to specify which locations in the game benefit from my mod and which don't. This used to be the case, because for the first 19 months since the first release of my Eye Adaptation Fix despite my best efforts - and trust me, I TRIED - I failed to reconfigure Badlands, let alone all the other quest-related areas that had its own auto exposure configurations.

I believed the hard-coded auto exposure configs are unreachable by a mere mortal like me. However, with modern modding tools and insane, I mean REALLY insane amount of working hours to not only change the configs but even find them in the first place...
I have managed to overhaul the eye adaptation/auto exposure in what I believe to be THE ENTIRE GAME. Almost a 100 different configs in total, found by yours truly amidst over 14500 individual files.



What is Eye Adaptation / Auto Exposure and why did you change it?

Auto exposure is a necessary evil. In its most popular and widely used form, it is a screen-space effect (which means it's not aware of your 3D surroundings). It is implemented in that kind of way in many AAA video games and is mainly used to adjust the game's presentation depending on what the player is generally looking at.
If there was no auto exposure and the game's lighting was dynamic, you would end up being either completely blinded by lights or engulfed in complete darkness with no way to adapt.
Some games don't feature dynamic lighting at all. Many games do, however.
There are some examples of dynamically lit games where their developers "took the bullet", did NOT implement auto exposure and instead opted to underexpose the game on average but then make up for it by giving the player tools to deal with it. It's a choice that puts a lot of stress on the player to deal with the game's lighting issues themselves, but can be fun if implemented right (think flashlight!). The thing is, it's not realistic when your game is basically an entire CITY with so many different lighting conditions be it basements, skyscraper balconies, streets... Most of these are dynamically lit, and then you have a day and night cycle, and then you have some open areas like Badlands around the city, too. Cyberpunk 2077's developers decided to go ahead with auto exposure in most areas of the game. I do believe this to be the right choice overall. It's almost a necessity at this scale of open world game.

However, CDPR have, in my personal opinion, somewhat misconfigured it.  There are a few zones where auto exposure is disabled but they were manually tweaked by CDPR's Lighting artists to have a distinct feel, and they're mostly interiors (so they're not very affected by dynamic day/night cycle or the weather system or even have them disabled in that area!).
I DID NOT TOUCH ANY AREA THAT ALREADY HAD AUTO EXPOSURE DISABLED. I left those areas vanilla to preserve the hard work of the Lighting artists and keep them looking as they are supposed to.
Everywhere else in the game, Cyberpunk 2077's developers opted to use auto exposure with varying configurations because it is at the end of the day the most convenient way to achieve their goal of stabilizing visual presentation of the game in all lighting conditions. Because of how it was configured in vanilla game, the game often blinds you when it shouldn't, for example overexposing a windshield when you're trying to drive a closed-roof car in first person perspective or overexposing a window when you're trying to look through it. There is no separate config for vehicles or for looking out the windows or other most offensive cases, so the whole game gets overhauled by me instead. It is what it is.

No screen-space auto-exposure solution can ever be always perfect in all scenarios. Naturally, even my configs have their own 'trade-offs' in some very specific scenarios, but the benefits and improvements over vanilla experience is undeniable. Thousands of endorsements on the original version of my mod before any of these new discoveries speak for themselves.

What exactly does "Diverse Weather" mean?

For compatibility reasons, you cannot use any Weather mod AND my mod at the same time, so I took it upon myself to offer a Diverse Weather variant built into my Eye Adaptation Complete Overhaul. Check out the IMAGES tab if you wish to know more about my approach to weather engineering for Cyberpunk 2077.
If this does not interest you and you prefer Vanilla weather, no problem! I have a Vanilla weather variant as well. Here's the LINK!
My take on improving weather patterns to be more interesting relies on EXPANDING upon the vanilla weather transitions instead of replacing them. I only added a few key transitions and I heavily modified the minimum and maximum duration of all available weather types, so they can last longer or shorter - sometimes even depending on the time of day or night!
All this will ensure that your time spent in Cyberpunk 2077 has more variety of weather while still making sense. I did my best to help minimize scenarios where you constantly get spammed by one or two types of weather. The 'rare' weather types continue to be rare, but they are still much more likely than vanilla. What's more is that if you get them, they will add to your experience rather than ruin it by overstaying their welcome thanks to the custom durations depending on the in-game clock. For example, FOG will last the longest in the early morning, and dissipate much sooner any other time.

Simply download and extract the mod, then copy the folder into the game's main directory. The zip files already contain the correct path/folder structure (which is: archive/pc/mod) for the archive file. Make sure that the .archive file actually ends up in the archive/pc/mod folder! It cannot be loaded up by the game otherwise.
You must treat all files that modify Master .env as incompatible and only pick one of them. This goes double for my mod; only choose one variant (Diverse or Vanilla Weather + Vignette ON or OFF + Sharpening ON or OFF). Do not place multiple variants of my mod into your mod folder.

The weather doesn't align with my expectations, even though I just installed your mod/uninstalled your mod. What can I do?

Fixing the mod after a clean install or clean uninstall if either vanilla OR modded values linger when they should be replaced by the other is very simple, but may require you to travel to a specific building in Night City - or you can utilize CyberEngineTweaks console overlay to teleport there.

To reset your savegame's weather system, which could fix a multitude of problems with any weather mod after you install it OR uninstall it, perform the Blade Runner easter egg trick:

Load the game save that you're playing on and visit the Blade Runner easter egg in Night City, which is the person at the rooftop where it always rains.
Cyber Engine Tweak's console can be leveraged to launch the following command and teleport straight on the ground level floor of the building in question.
Game.TeleportPlayerToPosition(-982.5347, -303.67148, 7.300003)
Take the elevator and briefly walk out. As soon as you see rain, you can ride back down. 
Ride back to the ground via elevator and leave the building.
At that point save your game, quit to the menu and then load back into the game using the save you just created.
After that you should leave the area, play as usual and let some time pass (or fast forward it).
Following the steps above could help you reset the game's values. (as per the advice of ZAJ, the creator of Geoengineering mod)

Do you have any extra recommendations?

Enable your own sharpening:

Many variants of my mod disable the forced built-in sharpening of Cyberpunk 2077's engine, because it is awful compared to vendor solutions from Nvidia and AMD. Use your own sharpening if you want! It will look nicer and won't really consume your FPS. It's a very minor effect but it looks better when done by a competent software - even your GPU driver's sharpening is most likely better than Cyberpunk 2077 forced built-in sharpening.
Most weather/lighting mods disable the in-game sharpening and this seems to be a silent agreement that we all disable it for the players.
Anything from driver-level sharpening to ReShade sharpening (if you use Reshades) will be better than in-engine sharpening and disabling the in-game sharpening is crucial for maximum compatibility with those better options. You don't really want to stack multiple sharpening features on top of one another.
Personally, I have an Nvidia GPU, so I use Nvidia's sharpening. Personally I set it up with 0.20 sharpening and 0.00 grain parameters. You can turn it on in "NVidia Control Panel" -> 3D settings -> find Cyberpunk 2077 on the list of games, or ingame via 'Styles' by turning on Geforce Experience overlay if you have that installed.

Install a few great complementary mods:

Better Vehicle First Person
An incredible mod and pretty much a must-have companion mod with my Eye Adaptation Complete Overhaul - it allows you to reposition first person camera in vehicles as you like, peek through the window to see behind the vehicle and more, like change the steering sensitivity... every single vehicle has its own profile so you can go crazy customizing your setups.
Make sure to bind the "Peek behind" input key, it's a great novelty as you sort of "peek through the window" to see what's behind the car. I bound it to Middle (Scroll) Mouse Button myself.

No Camera Auto Centering
I recommend keeping first person camera auto centering enabled if you're struggling to keep your camera looking straight at the windshield, however this doesn't mean you shouldn't have this excellent mod installed for certain occasions! It disables the auto centering of camera when you are in vehicles. You can customize it and disable third person camera auto-centering while keeping first person enabled, or vice versa. Either way, it lets you stretch your neck a little and enjoy the views of Night City while driving!

Immersive Timeskip
I have been using this one for a while to debug my weather changes. Not only is it useful to make sure the modded/vanilla weather patterns work as intended, but it's also extremely cool to observe the weather flow whenever you skip time.  =]
Bonus: all weather mods may require a visit at the Blade Runner easter egg to make sure the weather patterns are loaded into your save game (see the chapter on that above), and Immersive Timeskip allows you to quickly make sure it worked once you leave the easter egg area and skip some time.

Blade Runner 2077 Better Finer Rain
A lot better looking texture for the rain droplets - helps you enjoy the rain more whenever such a weather comes!

There are multiple download files available in the FILES tab.
What are all these variants for?

RE: Disabling Permanent Vanilla Vignette
See the difference for yourself:
Comparison 1 - Day
Comparison 2 - Night
The intrusive and permanent Vignette effect which is ALWAYS active in vanilla Cyberpunk 2077, by default is disabled in Night City when using the main files of my mod. You can use one of the variants in Optional Files that keeps it enabled it if you prefer the vanilla 'dim edges' experience.
This is not to be confused with Crouch Vignette. That is a separate, extraneous effect that you have to disable by other means. You need a separate solution for that - either use the Cyber Engine Tweaks setting to disable crouch Vignette, or use a mod such as Crouch Vignette Effect RemoverConversely, disabling Crouch Vignette this way will NOT get rid of the permanent Vignette that is permanently turned on in Vanilla game. These are two separate Vignettes that each can be active or disabled.

RE: Disabling Sharpening
The terrible in-game SHARPENING is disabled in my mod by default, so you don't have to worry about that. I do offer "vanilla sharpening" variants in Optional Files section if you're into it. Otherwise, read more about the other, superior alternative sharpening methods in the "Do you have any extra recommendations?" section above.

What about compatibility with other mods?

RE: Compatibility with ReShade mods
Eye Adaptation configs are fully compatible with ReShade mods! Go crazy. 

RE: Compatibility with  LUT mods
This depends on the LUT mod in question. As long as the LUT mod (or one of its variants that is designed for compatibility) does not change cp2077_master_env_nge_v002.env - which is sometimes the case with "E3 lighting mods/LUT mods", mind you - then it should be compatible.
An example of a 100% compatible LUT mod would be Vanilla Plus Visual Enhancement.

RE: Compatibility with HDR
Absolutely! Eye Adaptation configs are 100% compatible with HDR settings and displays.

RE: (In)compatibility with Weather mods, Lighting mods, Vignette mods, Sharpening mods, BetterSky mods

This mod is not compatible with any mods that modify cp2077_master_env_nge_v002.env or CP2077_master_env_v008_m8.env or weather .envparam files.
I named the files in such a way that it will always load first, overriding your LUT/weather mods if they modify these files, otherwise this mod will not function.
For reasons unknown to me, sometimes this still doesn't guarantee that my mod will load first. If you're under impression that my Eye Adaptation Fix doesn't work, then it might be that another mod is overriding it. In such a case, you would need to uninstall the conflicting mod, whatever it is, before my mod starts to work.

RE: (In)compatibility with World-editing mods
This mod is not going to break completely just because some sections of the world are overridden by another world-editing mod. Instead, it will revert to the vanilla auto-exposure in those specific sections of the world, unless the author of the world-editing mod has applied an eye adaptation fix themselves. The sheer number of world files available to edit is staggering and the amount of world-editing mods is small, so it's probably not an issue right now, but could be a consideration for the far future as more such mods crop up. That's why I'm putting out this disclaimer anyway.
An example of a world-editing mod would be this one:
South Californian Badlands
´╗┐which, despite modifying a total of 13 world files, doesn't edit a single one that I do, 
so it's 100% compatible.
And even if another mod pops up that actually edits some of the same files, I say: you should just name my mod alphabetically below their mod. Their mod will load 100%, meanwhile you'll only lose my auto exposure fix in that specific area which isn't too great a loss. My mod will continue to work everywhere else.
For the average user, it's too much work to figure out if the world editing mods are compatible with one another or not, so it's going to become a thing where world-editing mod authors will eventually come up with some form of communication on what each of us edits.


- Dravic

Special thanks to the great people over at CP77 Modding Community Discord server who listened to me complaining about auto-exposure as I was frantically looking for a way to fix it back in April 2021.
Big thank you to everyone who makes tools for modding CP2077 such as the RED Modding team behind WolvenKit without which development of this mod wouldn't be possible. The lessons I learned by asking the many users of that Discord server my stupid questions were invaluable.
Banner image courtesy of user Brandoman!