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Fixes perk traits, 1 cyberware mod "Cataresist", the armor mod "Deadeye", and much much more!

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Created 2 new mods, check em' out!

Please be aware this mod has been tested and confirmed working on version 1.12 of Cyberpunk 2077 it may or may not work on older versions! ALSO! PLEASE READ THE CHANGE LOG DOWN BELOW! CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

Also BIG thanks to psiberx helped me a lot during development, and giving permission to use his mod.lua file.

I've created a temporary work around for armor mods breaking, I've added 2 hotkeys to this mod. First hotkey removes all armor mods from your armor use this hotkey before entering Johnny's memories or before unequipping armor. Second hotkey will reapply the armor mods.

Note: keep an eye out for game patch 1.2 as some of these fixed features might end up getting fixed by CDPR in which case my "fixes" will end up being buffs!

If you did not know most perk traits (the final perk in any skill tree) break after loading your gamesave. This mod fixes that.
You can see a list of all the broken perks, items, cyberware in the game here:

If Vortex is not installing the mod correctly, download manually and extract the zip in your cyberpunk 2077 root folder.

What this mod currently does:
Fixes all perk traits (final perk in any skill tree) such as "Merciles"  and "Master Ram Liberator"
Fixes the cyberware mod: "Cataresist"
Fixed the armor mod: "Deadeye" (DOES NOT STACK WITH BULLY AND FORTUNA!!!)
Fixed perk: "Bunker"
Fixed perk trait: "Revamp" (As if Tech builds weren't overpowered enough)
Fixed the skill level bonus in Stealth that grants +10% to evasion.
Fixed the skill level bonus in Crafting that grants +30% upgrade cost reduction
Fixed the skill level bonus in Brawling that grants +5% health.
Fixed the armor mod: Footloose, and it does stack.
Fixed all Monowire batteries.

Change Log:
+ Mantis Blade Damage Bonus from the Reflex Tree now gives the correct stats.
* Fixed multiple errors.

* Fixed the "Patches Applied" message from popping up every time you exit a menu.
* Perk Traits "Guerrilla" and "Hard Motherfucker" modifiers would be removed despite being in a pause menu. This has been fixed. (Remember these perks activate during combat and last 10 seconds, the timer kept going even with the game paused)

1.13.1 (Hotfix)
* Patch wasn't re-activating after death, or reloading a gamesave. This has been fixed.

+ Fixed the perk trait "Guerrilla"
+ Fixed the perk trait "Hard Motherfucker"
* Fixed the patch from activating twice after a braindance.
These 2 traits required a hard coded fix.

Fixed crash to desktop when using the scanner.

 * I believe I might of fixed the Technical Tree Armor bonus... This is a weird bug. Seems like applying stronger armor or the Armadillo mod, the bonus you're supposed to get from the Technical Tree doesn't update... Hoping this is fixed now.

+ You once again receive the the message on your screen letting you know the patch has been applied.
+ 2 New hotkeys, read the what's in bold above.

Footloose fix will now apply the stats from the Legendary variant.
Fixed the Evasion bonus the Reflexes tree is supposed to give. (Max of a +17% bonus)
Fixed Mongoose Perk. (Again)
Fixed many issues with playerData not updating.

Fixed the Armor bonus the Technical Ability tree is supposed to give. (Max of a +85% bonus)

(Please let me know if there are any problems with this update, and if there are revert back to 1.9.1)
Fixed Mongoose perk.
Fixed multiple errors.
Fixed the braindance bug!
Hotkey is no longer required, once you spawn in the patch is automatically applied!

1.9.1 Fixed Superconductor Perk. (Gets rid of all NPC Resistances and Armor when using a Tech Weapon)

Fixed Superconductor Perk.
Engineering Armor Bonus was only giving 9.5% armor increase instead of 12% and has been fixed. (Engineering skill must be at least 16 or higher)
Google doc got it wrong, all sensory amplifier mods work on Projectile Rocket System. No fixes needed. This Cyber arm just needs a buff badly.

Fixed Thermal Resistance Bonus when using Tech weapons. (Engineering skill must be be least 12 or higher)
The Bunker Perk fix was overperforming and has been adjusted to give the correct stats.
The Bunker Perk was giving the armor, and resistance bonus despite not having a an AR equipped. And has been fixed.

1.8: Small update
Fixed Sensory Amplifier (Armor Bonus) for cyber arms.

Fixed Monowire Batteries Damage Bonus from applying to everything.
Fixed the cybermod "Neofiber" (Again, Evasion bonus is small might not appear on character stats, but it is indeed working)
Fixed some problems with the patch breaking after player death.

Re-Uploaded after fucking the script up with 1.6

Cataresist was overperforming, and has been adjusted to give the correct stats.
Fixed Black Market Battery.
Fixed random freezes bug. (I think)

I plan on adding many more bug fixes soon. My highest priority as of now is fixing armor and cyberware mods.

Once in-game assign a hotkey to the mod, and press the hotkey. The patch will be applied.
You'll have to press the hotkey again every time you load your gamesave.

You can find me on discord if have any questions: Racist Dolphin#4795