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Cyberware replacement arms for male and female characters. They have many skins to choose from, for all cyberarms.

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Female 1.4:
Remade the shoulder area for female arms. Mostly removed the parts I couldn't stop from clipping. Most of the clipping is fixed. Also fixed the rare times a lower LOD (level of detail) arm would show, for example after exiting photomode on a motorcycle.

Added Claw Blades to the Blade Library. They have no animation and they're a bit in the way of your view.

Added left arm only versions of Gorilla arms. Male and female arms are now all in the same optional mod named Arasaka Gorilla One Arm. Also fixed the wrong skin color showing for female right arm version.

Decals update:
- All decals have been updated.
- Right arm decals have had most of their UVs flipped and should no longer have mirrored parts.
- Shoulder logo has been rotated slightly to better align with the text.
- Max Tac decals have been added. These are the first somewhat custom decals. They're the same as Police but it says Max Tac instead.
Some more custom decals will be added later.

Iron Man Red skin has been added to the Skin Library.


Arasaka Skin Library - Has all the skins for the Arasaka Cyberarms. Males and females have separate files. Overwrite existing skin files with skins of your choice.

Gorilla arms - Replaces Gorilla Arms cyberware. Removes the knuckles on normal female Gorilla arms when they are active. Has an optional version that only replaces the right arm.

Launcher arms - Replaces the Launcher cyberware when your character has it installed.

Monowire arms - Replaces the Monowire cyberware. Will remove nails from the player characters, otherwise the Arasaka arms would have nails.

Mantis Blade - Replaces the Mantis blades cyberware. They have updated mechanisms that better fit the Arasaka Arms. Also removes nails.

Blade Skins library - Collection of all different blades and skins. Requires the main Mantis mod. Includes Oda's glowing blades and the Psycho version without glow. Will change blades for both male and female characters since they use the same files. Glowing blades can conflict with mods that remove Bloom from the game.

Decals - Decals with options for Arasaka, Police, Militech, Border Patrol, Trauma Team and Kang Tao. They replace and hide the Weapon Grip cyberware that Victor installs at the beginning of the game. Will show on characters even if you have no cyberarm installed. Conflicts with mods that remove the Weapon Grip. There are decals for both arms, and for left or right arm only.

Remove Weapon Grip - This is an optional file that will hide the hand cyberware that Victor installs at the beginning of the game. If you already have a mod that does this, you don't need this one. Conflicts with the decals.


Use Vortex mod manager when available, or place the .archive files in the Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch folder.

To uninstall, go to your Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch folder and remove files starting with "basegame_aa_Arasaka".


rfuzzo - CP77 Tools.

alphaZomega - Scripts for 010 Editor and Noesis.

l2ahman - Tutorial on how to remove submeshes.

Wathon - Figuring out how to add custom multilayer file.