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Pushing the graphical boundaries to the maximum with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Permissions and credits

This is purely my work with hours, days, weeks and months of testing/research/experimenting. This is an unofficial project of mine for myself and others who may feel the same. However I do not own any of the shaders. Credit goes to the individual creators for making it possible. 

This entire ReShade is made to stay true to vanilla looks, however it aims to increase the graphical fidelity where it seems fit. 

This is not a perfect/flawless work and there can or may be bugs or inconsistencies that I'm not aware of. To my testing, I did not encounter crashes or extreme FPS dips with this ReShade and config changes even when running the game for 5 hours straight and going through 20 different maps and battle zones.

If you like my work, consider endorsing the mod and/or leaving a comment! 
Thanks !

When updating from 1.0, please do PART 2 again.

Main features: 
~ Improved light quality
~ Improved shadow quality
~ Added glowing lights to most light sources
~ Reduced overall shimmering
~ Introduced more color gradient changes in the atmosphere (like the sun) and fog
~ Slight texture/terrain/object clarity
~ Light sources like the sun are now more "lush"
~ Light sources produce more colored area, making the colors blend a bit better
~ Smoother color blending in the atmosphere

It would be quite a good idea for those who want the best image and visuals to actually give it a try and calibrate your own monitor as usually the default look on your monitor would be rather different to the actual image, especially if it's not a monitor that costs 1000$. 

The 2.0 has not been fully tested across every place and every map. If there are some kind of issues with something, please do let me know!


Known issues: 

With the release of 2.0 this ReShade is rather lightweight and doesn't have much of an FPS hit. 


1. Go to your Documents folder > My Games > Borderlands The Pre-Sequel > WillowGame > Config
2. Open WillowEngine.ini and edit these settings(You can copy-paste over them):

3. Open WillowLightmass.ini and edit these settings:

PART 2 (Updated as of 2.0)~(If installing from 1.0, delete reshade-shaders folder in BL launcher folder!)
1. Download ReShade 4.9.1

2. Install ReShade.
2.1 Find Borderlands The Pre-Sequel in the list.
2.2 Select Direct3D 9.
2.3 Check these: SweetFXqUINT : Color EffectsAstrayFX : FXShaders : Legacy
2.4 Check these: 

3. Download my ReShade and drop it into your Borderlands The Pre-Sequel launcher folder
4. Start the game and get into the main menu, while there a message should pop up on how to open the ReShade menu.
4.1 In the ReShade menu, you can find my preset by clicking on the "ReShadePreset.ini" then a tab will open up in which you'll find my preset "Graphical improvement BLTPS 2.0", select that and confirm.
4.2 At the bottom right you should see "Performance Mode" click on that if it's not on and close it by pressing home key button.
5. Enjoy!

Known Issues:
There might be some areas and specific lighting conditions in which the new bloom will somewhat overpower the hud a little bit(mostly just the borrom left corner). I sadly cannot avoid this unless someone could teach me how to do UIMask which I'm not even sure if it would work on this game. Either way it's just a slight issue that wont be noticed during gameplay. 

Future versions: DOF version ?
After some consideration and various attempts to mix and match graphics settings. I've come to some conclusions. Yes the game originally has light sources from the built in bloom. It works but it's horribly implemented which makes light sources glow far bigger than what it naturaly should be. Which creates essencially a massive limitation for me to work around and add lights to other things or even strengthen them properly without destroying other light sources. Another limitation is the game itself, some things just out right don't seem to work like certain weapon lights no matter the changes made to the effects.

Currently, I might only attempt to release a DOF version with built in bloom. This will feature mostly a somewhat better calibrated color scheme and everything else that comes with DOF setting.
But for now the release date of this is unknown.

Q: Do you have more of your work on other games? 
A: Yes. This is my series of VGI for games. Currently I have only the Borderlands franchise done.,
Borderlands 2 ReShade here
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel here
Borderlands GOTY here

Gearbox Software (for releasing the game)
ReShade (For existing and making projects like this become alive)
Me (*high fives myself*)