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Pushing the graphical boundaries to the maximum with Borderlands 2 !

Permissions and credits

This is purely my work with hours, days, weeks and months of testing/research/experimenting. This is an unofficial project of mine for myself and others who may feel the same. However I do not own any of the shaders. Credit goes to the individual creators for making it possible. 

This entire ReShade is made to stay true to vanilla looks, however it aims to increase the graphical fidelity where it seems fit. 

This is not a perfect/flawless work and there can or may be bugs or inconsistencies that I'm not aware of. To my testing, I did not encounter crashes or extreme FPS dips with this ReShade and config changes even when running the game for 10 hours straight and going through 20 different maps and battle zones.

If you like my work, consider endorsing the mod and/or leaving a comment! 
Thanks ! 
Main changes (2.6)
~ Improved lighting
~ Improved shadow quality
~ Slightly more vibrant colors
~ Brighter colors and light sources
~ Day and Night cycles have smoother coloring 
~ Replaced old bloom (this also fixes some vanilla bugs)
~ Textures and LOD have more detail to them and better visibility
~ Added glow to guns and almost all other light sources that is flagged as a light source
~ Added better anti-aliasing
~ Added glow to text

Gameplay video coming soon

Image comparison
Vanila VS VGI 2.6

~ Due to horrible LightShaft implementation, I strongly recommend for everyone to disable this setting because this introduces A LOT of screen shadowing and light distortion in general. Those who don't mind it, can leave it enabled.
~ FXAA was disabled because it's also awfully implemented and gives a lot of graphical issues and artifacts. (replaced with SMAA)
~ Ambient occlusion was also disabled because it doesn't really offer any better object shadowing and a lot of the times makes things look worse. This brings beautiful yet free 10 FPS. 
~ The game brightness is still controlled through the game settings, however due to new techniques, I do recommend to run the game at brighter settings like 10-15. (My photos are dark because I prefer taking them and playing in the lower brightness)
~ Bloom has been disabled because my implementation is more subtle and less obnoxious across everything. It's best to keep it disabled for bloom not to double itself in various places.

Currently this will be the final version

Running this in 4K eliminates all aliasing problems if you have the juice.

Read changelog for all changes!


Since this game isn't that well optimized, this doesn't take such a big FPS hit, in fact over the months, I've created this to be as light as possible while producing maximum quality for fast gameplay. The Reshade will run differently than what vanilla is like, for example: you'll get more stable framerate (however lower) and instead of frames jumping around from 250FPS to 100FPS~ it's more of a constant 120-130FPS (per area, per physX particle count). 
Those who want to run the best PhysX, consider reading through this post

PART 1 (This has been updated for the release of 2.6)
1. Go to your documents > My Games > Borderlands 2 > WillowGame > Config
2. Open WillowEngine.ini and edit these settings

3. Open WillowLightmass.ini and edit these settings

PART 2 (This has been updated for the release of 2.6)   /If you're updating from 1.2, read uninstallation section!\
1. Download ReShade 4.9.1.
2. Install ReShade.
2.1 Find Borderlands 2 in the list.
2.2 Select Direct3D 9.
2.3 Check these: SweetFX | qUINT | AstrayFX | FXShaders | Legacy 
2.4 Check these and press ok: 

3. Download my ReShade and drop it into your Borderlands 2 launcher folder
4. Start the game and get into the main menu, while there a message should pop up on how to open the ReShade menu.
4.1 In the ReShade menu, you can find my preset by clicking on the "ReShadePreset.ini" then a tab will open up in which you'll find my preset "Graphical improvement BL2 2.6", select that and confirm.
4.2 At the bottom right you should see "Performance Mode" click on that if it's not on and close it.
5. Enjoy!

1. Go to your BL2 launcher folder. 
2. Delete the folder called reshade-shaders
3. continue PART 2
Known issues:
I have made various tests like making the UI mask, however it does not work well..  Sadly this game has more UI menu's which all need to be accounted for. Which needs more a complex Mask shader which I don't have nor have any idea how to make. This is will be this ReShade's limitation unless this changes some day in the far future.

If you encounter anything, let me know ! 

ReShade bugs:
If you see any strange colored light blinking everywhere then go to ReShade menu and press reload a couple of times. There can be a chance where the ReShade somehow starts up incorrectly.

Q: Do you have more of your work on other games? 
A: Yes. This is my series of VGI for games. Currently I have only the Borderlands franchise done.,
Borderlands 2 here
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel here
Borderlands GOTY here

Additional notes for DOF version:
I wont be continuing to work on this version for now or ever unless there will be actual requests for this. It's extremely difficult to actualy make this version work when you have the new ambient light change specific maps while others not. It makes almost impossible to balance things out and I managed to make the game look far better than with the DOF setting on. Therefore I don't see a real reason in making this if a better and higher quality version exists. I also don't really have the time currently for making this due to school. 

Gearbox Software (for releasing the game)
ReShade (For existing and making projects like this become alive)
Me (*high fives myself*)