Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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Hey there !


I am RokHel or Bionic as my alias name.

Mod author on Nexus.

To track the progress of my mods, visit my

Trello page


Port permissions of my mods are given to:

Xbox port of Icy Mesh Remaster *outdated*: BrakkaMykar79


Xbox port of Real Ice reMastered: FatalIllusion


Xbox port of FrozenLands: PrincessAries


For the users of my mods:


Lately there's been some major changes in my life which means I'll be uploading/working drastically less on any of my projects due to lack of time among other things. So for now things are not abandoned but more like halted as I do want to work on them. I will update whenever I can once I have some time for it :smile:

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