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A TT-inspired weapon stat & price conversion for Battletech Revised
> All weapons modified excepting tonnage and critical space
> Argo expenses truer to CBT prices
> Reconfigured to-hit Stepped Algorithm
> New weapons, gear, and munitions
> Save compatible!

Permissions and credits
Attention: this is a mini-mod for Battletech Revised and cannot be used without it. It has no independent mod.json and is thus totally dependent on BTR. Do not install it without first installing BTR.

Many thanks to Edmon for giving me the go-ahead on the BTR discord!
Special thanks to bloodydoves for allowing me to implement his C3 system!
What is a mini-mod? It's a mod of a mod, or, a mod that changes part of another mod. In this instance, while I was greatly enjoying BTR, I had my own ideas around weapon stats and decided to implement them. What started it all was wanting to change the Autocannons to all fire multiple rounds per shot, and it snowballed from there into adjustments to every weapon as well as general costs across the board. This release represents about 3 months work to fully research, develop, and implement the changes.

The weapon stats were developed in close consultation with the official source material as found in rulebooks like the TechManual, Tactical Operations, and Total Warfare. Another mod, and it's not the only one, has successfully implemented a strict interpretation of TT rules for vanilla called CBT Balance Overhaul, and the methodology of that mod was consulted as a first-stop guide. While I did not consult it until recently, Guns of Kerensky was also a trailblazer in bringing advanced CBT rules to BT by using the principle of proportionality. Differences include, e.g., the lack of a medium range bracket and differing extreme range rules implementation and more.

Shoot to Kill is not a genuine or complete TT conversion. Everything was redone from scratch, so as a result there is some departure from the official rules where I found certain inconsistencies, in making necessary changes to implement ideas, like burst fire autocannons in every calibre, and other changes for gameplay purposes. The major changes are noted below. I would like to stress that burst-fire ACs are in no way original and are partially implemented in BTR and other mods; all I did was generalize them to all ACs, with my own twist.

What is original, however, is my own work over on the official forums (under the name Seer), where I researched just how much the Argo cost to build and how much it costs to keep it running. I have already released this on Nexus here. Those running costs have been implemented to add an additional layer of difficulty outside the battlefield. Also included in this mod are various price changes which better reflect how expensive, or inexpensive, things are in the BT universe. The specific changes to the Stepped Algorithm, too, are original. Roguetech and XAI turn it off, while BTR, Advanced 3062, and Extended 3025 leave it as-is. I think this is an under-explored facet of the CombatGameConstants so I tried to do something new with it.

The changes result, I believe, in a more unforgiving gameplay experience, which better reflects the ferocity of 'Mech combat and the feast-or-famine nature of being a mercenary in the early 31st century.

A Beta Release?
Yes, this is currently a beta of a mini-mod. A little silly, but I wanted to get this out here as it's mostly done. The 'mechs are the obvious missing piece. The full release will include completely redone 'mech structure and armor values based off TT record sheets; each 'mech variant will reflect its particular characteristics. Modified weapon critical space and tonnage will also be integrated into these changes. There's roughly 470 variants to redo and I'm only about a quarter of the way there. It'll be a few months before it's done. It functions fine, so please enjoy it as-is for now.

Patches—For now
I'm in the process of implementing in-timeline items and also fixing things I've overlooked. Once that settles down I'll focus more on the 'Mechs.

Gameplay Changes:
It would be tedious to summarize every change, and doubtless I've forgotten some things, so I'll stick to the important ones.

  • Every stat category has been adjusted excepting tonnage and critical space to avoid breaking every single 'mech variant.
  • Extreme ranges have been implemented from Tactical Operations, which is very simple. The max range bracket is now 2x the maximum medium range bracket. E.g. for a medium laser this is 180, and thus 360 is its max range. Medium ranges have been implemented as well.
  • Every weapon has had its instability and heat scaled according to a certain percentage of its damage, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Instability damage is high. Tactical withdrawals are recommended. Keep moving.
  • Heat is higher. Missile boats in particular will feel the strain, balancing their extreme firepower (the Archer is notorious for this). Advanced energy weapons also run very hot. Structure damage is not as severe, however, so you can push the heat envelope much more effectively.
  • Argo upgrades have been reworked to better reflect the difficulties of the Argo's technology level. Full details are in the link above. In 3028, the Argo is an incredibly expensive ship to repair and run; it's not until the 3040s that Inner Sphere tech improves to ease those costs. Some upgrades are cheap to purchase but add considerable monthly costs. Others are just plain expensive to purchase on top of that.
  • Changes to the Stepped Algorithm can be found below.
  • Sprint and shoot has been enabled with the requirement of the CBTMovementCore mod. I would integrate it directly but the mod author has explicitly forbidden asset use, so you have to download it yourself. I have, however, included the required settings. The AI does not currently sprint and shoot but hopefully between myself and koztaz of the Relentless AI mod it is possible. I will update again when this has been sorted. Also, please check the known issues article.

  • All weapons have had their stock prices adjusted to reflect TT values.
  • As many weapons have had a damage boost compared to BTR values, turrets in particular aren't as monstrously durable.
  • Critical chance numbers are more diverse, between 5-50, and so is less for most weapons or upgrades in general.
  • Stats were worked out, very simply, from TT values by multiplying them by 5 for damage & heat, while range retained the 30m steps. A small but significant difference in my implementation and previous ones is using the x5 multiplier for both damage and heat (instead of x3 for heat). Unless otherwise stated, a weapon was converted without adjustment. Heat sinks (listed below) also sink x5 TT.
  • Weapon jamming has been implemented, see the article for more information.
  • All weapons have had their descriptions updated.

  • All autocannons are now burst fire. ACs and UACs use the "Streak" to-hit roll; if the first round hits, they all hit. LB-Xs use "Cluster".
  • Damage curve per round is, proportionally, almost identical to TT AC damage curve.
  • Rounds fired per burst: AC/2=5, AC/5=4, AC/10=3, AC/20=2. Same for LB-X, double for Ultras.
  • AC per round damage: AC/2=4, AC/5=12, AC/10=24, AC/20=48. Same for LB-X, double for Ultras.
  • AC total damage: AC/2=20, AC/5=48, AC/10=72, AC/20=96. Same for LB-X, double for Ultras.
  • LB-X projectiles, from 2-20, deal 2, 4, 6, and 8 damage.
  • LB-X projectiles per round, from 2-20, are 2, 3, 4, and 6.
  • AC/5 & LB-5X & UAC/2 min range adjusted to 60.
  • AC/10 & LB-10X & UAC/5 min range adjusted to 30.
  • UAC/10 range adjusted to 150|330|480|660 to differentiate it from the LB-10X.
  • Ultra ACs now have a 1x or 2x firing mode, latter has a higher chance to jam.
  • Gauss got a slight (+5) damage boost and have had their explosion damage increased. Deal 5% of their damage to internal structure upon a hit.
  • MGs got a slight (+5) damage boost.
  • Added Light, Medium, and Heavy Rifles with a slight (+5) damage boost. Obsolete weapon systems that're nonetheless produced and used in the Periphery.
  • Added an Assault Rifle scaled according to its predecessors.
  • Added the Light Gauss Rifle, only available from House Marik.
  • Added the Thumper Artillery Piece & Thumper Artillery Cannon as weapons (rather than gear) so they need a ballistic hardpoint.
  • Changed the KGC AC/20 from something plain to my take on the Deathgiver.
  • Mech Mortars 1-8 have been added: they require a ballistic hardpoint.
  • Added the HMG & Twin HMG.
  • Heat (% of damage): AC=30%, Ultra=35%, LB-X=25%, Rifle=15%, MG=10%, Gauss=5%
  • Instability (% of damage): 50% for all, divided by rounds fired, except Gauss=70% & Thumper=80%.


  • Added the C3 Master Unit: requires a laser hardpoint for its TAG, only available from House Kurita.
  • COIL weapons function effectively as laser autocannons (use the "Streak" to-hit roll and fire one 'round' per evasion pip).
  • COIL damage: S=12, M=20, L=28
  • COIL heat divisor: S=1.6, M=1.4, L=1.1 (they run hot.) Note: heat generated is listed at 1 because its value is utilized in a formula, not because that's their actual heat. You can check weapon heat generated by pressing the Alt key during a mission.
  • COIL explosion damage has also been increased.
  • Pulse Lasers no longer shoot multiple rounds and behave like they do in vanilla. The reason for this is that the Streak to-hit modifier still results in a clustered shot; using it, pulse lasers are in effect laser shotguns. Kinda cool, kinda not what they should be.
  • Small Pulse got a slight (+5) damage boost.
  • All Pulse Lasers are now +2 Acc., removed their evasion pip ignoring.
  • Twin Small is now a Binary Small Laser Cannon (BS Laser).
  • Added a Binary Medium Laser Cannon (BM Laser). Find it hanging out with its big brother.
  • Small Laser heat (% of damage): 40%, Pulse=50%, Binary=60%, ER=70%
  • Medium Laser heat (% of damage): 60%, Pulse=70%, Binary=80%, ER=90%
  • Large Pulse Laser got a slight (+5) damage boost.
  • Large Laser heat (% of damage): 90%, Pulse=100%, Binary=115%, ER=130%
  • Snub PPCs have their damage fall off, as per TT rules.
  • PPCs have their < 90 range inhibitor.
  • PPC heat (% of damage):  90%, ER=130%
  • Instability (% of damage): 20% for all.

  • Added Rocket Launchers: RL10, 15, & 20, and added an RL5 scaled according to the others. Another Periphery specialty.
  • A Thunderbolt prototype has been added, available only from House Steiner/Davion.
  • AMS performance has been tweaked: much higher rate of fire but lower accuracy with larger bins. It cannot be disabled (as per TT rules).
  • LRMs can hot load their ammo to negate their minimum range, but risk the armed missiles exploding in the launcher if crit.
  • SSRMs no longer ignore evasive pips as all they are known for is the solid lock.
  • Missile heat (% of damage): 50% for all.
  • Instability (% of damage): 60% for all, divided by rounds fired.

  • TAG heat adjusted to 2, moved to Support category.
  • TAGs now also give a bonus to missile accuracy and increase the target's visual signature for its duration. Best used early and often.
  • NARC heat adjusted to 1.
  • NARCs grant a permanent +1 to all missile accuracy and +100% sensor signature against any unit it's attached to upon a hit.
  • Flamers, as in CBT Overhaul, now deal regular (5) and heat (10) damage. Heat generation increased to 5.

  • Ammo bins have been adjusted to ensure they hold appropriate amounts for the weapons that changed.
  • "Double" ammo bins now hold +50% over a standard and still weigh an extra ton. E.g. a double LRM bin is 180 instead of 240. This was to ensure they weren't flat-out superior for the critical space.
  • New ammo bins have been added: double and half bins for Artemis IV LRMs and SRMs, LB-X autocannons, and Narcs.
  • All LRMs, SRMs, and Narcs now have One-Shot bins. There was a compromise here: it's 20 for LRM, 6 for SRM, and 1 for Narc. This was to ensure the player wasn't swamped with OS bins for every possible missile rack. Again, something you'd see in the Periphery more than the Inner Sphere.
  • Rifle ammo bins have been added. Their generic ammo is terrible but there is milsurp if you know where to look.
  • There are now Dead-Fire Missile bins for SRMs & LRMs. Impressive firepower but no guidance systems and a shorter range, and also less likely to be intercepted by AMS.
  • Gauss Rifle ammo can no longer be found everywhere, only where you'd expect to find it.
  • Inferno missiles have been buffed to 4 heat damage to compensate for increased heat sink efficiency.
  • Thumper ammo bins have been added, one type for each and they can't be mixed.
  • Tandem Charge SRMs have been added, only available from House Steiner/Davion.
  • SRMs cut to 96 from 100 so their consumption is divisible by 2, 4, and 6.
  • LB-X's now have separate Cluster and AC bins.
  • Much higher ammo explosion damage: you will need to jettison ammunition in an emergency or face the consequences. Instructions have been added to the description of every ammo-using weapons with the obvious exception of Gauss rifles. Again, Gauss & COIL weapon explosions are much more dangerous.
  • Artemis IV ammo now ignores 3 evasion pips and grants +4 to missile clustering.
  • AC/5-20 bins hold 3x TT to account for being burst fire. AC/2's 3 and 1/3 to keep them approximately in line with TT damage scaling. A single AC/2 bin will comfortably feed two guns.
  1. AC/20=15 (7.5 shots)
  2. AC/10=30 (10 shots)
  3. AC/5=60 (15 shots)
  4. AC/2=150 (30 shots)


  • In no particular order: battlefists, lower arms, actuators, gyros, cockpit mods, JumpJets, Guardian ECM, Artemis IV and other TTS, heat banks, exchangers, and heat sinks, have all had their prices adjusted.
  • Various upgrades, especially the TTS's, have had their performance tweaked and there have been some weight adjustments.
  • Heat Exchangers and Banks have been reworked and given new descriptions to make better sense in the BT universe. Importantly, you can only install one Exchanger per 'Mech.
  • Heat sinks are 5/8/8 for single, prototype, and double to account for the increased heat load.
  • CASE no longer has its damage-limiting feature as it is not CASE II, but it still contains any ammo explosions.
  • Added the C3 Slave Unit, only available from House Kurita.
  • Added the Improved Combat Computer: provides better weapon heat management for your 'Mech, only available from House Marik.
  • Added the Improved Cooling Jackets for: ACs, COILs, Lasers, LRMs, PPCs, & SRMs.
  • The Thumper also returns as fixed gear and appears in the Bull Shark MAZ.
  • Added the SLDF Advanced Neurohelmet from Interstellar Operations. If you're lucky you'll find one.
  • Added Hardened Armor from Tactical Operations, only available from House Steiner/Davion.
  • JumpJets have been given a 10% distance boost as they're falling a bit short.
  • Some 'mech quirks were adjusted, others had their descriptions edited to fix the wording. Stats are now:
  1. Abundant Baffles: +2 tohit
  2. Advanced Command Console: 10% damage reduction
  3. Anti-ballistic Design: reduced to 10% damage reduction
  4. All or nothing: nerfed to 15% damage, but is now only a +2 to-hit
  5. Calibrated SRM Mount: -2 tohit
  6. Crab Claws: 15% damage reduction
  7. Compact Design: +2 tohit
  8. Configured for Awesome: reduced to -2, +2
  9. Enhanced Command Console: 5% damage reduction
  10. Generalist: -1 tohit
  11. Heavy Platform: -1 to morale
  12. High Precision Laser Targeting: -4 tohit
  13. Internal Pre-igniter: +2 heat damage
  14. Massive Searchlight: -1 tohit
  15. Missilery Suite: LRMs +2 clustering, SRMs +2 stability damage, both ignore 2 evasion pips.
  16. PPC Input Lag: +9 heat
  17. Small Arms Fire Control: +1 Dmg., -2 tohit
  18. Under Stress: reduced to 20%
  19. No Honour quirk changed to Barrel Fist (+1 Melee Acc.) as PPC inhibitors break it.

  • Contract payment adjusted: Generous to 150,000, Normal to 120,000, and Stingy to 90,000


A few minor changes, and the major ones are:
  • 60k per jump as the Argo uses minimum two docking collars.
  • The Argo's monthly running costs are now 241,380 per month, which includes costs for the Leopard.
  • MechWarrior XP gain reduced to hopefully prevent your entire team from becoming Morgan Kells within a year.
  • Lower payouts, salvage, and reputation gain for contracts but also less ridiculous payouts and markups for factions that hate you.
  • MechWarrior salaries are vastly reduced to be in line with CBT standards. You save a lot of money here.
  • Almost everything is much cheaper to purchase new, including upgraded weapon variants. 'Mechs are still expensive, however, and so is LosTech.
  • Selling at shops will net you more of an item's value, roughly 30%. Damaged remains roughly 10% and scrap 5%.
  • 'Mech install and repair costs have been adjusted: if you lose components (torso, arm, etc.) it will take longer to repair, so beware.
  • By default the chance of recovering a cored 'Mech is 75% instead of 100%, so the die is cast instead of it being dead certain.

Again, some minor changes, and some of the more important ones in no particular order:
  • Base accuracy is the same but ToHitStepThresholds have been adjusted to 0, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 while the ToHitStepValues are now 0.075, 0.06, 0.055, 0.04, 0.035, 0.02, 0.015. The first steps are higher because sudden changes in direction impose greater difficulties on the shooter. It also helps out Assault 'mechs.
  • Evasive Pips are now 1-9 and their progression is 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 to-hit.
  • Adjusted some HitTables to better spread damage, lend a bit more unpredictability.
  • All 'mechs except Assault have a base increase to their to-hit. Heavy=1, Medium=2, Light=3. Assaults remain bullet sponges.
  • to-hit: Min=6, Short=-1, Medium=1, Long=3, Max=6, Obstructed=2, & Indirect=5.
  • The Short to Long range modifiers were moved back one step from the TT 0, 2, 4 as most of the following assumptions are quite harsh.
  • Min range is +6 since the LRM's minimum begins at 180m (180 / 30 = 6). In TT the closer the target the greater the penalty, so the max is assumed.
  • Max range has a +6 penalty according to extreme range rules.
  • Indirect fire adds +1 according to TT rules. Another +1 is added because it must be assumed the spotter attacks in the same round or that there is partial cover between the spotting unit and the target. As per extreme range rules, another +3 is added since any long range modifier must be assumed to apply as well. The total is thus +5.
  • Obstructed assumes one of the following: standard partial cover (+1), 3/4 cover rules (+1), or vertical cover (+1) and another +1 for assumed wooded terrain for a total of +2.
  • Shutdown (immobile)=-4 for both ranged and melee hits; Prone=1 for ranged and -2 for melee.
  • Friendly fire has been enabled but it's incredibly rare to see it outside of being caught in friendly artillery.
  • Increased Max Heat to 150 (5x TT)
  • 'Mechs should now generate heat as they walk.
  • 'Mechs now take vastly reduced structure damage from overheating. Couldn't find any reference to this in either Total Warfare or Tactical Operations. Pushing the heat envelope isn't anywhere near as expensive in C-Bills but it will still cost you a day's worth of repair time so there's some drawback. You can still lose a heavily damaged component to overheating so beware.
  • Shutdowns dump less heat to make them less of a crutch (and per TT rules).
  • MechWarriors no longer suffer an injury when a side torso (sans ammo bin) is destroyed.
  • Base sensor distance has increased to 450.
  • Sensor Lock strips only 1 pip, helping out light 'mechs.
  • Called Shots are made at a +3 penalty rather than a bonus, in line with TT +3 for Aimed Shots.
  • Called Shot bonus multiplier set to 1.25 and lerpfactor to 0.7.
  • Called Shot and Vigilance base cost is now 50 resolve.
  • Damage Reduction has been nerfed: NormalBlow=0.95, GlancingBlow=0.85, IneffectiveBlow=0.8, EntrenchedMultiplier=0.8. Guarded or cover = 5%, Bulwark = 15%, and Bulwark + cover = 20%. Entrenched grants a 20% instability reduction.
  • 'Mechs will suffer a permanent stability loss from destroyed components; the more you lose the worst it gets.
  • 'Mechs will suffer a permanent movement penalty the more their legs are damaged.
  • Unsteady counters guarded but melee does not; unsteady does not counter evasive but melee does.
  • Bracing or standing up will only dump 4 bars of stability damage to help address when a 'mech is knocked down and immediately gets back up next turn.
  • Morale is more dynamic with bonuses and maluses as the battle evolves.
  • Turrets should now have multi-target.
  • Rewritten descriptions for MechWarriors killed in action.
  • Minor changes have also been made to certain abilities due to the above.

  • Enabled piloting check for recovering from a knockdown. Will become more difficult to (hopefully) nigh impossible with enough critical effects. Small chance to fail even without those, so don't be surprised if your 'mech tries to get up but then falls over again. Just curse your idiot pilot.


  • Adjusted vehicle hit chance to be more difficult from the front or rear, rather than the side.
  • Ammo explosions should now kill vehicles and turrets.
  • Autojettisonammo has been enabled for when a weapon is destroyed.
  • Enabled ammo cookoff: 0.5% chance during overheat, 1% chance during shutdown. More of an experimental setting as this should already be enabled in a different way by CBTBehaviors.

  • Turrets should now run out of ammo.
  • 'Mechs can now mount more than one Artemis IV (as per TT). More of a setting to enable proper lore builds than anything, though if you want to waste tonnage on redundancy then that's now an option.
  • Critical effects have also been adjusted: i.e. what happens when important components like acuators and gyros are crit. Check the descriptions when they appear. Some departure from TT was necessary. E.g. since in TT even if a 'Mech is rendered permanently knocked down from a destroyed gyro, they can still aim and shoot from a prone position. That's not possible in BT, so now you get 3 crits before you're on your ass.

Mission Control
  • Added new Ally dialogues upon the start of a joint contract.
  • A couple minor tweaks.

  • Pilots will now consider ejecting when they have no weapons.


  • Increased chance to keep pips to 75% (still dependent on pilot skill).

Pilot Fatigue
  • Base fatigue is one week, with a minimum of 2 days. You don't want your pilots developing PTSD, after all. This also makes experienced pilots more valuable.

Pilot Quirks
  • Adjusted quirk salary modifiers downwards slightly with a few exceptions.
  • Adjusted the names of two quirks: Command = Leadership; Unstable = Mental Health Condition.
  • Cautious is now +1 to-hit self and -1 to-hit enemy.
  • Tech quirk is now +250 tech points.
  • Reintroduced dishonest -1 morale penalty; disgraced is now -2.
  • Added more descriptive detail.

Ship Upgrades:
The true cost of running the Argo has been spread over its many upgrades: for a short explanation see the description of my earlier mod. Some already-built upgrades still need to be 'researched' to represent them being cleaned up and made livable or workable, while many upgrades are cheaper to purchase but add significantly to the monthly costs. For a full cost breakdown consult this post. I have also taken the liberty to do the same for the Bigger Drops upgrades. Notably, you'll end up with slightly more med and tech points than ordinary.

Galaxy at War
Settings changed to (hopefully) slow down the breakneck pace of the stock settings. Intended primarily for canonical speed games, so give this a miss if you want. At least, I would recommend checking the mod.json to ensure the aggressive wars setting is off (see here).

Installation & Uninstallation:

Warning: this mod alters files in the following BTR folders:

  • AbilitiesArgoEventsSkills
  • BE Mechs
  • BiggerDrops
  • BR_MechQuirks
  • BTR-Core
  • BTR-Munitions
  • BTR-Overrides
  • CustomAmmoCategories
  • GalaxyAtWar
  • IRTweaks
  • Mechengineer
  • MissionControl
  • PanicSystem
  • PermanentEvasion
  • Pilot_Fatigue
  • Pilot_Quirks
  • ReputationOverhaul
  • vfProcGenStores

So back them up. You'll need them if you want to uninstall.

Download and install CBTMovementCore version 0.5.2 in order to enable sprint and shoot by unzipping it into the Battletech/mods folder. It is compatible with BTR with the settings I've included.

Then unzip Shoot to Kill to your Battletech/mods folder and overwrite. That simple. It is save game compatible but if it doesn't work out, take the folders you saved and copy them back over to your mod folder and overwrite, and delete the CBTMovementCore folder. Again, that simple. It won't harm your saves but you may need to rejig some 'mechs if you used an exchanger.

I'll reiterate that this mini-mod is completely dependent on other modder's work and the files themselves, excepting what HBS created, are their work and not mine. I make no claim to ownership of any files. All I've done is implement my ideas of how the settings should work. The most I can claim for myself is some original research, creative writing, and the patience to implement and troubleshoot the changes.

I hope you enjoy it!

Recommended BTR-Compatible mods:


  • Thanks to Edmon, donZappo, and the BTR crew. It's a great mod.
  • Thanks to bloodydoves for letting me use his C3 system.
  • Thanks to Aldodrem for providing my own starting point for how TT can meet BT.
  • Thanks to Eirikr for first demonstrating how to reduce MechWarrior salaries.
  • Thanks to MagnusEffect for giving me the idea to include Rifles.
  • Thanks to The Maths Guy and Lady Alekto over on the RogueTech discord for helping me understand how range brackets work.
  • Thanks to Interactive Rubber Dolphin over on the RogueTech discord for assisting me with various problems.