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BattleTech Revised aims to create a BattleTech experience with the focus on gameplay at the heart of every decision. Using lore as a thematic guide, and not as strict dogma, we have modernized the weaponry, updated 'Mechs, overhauled the simulation game, and brought dynamic life and vibrancy to the factions of the Inner Sphere.

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BattleTech Revised Project

Our mission is to resolve the issues that plague table top to video game conversions of BattleTech. We believe this is best done by putting gameplay and the spirit of the lore first and foremost in our minds. BTR is a complete revision of gameplay balance while adding economic, simulation, and map quality of life additions that you have come to expect. We are not beholden to the minute details of the table top,  but instead are revising all weapons as inspired by HBS's vision. The results of these changes provide the player with a real choice in every aspect of the game - making everything that was formerly useless actually good while reigning back overpowered and obvious choices.

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Why BattleTech Revised?

We know you love the rich lore of BT and want the enemy mechs to keep the classic stock loadouts that we have played with for decades. Yet, the more we play with these mechs in a modern BattleTech game we inescapably conclude in our heart of hearts that these cherished loadouts are useless in a game rooted primarily in mech against mech combat. Our adjustments allow us to preserve the fundamental character and intent of these mech builds while giving them targeted upgrades to fully realize their roles and become truly fearsome on the battlefield! This balance was achieved by making particularly weak equipment and weapons lighter and toughening up stock designs, upgrades that are more important than ever when mech-based warfare is the primary order of business. Now you are no longer punished for deploying your favorite mech using its stock loadout, and the OpFor isn't just a pushover relying upon poorly armored and terribly specialized mechs. 

Of course, creating value in the stock designs is hugely important for game balance, but having mechs feel different and interesting significantly adds to the excitement of acquiring a new mech from your hard-fought salvage. To really drive home their distinctiveness and aid in their competitive balance, we have handcrafted quirks based on the lore of each unit, strengthening weaker designs and weakening those that are particularly overpowered or meta. As a prime example, the Commando was a deadly sniper in the lore, but in the base game it is little more than target practice. We wanted to recapture the idea that this light mech had the capability to be a deadly sniper, weapon in hand. In BattleTech Revised, we have increased its armor and given it a 50% damage bonus for any single weapon mounted in the right arm. Facing the improved stock designs that carry AC/2s or Large Lasers is going to be something that you ignore at your own peril! The spirit of the lore is understood and respected, but more importantly the gameplay and the effectiveness of the Commando has been improved. Now it is a real choice to bring into battle, and something you have to seriously be aware of when you are caught in the cross-hairs of this fearsome sniper.

Through careful handcrafting, we smoothed out the power of weapons, mechs, and abilities so that you have more choices; and so that the A.I. continues to provide challenge throughout your BattleTech career.

A unique approach.

Using BTR's unique approach to hard point, weight, and space efficiency considerations, many weapons and chassis that previously had no purpose can mount effective loadouts, performing the role they were designed for in lore. When playing BattleTech optimally there are only a few weapons that are truly worth fitting to a mech. To solve this, and provide a reason for every weapon to exist, we created a mathematical model.  We assigned values to things like range, hardpoint efficiency, heat, damage, weight, and so on. The result is a galaxy where every weapon and item has a place. You do not throw out your autocannon because you found an ultra autocannon - instead you are faced with a tactical choice between the two classes of weapons. LosTech weapons, while more exciting than their basic brethren, are no longer so superior that they eliminate the value of all other equipment. Build diversity is key and you will experience many more options in creating your own personalized rookery of mechs.

Take part in a dramatic war for the Periphery.

Don Zappo, creator of Galaxy at War and the CCC modpack, has always held the simulation game near and dear to his heart. Instead of being an afterthought simply existing to support mech combat, he has ensured that the economy, strategic layer, and life aboard the Argo are as interesting and exciting as the combat. Expect to continually face tough decisions as to how to spend your suddenly precious supply of c-bills, which Argo upgrades to take, and what the consequences of a poorly chosen pilot will be. Your pilots really come into their own through a completely re-imagined pilot progression tree and a system that won't allow you to just max out all of your pilots down ever tree. Pilots will also gain experience for mechs they drop more regularly with, gaining special bonuses and abilities when they drop with their favorite mechs.

In addition, take part in the war as factions fight for dominance of the Periphery. Take Deployments from factions to help them take control of systems from their most hated enemies, or to stab their closest allies in their back. Discover new missions and Flashpoints that will shape the course of galactic history. Drop with mechs that are half falling apart and pilots that are hopelessly fatigued just to complete that last mission as you desperately try to complete the missions your employer are forcing you to take. For the first time ever, the late game will provide some of the most difficult combats in the game as Assault mechs slug it out while avoiding the withering fire of newly effective fire support mechs. Now you can directly impact the fates of the Great Houses, or help an upstart like Arano really make a name for herself in the Periphery.

Battletech Revised is a complete BattleTech experience, with changes to gameplay, economy, mechs, weapons, story, equipment, and more.

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You can find a detailed feature list, as well as the credits for the mod and other helpful guides in the articles section.

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