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This mod attempts to make the game more challenging and make you have to balance broken mechs and injured pilots while struggling to keep your finances afloat! Have you ever dropped with a half-broken mech with a rookie pilot in it? Well, now you have to if you want to keep the debt collectors at bay. Adds mech/vehicle variety and weapons balance.

Permissions and credits
***This mod is now retired. I have joined the BEX team and we have folded in the majority of this mod into BEX-CE. Please check it out!***


This version was released for full compatibility with BATTLETECH v1.6. Therefore, you need to make sure that a clean install of this mod is done.

There have been multiple requests for a consolidated ModPack incorporating a lot of interesting changes and making sure that they integrate well together. The goal of this project is to accomplish just that! This ModPack takes a number of popular mods and combines them seamlessly - it endeavors to be a one stop shop for users that will contain the most updated mods from multiple users. It also adjusts values when necessary and modifies .json files to make sure they all play well together and support each other well.

Most notably, this ModPack is a community effort! Please suggest features and mods to be added and feel free to jump in with ideas or to help out. 

The goal of this ModPack:​

This ModPack attempts to make you feel like you are in charge of an entire company of mechs instead of just controlling a 4-6 mechs and pilots. It attempts to adhere to the vanilla feel of the game when possible while forcing you to make difficult financial and mech choices along the way. It makes you have to drop with partially repaired mechs, have multiple pilots ready to go into battle at any time, and makes you have to take a careful look at your finances.

Also added are a number of game balance options along with some really awesome, lore appropriate, mech and vehicle diversity!

Major Gameplay Changes

Cosmetic and Gameplay Notes
  • Mech movement speed increased by 1.5x. They do not move further, they just get their slightly faster.
  • Due to some funny math with MechTech calculations I ended up multiplying all MechTech values by 1,000. The values are still the same, but now everything works properly!
  • Many new LORE AND TIME APPROPRIATE mechs and vehicles added to stores and campaigns. These are utilized by the AI. See JK_Variants in the mod list up above very more information.

Company Commander
In order to ensure that you need more mechs and pilots throughout the game and feel more like you are in charge of a Company of mechs and pilots changes have been made to make you utilize more mechs and pilots throughout the course of the campaign. It also endeavors to make acquiring new mechs more rewarding and increase (slightly) the difficulty and excitement of early game.

New starting Mechs
  • Now you start with a randomized assortment of mechs. 5 light mechs, and 1 medium mech (45 tons or less)
  • If you start a Custom Campaign you have the choice of what mech you want to start with! Or, you could randomize a starting ancestral mech that is below 50 tons.
  • Your lance will consist of 5-6 mechs with a total tonnage of 160-170 tons.
New Starting Mercenaries
  • You will start with one of the original starting pilots along with 4 random rookie pilots.

Mech Tech and Med Tech
  • Starting Med Tech skill from 6 to 4
  • Starting Mech Tech skill at 5000.
  • Can now repair mechs simultaneously. You get one mech under repair per MechBay Pod. (1 to start, 3 if fully upgraded). There is a tiered repair system. 100% repair value for first mech, 75% for second mech, and 50% for third mech.
  • Repairing times take longer.
  • Mechs heavier than 60 tons take more time.
  • MedTech Skill upgrades set to 1, except the hospital which is set to 2
  • MechTech Skill for Mech Bay 1 set to 0 (from 2)
  • MechTech Skill for Mech Bay 2 set to 0 (from 3)
  • MechTech Skill upgrades for Machine Shop and Refit Harness set to 1 (from 2)
  • MechTech Skill upgrades for Automation 2 set to 2 (from 3)
  • Component installations normalized to take 1 day each for a 50 ton mech with starting MechTech.
  • Mech operation costs are based on mech value.
  • Mech drop costs added. Costs based on mech tonnage. You get 80 tons free to drop with at no cost. Drop costs significantly scale upwards with increased tonnage.
  • Mech repair cost and time is based on mech tonnage.

  • Major financial overhaul to events, maintenance, and upgrade costs. Things have been made more expensive as finances in the campaign were a non-issue.

Gameplay Changes

  • Juggernaut is now 5 point skill. At Guts 8 it confers brace to the mech after a melee attack.
  • Bulwark is now 8 point skill
  • Bonus hit point removed from Guts 4.
  • Guts now gives bonus HP at 6 and 10.
  • Gunnery gives -1 refire penalty at 6 and -2 refire penalty at 10.
  • Piloting skills add 2% stability defense.
  • Called shot nerfed.
    • Base Called Shot set at 33% chance to hit location.
    • Improved Called Shot set at 50% chance to hit location.
    • Called Shot Mastery set at 67.5% chance to hit location.
  • Mechs now have semi-permanent evasion pips depending on their maximum walking speed. 5/4/4/4/3/2 evasion pips kept for 210/190/165/140/120/95 speed.
  • Ace Pilot now gives +1 sem-permanent evasion and +20% to keep the pips when shot at.
  • Tactics now gives a to-hit buff for minimum range attacks instead of a minimum range reduction (-2/-4)
  • Tactics has +1 morale per turn at level 7 and an additional +1 per turn at level 10.
  • Tactics 6 removes the to-hit penalty for moving.
  • Tactics 9 removes the to-hit penalty for jumping.
  • Additional wound removed from Guts 4. Pilots now gain a wound at Guts 6 and Guts 10.

  • Removed Story Difficulty Boosts (would have a global increase per story mission completed)
  • Base system difficulty changes
  • Map will be unlocked at a point of your choosing.
  • Maximum Contracts Per System increased to 6 (3)
  • Contract Renewal Per Week increased to 2 (0.5)
  • Default Contract Refresh Rate decreased to 7 (30)
  • Contract Variance increased to 4 (1)
  • You now gain or lose MechTechSkill and MedTechSkill based upon your funding level. -2/-1/0/+1/+2. This change is temporary for the entire month.
  • You now gain or lose Morale based upon your funding level. -15/-5/0/+5/+10. This change is temporary for the entire month.
  • Time increased between campaign missions.


  • For every 8,000 XP a pilot earns they receive 10% less XP in the future. This change encourages pilot specialization and makes it hard to acquire all of the skills. This makes high level pilots much more valuable.
  • Pilot XP is capped at 60,000. For example, this allows: 8-8-8-8 or 10-10-4-4 or 10-8-8-5
Pilot Fatigue System
  • Now after every mission your pilots that participated are now fatigued. They are out for the following time (default values used):
-Time Out = 7 - Guts/2 - Morale threshold
-Morale threshold: +-1 for +-5 morale from Starting Morale Value, +-2 for +-15 from start
-1 point piloting, tactics, and gunnery lost for every 2 days of fatigue, rounded up.
-Chance to resist a light injury = guts * 10%​
  • Once Fatigued, this pilot can still be used during this period. However, if they are used they will have the possibility of suffering on "Light Injury." This converts their Fatigue time directly to injury time. They have a chance to resist this based upon their Guts Value (10% x Guts Value).
Pilot Quirks
  • Pilots now have special abilities based upon their tags.
  • Some traits are positive, and some are negative. Look at the pilot descriptions to see how they are impacted!
LosTech Occurrence
  • LosTech is now available according to faction.
  • LosTech availability will spread with the progression of time.
  • The ability to purchase LosTech will be dependent upon faction reputation.
  • Reputation gains and losses are now much more dynamic.
  • You will lose reputation for fighting against factions now.
Mercenary Deployments
  • Instead of travel contracts, your company will now have the option to take Deployments.
  • Deployments are difficult and are intended for high-risk, high-reward gameplay.
  • Deployments last 1-2 months and you must take the contracts when they are presented. There is no ability to pass time once the contract is offered.
  • These Deployments have very high payouts compared to normal contracts.
  • If you cancel a Deployment mid-deployment you will suffer a big loss of reputation.

Mech Changes

  • 5 parts of mech salvage required for a complete mech.
  • Can combine variants and give you a mech chassis of base type. This variant will be randomly selected among the variants of that chassis you possess.
  • Mechs (yours and AI's) now get destroyed and leave behind salvage.
  • Number of salvage is now based the number of parts destroyed
  • 50% chance to lose your own mech with a CT loss or head loss. If lost CT - one piece of salvage returned. With lost head - 3 parts of salvage returned (full mech).
  • Salvage from your own mechs will not take up a salvage spot on the end-mission screen. Parts are automatically injected into your inventory.

Combat Changes

Stability Changes
  • Stability has been changed to 90 + 0.5 x Mech tonnage. These changes help to reign in the overpowered nature of stability damage in the vanilla game and to go along with other stability changes in this mod. Examples:
    • Atlas 90 + 50 = 145 stab HP.
    • Locust 90 + 10 = 100 stab HP.

Weapons Balance

Improved Evasion, To Hit Adjustments, and Morale Adjustments:

  • All evasion pips are now easier to get (Any movement will give you at least 1 pip):
  • Evasion pips 1, 2, and 3 are less effective.
  • Hitting targets in cover/obstructed is now slightly harder: increased penalty from 2 to 3
  • To hit penalties for mechs increased:
    • "ToHitAssault": 0, (from 0)
    • "ToHitHeavy": 1, (from 0)
    • "ToHitMedium": 3, (from 1)
    • "ToHitLight": 3, (from 2)
  • To hit penalties for vehicles increased:
    • "ToHitVehicleAssault": 0, (from 0)
    • "ToHitVehicleHeavy": 0, (from 0)
    • "ToHitVehicleMedium": 1, (from 0)
    • "ToHitVehicleLight": 2, (from 0)
  • Resolve abilities are more expensive.
  • Resolve level of 70 required for Inspired.
  • All mechs have +1 modifier for moving before shooting.
  • All mechs have +2 modifier for jumping before shooting. This is additive with the moving penalty.

Misc. Combat

  • AI can be inspired
  • Pilots get -5% to stability per injury.
  • AI crit chance increased from 0.2 to 1 - just like the player.
  • Increased sensor and spotter range
    • Base Spotter distance = 400 (from 300)
    • Base sensor distance = 500 (from 400)
  • AI Combat improvements.
  • Head injuries less likely to occur.

Basic Panic System

There are four states for a pilot to be in: Normal, Unsettled, Stressed, and Panicked.

Every time a pilot has their mech take an attack, they roll for panic. This roll is increased in strength by how powerful the attack was, where it hit, how damaged the pilot's mech is in terms of armour and structure, is the rest of their lance dead or gone, etc. It is decreased by a pilot's tactics and guts scores, and their team's morale.

If this roll succeeds, they are then knocked down to the next lower state. Once they hit Panicked, they then start rolling for ejection chances. This is affected by the same things as mentioned above.

By default, pilots can only get worse in panic states once per turn, to prevent runaway panic attacks from multiple mech attacks.

For panic recovery, as long as a pilot avoids failing another roll while they're under a panic state, they recover one state up (ie Panicked -> Stressed, or Fatigued -> Normal)

A typical chain of events under this system is thus something like Normal at start -> Turn 1 during enemy action: takes hit, downgrades to Unsettled-> Turn 2: manages to avoid failing a panic roll -> Turn 3 on pilot's movement: hits Normal again

New Heat System

CBT Heat brings Classic Battletech Tabletop heat rules feeling into HBS's BATTLETECH game. In the Classic Battletech Tabletop game, heat management had a more press-your-luck style component to it. This mod is an attempt to fit that style of mechanic into the heat system of this game. Note that this is more of an attempt to blend the 2 systems together than a total reimplementation.​

Your mech will have a chance to shutdown and have its ammo explode every turn you are overheated. The chances of that happening depend on the number of rounds you have been overheated. I've tried to convert the original CBT heat chart in to percentages and apply them here. The original CBT heat scale had 4 Shutdown roll chances and 4 Ammo Explosion chances as well as Heat modifiers to Hit. So I've converted those chances (which were originally 2d6 rolls) and applied them to the overheat mechanic of the game. The game will roll randomly for each percentage. Ammo Explosion results are applied first.

Guts reduces the possibility of shutting down and having an ammo explosion.

Mods included:​

Abilites And Skills Overhaul - My personal mod that overhauls the Abilities and Skills Trees.

Attack Improvment Mod (AIM) -
  • Fix the bug that doubles headshot% of normal attacks. Fix broken vehicle called shot. Re-enable clustering called shot (can be disabled). Optional: Show real hit chance, adjust called shot effectiveness, adject roll correction strength, adjust miss streak breaker, easily accessible attack log.
Basic Panic System -
  • Now pilots freak out and might even eject when the battle starts to go very poorly.
Better AI -
  • Significant overall AI improvements.
camera_settings -
  • Fine tuning of all of the exposed camera settings.
CBT Heat -
  • New heat system that provides a press your luck aspect for overheating. Much more interesting than vanilla heat system.
CBT Movement -
  • Added to allow jumping penalty for moving. This is modified for inclusion in this Mod Pack.
Repair Tonnage -
  • Mech Repair Time linked to tonnage. Bigger mechs take longer to fix.
Stability Tonnage -
  • Mech stability now takes mech tonnage into account. Previously all mechs had a stability rating of 100. Now it is 100 + 0.5 x tonnage.
JK_Variants -
  • Adds lore appropriate vehicles and mechs to the campaign. Can encounter them and purchase them! Current count is: 64 mechs, 19 vehicles, 5 weapons, 1 ammunition, and 1 Command Console. This mod has been tweaked so that it is ModTek compatible and fully loads into the campaign without overwriting game files.
Battletech Balance Overhaul -
  • Major weapons, combat, and AI tweaks.
Drop Cost Per Mech and Mech Maintenance By Cost -
  • Cost associated with mechs chosen for the drop. More expensive mechs cost more to bring into a mission.
  • Monthly mech maintenance costs now linked to mech cost.
No Time To Bleed -
  • Ever wanted to drop with injured pilots and really put their lives in jeopardy? Now you can! For every 3 medtech points you have you can drop with one injured mechs. Feel the love.
Firing Line Improvements -
  • This is a really neat mod to make the firing lines a lot more distinctive.
Better Juggernaut (Brace Only) -
  • Adds auto-brace after melee attack to Juggernaut when level 8 in guts is hit.
  • Skips the tutorial mission. The previous mod used to skip directly the Leopard was causing issues and so was removed and replaced with this.
Stabile Piloting -
  • Piloting skills adds 2% stability defense. Wounded pilots get -5% to stability per injury.
More Is Less -
  • Experience gain slowed. For every 10,000 XP your pilot gets, their total XP gained in the future is reduced by 10%.
Adjusted Mech Assembly
  • Salvaged mechs, when assembled, come with damaged pieces.
Sell Mech Parts -
  • Enables selling of mech components in the store.
Planet Difficulty Variety and Contract Tweaks -
  • Makes difficulty in systems not tied to campaign progression.
  • Base difficulty changes to some planets.
  • Improved contract variety and refresh rate.
Move Faster -
  • Utility for increasing movement speed of all mechs and vehicles.
Permanent Evasion - dZ -
  • Modified Permanent Evasion mod. Ace Pilots now have a minimum evasion limit that can be reached via Evasion reduction (sensor lock, shooting, etc.)
Random Campaign Start -
  • Start with randomized mechs and pilots.
Jack's Star League Era Markets
  • LosTech added as a small chance to Star League Era and Blackmarket systems.
Add Year To Timeline
  • Now shows the year in the timeline.
Monthly Tech and Morale Reset
  • Adds a month-long temporary -2/-1/0/+1/+2 MedTech and MechTech Skill adjustment based upon the financial level selected during the Quarterly Report. Also makes the morale bonus -10/-5/0/+5/+10 and makes this change temporary during the month.
Injuries Hurt Mod
  • Wounds cause temporary skill degradation to the pilot.
Pilot Health Popup
  • Now gives a pop up upon pilot wounding to show HP level.
Repair Bays
  • Can repair one additional mech per MechBay Pod.
  • Skips opening cinematic.
Extended Information -
  • More in-game information added.
Melee Mover -
  • Can move when making consecutive melee attacks against an adjacent enemy.

There are a lot of mods included in this pack that represent a LOT of hours from other programmers and modders in the community. This Mod Pack would not be possible without their efforts!

  • The major BEX core.

  • DropCostPerMech
  • MechMaintenanceByCost
  • Adjusted Mech Salvage
  • CompanyMechSalvage
  • Permanent Evasion (modified by don Zappo for this Mod Pack)
  • SellMechParts
  • Adjusted Mech Assembly
  • Melee Mover
Justin Kase:
  • JK_Variants
  • JK_MinorAdjustments
  • Battletech_Overhaul
  • Better AI
  • Better Juggernaut
  • Basic Panic System (modified)
  • CBT Heat
  • CBT Movement (modified)
  • BetterSorting
  • BTMLColorLOSMod
  • CamZoom
  • MoveFaster
  • DynModLib
  • Extended Information
  • No Guts No Galaxy (the original inspiration for this Mod Pack!)
  • MoreIsLess
  • Repair Tonnage
  • RepairBays (modified by don Zappo for this Mod Pack)
  • Stabile Piloting
  • Stability Tonnage
RealityMachina aka me
  • No Time To Bleed
  • Planet Difficulty Variety and Contract Tweaks
  • RandomCampaignStart
  • BTML and ModTek (Without which this mod wouldn't even be conceivably possible)
  • Exclusive Filters
  • Pilot Health Popup
  • Stop Scrolling
  • AddYearToTimeline
Night Thastus
  • Injuries Hurt
  • Advanced LosTech Occurence
  • OpenMapChoice
  • FewerHeadInjuries
  • ScorchedEarth
  • Basic Panic