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Haree78 - Justin Kayse - don Zappo and many others

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An unofficial expansion to the BATTLETECH game based on 3025-3057 lore that includes tons of additional 'Mechs, vehicles, lore distinct factions using lore correct lances, more varied shops, and all while preserving vanilla balance and gameplay.
Commander's Edition is all of that and more, entirely new refined gameplay and gameplay layers

Permissions and credits
Come join our discord channel.  Please use the discord bug report system on our server for any bugs found so we have a centralised place.

BattleTech Extended 3025

Adds a ton of 'Mechs, vehicles, and variants that are all 3025 lore compliant. All factions, and their shops, will use 'Mechs and vehicles based on what they should be using -- most of the time they will use stuff that is common to them, but with chances of rarer 'Mechs and Vees, or other factions gear based on the likelihood within the lore. This rarity is done extensively using the 3028 random assignment tables for BattleTech.

This is meant to be an expansion to the vanilla game, adding large amounts of variety and some surprises, but without changing the balance or gameplay unless to further the 3025 flavour.

Battletech Extended 3025 - Commander's Edition

Commander's Edition can be played in Campaign mode.
Commander's Edition requires a Commander's Edition specific save, it is not compatible with your previous non Extended CE saves.

Full Inner Sphere Map changing over time with new factions
Start in 3025 to 3057
Clans invade as per the lore
Mech Quirks
Pilot Quirks
Panic System
Full Xotl tables implemented, so 'Mech and vee rarity is as per the lore and changes day by day.
Argo Upgrade Improvements
Difficulty moved away from start, more to end game
Much higher skill ceiling
Difficulty Levels, including 'Simulation' which is hard + more hardcore Simulation aspects/challenges
Re-balanced weapons/skills/variants

Things to know
During campaign start you can select what faction to draw your mechs from.  The Periphery choice will have less rare variants in the pool to draw from.  The Established Company choice is for if you prefer the easy start that pretty much skips the light stage that Harebrained Schemes has.
In Commander Edition this feature is tied in with your starting position on the Inner Sphere map.

Commander's Edition Things to know

While in navigation screen:

  • F1: Toggle unvisited systems map mode
  • F2: Toggle system difficulty map mode
  • CTRL-F: System search
  • ESC: Exit map mode or search
  • Shift-Click: On system: route through this system

Hard reduces resolve generation increases in late game steps, and makes Precision Strike less effective.
Elite enemy pilots are still random but are much more biased to be appropriate for the mech and lance role in Hard Mode.
On Hard mode pilots only earn xp based on the mission difficulty, each difficulty has a cap where pilots will earn less xp from them, this is based on real difficulty so right now there is no preview of if you will gain xp as it would reveal the real difficulty. As a general guide 5 skull is max, 4.5 9/9/9/9 pilots, 4 skull 8/8/8/8, this is the same going down half a skull is each level. However bottom end contracts are slightly different, half skull is 3/3/3/3, 1.5 skull is 4/4/4/4, 1 skull is inbetween. 2.5 skull is 5/5/5/5, 2 inbetween.
Pilots will begin to only get 10% of the xp from contracts if the difficulty is 'beneath' them. This is a form of encouragement to challenge yourself, but also to slow the power curve in to the late game so things aren't too easy before you get there.
Simulation has all the settings of hard mode, some harsher settings for some values, and harsher versions of Pilot Fatigue and Drop Salvage.

Pilots suffer from various panic states based on the damage they take and other natural factors.  When panicked they have a chance to eject, this is the same for your pilots as the enemies.
Melee to hit values are lower, countered by mech quirks on certain mechs.
Salvage is based on the amount of the 'Mech left rather than flat max pieces if the pilot is incapped., and 2 for a legged mech.

Hover over mechs to see the Mech Quirks, in the Mech Lab hover over the Stock Role to see the quirks as you build.

Hover over pilots to see the Pilot Quirks and favourite Mech.
The Commander provides 2 resolve if in the lance, the same as pilots with the Officer quirk.  This does not stack, but keeping Officers as stand ins for your Commander is a good idea.
Pilot Fatigue occurs after a mission, dependant on how damaged their Mech was.  You can still take Fatigued pilots on missions, you will get lower resolve and they will be in low spirits for 14 days.  Pilots are cheaper to maintain though so stock up!  Fatigue time is reduced by higher Guts, certain quirks, Morale and Med Tek value.

Gunnery and Piloting provide a 2% bonus to hit, rather than 2.5%.
Piloting skill steps provide a bonus to stability.
Minimum Range bonuses reduce the negative from firing in minimum range, it does not reduce the minimum range.
Everything that isn't using the bulwark buff, including bulwark pilots that are not using a guarded state are harder to hit.  Bulwark pilots are the same as they were without Commander's Edition but everything else is slightly more in line.
Tier 2 piloting skill is now Evasive Expert, a chance to keep evasion when fired upon.  The amount of pips that this will start to kick in with is higher the faster the mech is.  Using Jump Jets increases your kept minimum by 1 for that turn.
Tier 2 Tactics skill, Master Tactician, now also provides the bonus of the previous Ace Pilot skill, allowing the pilot to move after shooting.

Autocannons have had general heat decrease, stability damage increase and in the AC2's case a small damage increase.
AC2s have no refire penalty.
Flamers have no ammo but now do some of their heat damage over two turns.  They apply the same heat as before but not as quickly.
Improved LRMs do not have stability increases, and indirect fire is slightly less accurate.
Pulse lasers and Streak SRMs ignore some evasion, check the tool tips
Lots of other minor adjustments.

Argo Upgrades
Training pods can provide the ability to retrain a pilot one time ever per pilot.
Each Mech Bay provides a new bay that repairs at the same time.  Automation upgrades improve the effectiveness of the extra bays.
The Machine Shop provides the ability to combine variants of the same Chassis that have the same engine and internals type.  You cannot combine an endo mech with a non endo mech, same with ferro.
Maintenance costs reduced in early upgrades, but are higher for later upgrades.

Tons of 'Mech variants/chassis that are lore-legal/non-LosTech for the period of 3025-3057, Inner Sphere only for now
  • A few of the new 'Mechs use resized models from other less iconic 'Mechs where they make a good match to the original art
  • Some small changes were made to adapt to HBS BattleTech, so no rear facing medium lasers on the Atlas!
  • New weapons/components where appropriate

Factions/Houses are far more distinct from one another
  • Full implementation of Xotl's D1000 tables for Battletech making each faction feel exactly as intended following the lore. This is interpolated over time, so 'Mechs become more common as they roll off production lines or slowly go extinct.  Xotl's tables can be found here:,1219.0.html

Light/Medium phases of the game should last longer to be more true to BattleTech lore
  • Starting lance has had power slightly lowered
  • There is a lot more to discover in these phases!

Vanilla balance and gameplay preserved in Standard Extended 3025
  • No radical changes to the gameplay that you already like!
  • Hardpoints of new 'Mechs and variants should be balanced around vanilla

(Commander's Edition requires a new save

Extra Hard patch
Extra settings have been made to be more in line with streamer wishes. This is an optional patch you can download and apply.
These are changes for if you have mastered the game. The reason I don't add in to the main package is because I know a lot of people wont like the change because it removes some crutches. The start of the game will be harder and the end game will be brutal. These changes are also intended to make less missions 'barely a scratch' missions just for money.
Reworked Bulwark. If you want to make your game harder and/or are tired of how strong Bulwark is you have an optional new balanced Bulwark rework available. This can be switched on or off on it's own by switching the "UseBulwarkRework" : false to true in \Mods\BT_Extended_CE\mod.json.
What does the optional new Bulwark do? Instead of applying an extra 20% damage reduction it instead gives you a free Brace when moving outside of cover. Meaning you are not tied to cover for moving and firing. It does not apply to sprinting and jumping. Less of a pure tank skill, and more of a mobility option skill. You will need to go in to cover and vigilance/brace to get 40% damage reduction, 60% is now impossible and vigilance and brace doesn't stack with the free brace when moving out of cover. This is meant to make the game harder, you have been warned, but makes your choice of secondary 1st tier skill more of a choice.
Increased Contract Difficulty. Lots of missions have a reworked difficulty, harder in most cases. Most affected are early missions. Most cases of reduced armor enemies have been removed unless it is the theme of the mission, no more than 75% armor. Flashpoint/Story missions are untouched to keep the intended difficulty/balance.
Reworked drop costs/mission rewards. Drop costs are increased and higher difficulty missions have scaling more rewards. This makes higher end mission more worth it, and bringing heavier mechs a choice you need to consider. This is also to encourage more varied chassis usage, and also encourage not bringing such a cake walk lance to lower end contracts.
Less crunchy vehicles. Vehicles no longer take double damage from melee.
Panic System changes. Mechs will rarely ever eject with these changes.


Includes ModTek (
  • Recommended that you start with a fresh "Mods" folder including deleting .modtek folder

Requires the Community Asset Bundle

Check the Posts section of this mod page for full install instructions.

Happy hunting Commander!

Commander's Edition requires it's own save game, old save games wont work.

Installation Issues
95% of all installation issues can be solved by verifying files in Steam and deleting your \mods\.modtek\ folder.  Then re-inject ModTek.

Known Issues
  • Some 'Mechs appear the wrong size in the 'Mech bay, their inclusion outweighs the down side of this, trust me -- hopefully this can be fixed in the future
  • Very minor UI issues rarely in the 'Mech bay, sometimes if you have only 1 of an item dragging it to a mech section it will disappear.  Don't be concerned, it is still attached to your mouse cursor, drop it where you want it.
Commander's Edition Known Issues
  • Battletech has a general memory leak, yay Unity Engine!  Because of the extra RAM required by the mod it is recommended you close Google Chrome and other unneeded apps before play.  Even if you need Chrome open, close it because Chrome noms memory with your browsing history, and restarting is the only way to clear it.  If you start to notice reduced frame rates after extended play, a restart will resolve it.


Many people contributed to the making of this mod. Thank you!

Special thanks to:
Harebrained Schemes for the Battletech game and their help to support modders.
Special mention to HBS Eck for his tireless help answering any modding questions I've had.
PGI for their two Battletech universe games, and for giving permission for modders to use their 'Mech models within mods for Battletech.
MegaMek is an online version of the BattleTech Tabletop game.  I have to thank them for their data on planet ownership changes, it was invaluable.
Sarna for their site, and all of the contributors, for such an awesome collation of details of all things BattleTech.

In no particular order,

  • Haree78  (TheHaribo)
Mech definitions outside of base game models
Mechs and technology post 3025 timeline including clans
Game balance, weapons, equipment, abilities etc.
Skill changes
Full Xotl tables faction mech rarity that adjusts over time
Bespoke adjustments to the Inner Sphere map, updates over time, shops rework and changes over time, hiring hubs, new factions
'Inner Merc' events describing new mech releases
New tech such as Streak SRMs, Ferro, Artemis, CASE etc.
Mech Quirks
Mech icon artwork
Extra missions including possible Bounty Hunter turning up
Many other adjustments such as hit chance, Random mech starting pool by faction, lower CT crits, appropriate pilots for mechs, minor AI improvements, and everything else!
Help with Fluff Writing: Wi1D_K4rD
  • mcb
  • NickAragua
Clan mech definitions
Tons of script related changes to files like integrating Inner Sphere map updates to the bespoke version
Many fluff based events
  • Ablomis
Clan mech definitions
'Inner Merc' events describing new mech releases
Multiple new Flashpoints
  • RJPhoenix
Some ComStar missions and other various tweaks
3025 Comstar events
Extra lore adherance adjustments such as a few star system movements and other improvements
Mech icon artwork help
Extra missions
Updating the following mods as the base game breaks them: CBTBehaviours, DropCostPerMech, MonthlyTechandMoraleAdjustment, Stabile Piloting
Adjustments of mods to only occur in certain difficulty levels
Star Wars scrawl intro implementation for Timeline
  • Redferne: Firing Line Improvements (BTML Color LOS) for BEXCE
  • Cap'n Morgan: Beta testing
  • Doyle: Beta testing
  • TheEdmon: Scrawl text for timeline introduction, GaW testing

ModTek Team
  • mpstark
  • CptMoore
  • janaxious
  • m22spencer

CommunityAssetBundle (CAB) Team
  • All mechs ported from MWO and whole new mech models. See the CAB page for contributors.

cFixes Team
  • Amechwarrior
  • DrBuckarooBanzai
  • Justin Kase
  • scJazz2
  • Sheep-y

Various other people in the mod community have helped me with my questions, thank you and I wish you good health.

Future Features
  • Additional contracts/Flashpoints based on the timeline
  • More 'Mechs and Vees!
  • More fluff injected in to your careers
  • Further game play additions as and when