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1) Introduction

2) Daedric Pack
3) Thane Pack

4) Nightingale Pack

5) Ancient Pack

6) Questions and Answers (include V1.1 changes)
7) Merging Guide
8) Future Plans

This mod has been made to improve immersion.

When I come across an infamous or god-given artifact, if it's boring, under-powered or unremarkable, I find it completely breaks immersion. Auriel's Bow is a perfect example...created and wielded by a god, and "it's craftsmanship is said to have no equal in all of Tamriel" (elderscrolls.wikia). Despite this, it's less effective than a Glass Bow and its enchantment is mediocre. You can craft something better yourself.

How can the weapon of a god be so easily beaten?

Having been modding Skyrim weapon enchantments for a few years now, this collection is a balanced (for the mid-to-late game), lore-friendly and immersive recreation of many of the artifacts in Skyrim that I feel don't live up to their lore description.

None of these mods have an SKSE requirement or require another mod.
DLC requirements are lists in the downloads page.

Special thanks to Sinitar Gaming for the excellent showcase.

Dragonborn required

The Daedric artifacts are items of "significant power, fame, and historic relevance" ( These artifacts have a unique appearance, but most have been given quite mundane or weak enchantments. This mod aims to make the artifacts more powerful without making them over-powered, to make their effects unique and invaluable, and to stay within the Elder Scrolls lore.

All weapon and armor artifacts can now be tempered and have new, unique (and powerful) enchantments I have created based on lore-descriptions from Skyrim or previous Elder Scrolls games. The value of all artifacts has been significantly increased to make them priceless (they are, after all, valuable for their fame and historic relevance, not just their power).

Please note: all items in this pack can be downloaded individually.



Dragonborn required

The Thane weapons are gifted to the player to act as a badge of office, thus implying these weapons are unique, recognizable items of fame and/or power. However, the weapons given in the vanilla game are generic, dull weapons that are usually worse than what can be found in loot.

The Thane pack adds nine new weapons to act as unique, useful and interesting rewards for becoming Thane of a Hold. These weapons have unique appearances and enchantments, and they replace the generic magic weapons (which have generic names like the Axe of Whiterun etc.). The details of the new weapons can be found below.

All weapons can be tempered to Legendary grade (assuming you have the right perk), and all the weapons can be disenchanted so that you can learn their enchantments. Also worth noting: this mod is fully compatible with Hearthfire.


Greatsword of Whiterun


Warhammer of Eastmarch


Mace of Haafingar


Staff of the Pale


War Axe of Hjaalmarch


Battleaxe of the Reach


Dagger of the Rift


Bow of Falkreath


Sword of Winterhold


Please note: the vanilla Thane weapons are not unique items, so if you decide to uninstall this mod you will lose any Thane weapons you've already obtained. This means that if you then want to re-install the mod, there's no way to obtain the weapons through the normal quest line without console commans. There is a solution to this: North-East of Whiterun, there's a Shrine of Talos with a sack in front of it. Activating this sack will allow you to re-obtain any Thane weapons lost re-installing.

No DLC required

The Nightingales are described as "warriors of Nocturnal" clad in "forged midnight" armor. Since all Nightingales start out as professional thieves chosen from the Thieves Guild, I wanted to make the Nightingale equipment supportive of combat rather than thievery (since all Nightingales are expected to be master-thieves, but not all are natural warriors). I therefore adapted the frost/shock duality theme of the Nightingale Bow to the rest of the equipment.

The armor pieces have only had their enchantments and values edited, which means any changes to the armor pieces through other mods should be compatible as long as they don't edit enchantments (so Improved Closed-Face Helmets can be used).

Nightingale equipment is no longer levelled; you will receive the strongest version no matter your level when you receive it.



Dawnguard and Dragonborn required

This pack includes a selection of Ancient artifacts that do not match their lore-descriptions. Some are under-powered, some don't match their in-game descriptions, and all are artifacts that should be far better than they are.

Please note: all items in this pack can be downloaded individually.



Q) What's new in V1.1?
A) The most obvious change is the introduction of the Installer, which allows for easier selection of the mods you want to choose. Changes to content include the following:
- Thu'um Fahdon's Drain Voice effect now lasts longer but is capped at 80%
- Black Whisper's invisibility spell has been reduced to 8 seconds (to improve balance)
- The Marshborn Bite and the Furious Icefist have been given new names from the Nordic language (the original names were leftovers from previous versions of the weapons that, in hindsight, weren't well suited)

- Ebony Mail has been returned to a Heavy Armor piece, BUT, there is now an option to acquire a Light Armor version (see mod description)
- Sanguine Rose's enchantment cost lowered from 2000 to 1500

- Auriel's Bow has been given a faster speed (at the cost of range) to ensure it has the most powerful damage:speed ratio for a bow in the game
- The visual effects of the Gauldur Amulet have been removed (these were too invasive to gameplay; the effect is unchanged, but it will now run quietly in the background without being noticed)
- Completely remade the Staff of Magnus since the previous version was over-powered in some ways and under-powered in others (as a side note, I noticed a vanilla mistake with this says you can absorb health, but the vanilla effect damages health. It doesn't absorb health at all! This has been fixed in this update, so if you were previously using this and wondering why the health absorption seemed slow or bugged, try it now, you should see the difference immediately)

Q) Is this mod compatible with X mod?

A) I can't test this mod against everything, so I won't always know. Overall, this mod has good compatibility. It doesn't require SKSE or any other mods. Generally, any mods that only change the mesh or textures of the artifacts will be compatible (except for those affecting the Gauldur Amulet). Compatible examples which I use include:
- Spellbreaker Reborn
- Capeless Nightingale
- Improved closefaced helmets
- Ebony Mail Dark Brotherhood Alt

If a mod edits esp files (for example, if it changes stats or enchantments), then generally it won't be compatible. However, you can usually still have both mods installed, though only the mod lowest in your load order will appear to work.

Q) Do I need to start a new game to use this mod?
A) No. Even if you already have an artifact in your possession, it will still work when this mod is installed. For clothing pieces (ring, shields, armor, etc.) be sure to unequip and re-equip if you are wearing the item when the mod is installed.

Q) Why hasn't the Aetherial Crown / Auriel's Shield / Bloodskaal Blade / Chillrend / Harkon's Sword / the Jagged Crown etc. been updated?
A) To save time, I've focused on artifacts the lore says should be more powerful. Other artifacts are either unmentioned in the lore, or they match their lore descriptions. I am, however, planning on releasing a separate mod for the Aetherial Crown which will focus on the Standing Stones.

Q) What happened to all the new artifacts added by IAC?
A) I got a lot of feedback from people requesting a simple mod that updated artifacts without adding more. Because of that, and to save time, I removed all my new artifacts. If there's enough demand for it however, I will add a separate mod of my own invented artifacts. Leave a comment if that's something you'd like to see.

Q) What happened to Gauldur's Refuge from the Gauldur Amulet mod in IAC?
A) Decided it wasn't lore friendly enough. I prefer the new enchantment anyway, there's plenty of player homes out there for download but I think the new enchantment is more unique and more in line with the lore (the lore is vague on what the Amulet does, only that it was the source of Gauldur's fame, wisdom, power and wealth).

Q) Can followers use all the improved artifacts?
A) Yes, although please note followers can't make use of the following: Volendrung's paralysis effect, the Skull of Corruption's ability to steal dreams, the Rueful Axe's enchantment.

Q) Why do the esp files have such short names?
A) To ensure they're easy to merge. Long-named esp files can't be merged in too large a number.

Q) I'm running another Cannibalism overhaul, will this be compatible with the Ring of Namira?
A) Depends on how that other Cannibalism overhaul works. I'd suggest you test it yourself...might be they're compativle, might be they're not.

Q) What happened to the two-handed Wuuthrad in IAC?
A) I originally though it made no sense to have Ysgramor's artifacts be a shield and a two-handed weapon, and that there should be some way to wield both. In hind-site, I misunderstood. That's the point of it...Ysgramor was so great that he could wield two-handed weapons in one hand! So I removed this feature. Also, the Unlocked Grip mod allows players to use two-handed weapons with a shield, so if you still want to wield Wuuthrad and the Shield of Ysgramor at the same time, I suggest getting that mod.

All individual mods included in Zim's Immersive Artifacts are designed to be easily merged into a single esp file. I've written the guide below for those who want to pick-and-choose from this collection and want to create their own merged mod.
Step 1: Requirements
You will need to have the following installed (links in brackets):
(i) A .rar archiver, such as WinRAR (
(ii) TES5Edit (
(iii) The Merge Plugins Script for TES5Edit, see the installation tutorial here:
(iv) A mod manager, such as Nexus Mod Manager
(v) Be aware that all the .esp files provided in this mod have short names because merging several files with long names can cause issues; please see a list below which details the contents of each .esp file.

ZAS - Azura's Star (and Black Star)
ZDB - Dawnbreaker
ZEB - Ebony Blade
ZEM - Ebony Mail
ZMB - Mace of Molag Bal
ZCV - Masque of Clavicus Vile
ZMR - Mehrunes' Razor
ZOI - Oghma Infinium
ZRH - Ring of Hircine
ZRN - Ring of Namira
ZRA - Rueful Axe
ZSR - Sanguine Rose
ZSH - Savior's Hide
ZSC - Scull of Corruption
ZSB - Spellbreaker
ZVD - Volendrung
ZWJ - Wabbajack

ZAB - Auriel's Bow
ZBW - Blade of Woe
ZGA - Gauldur Amulet
ZNB - Nettlebane
ZSY - Shield of Ysgramor
ZSM - Staff of Magnus
ZWT - Wuuthrad

ZNI - Nightingale Pack

ZTH - Thane Pack

Step 2: Merging your .esp files
(i) Open TES5Edit. You'll then get a list of all the .esp files in your Skyrim Data folder, which will include all the .esp files of Zim's Improved Artifacts you have downloaded and installed with a mod manager (e.g. Nexus Mod Manager). Only load the .esp files you want to merge. This may take a while to load, but be rarely lasts longer than a few seconds.
(iii) Once the list is loaded, select all the mods you want to merge. Right click and select "Apply Script". You will then be given a list of scripts to choose from; from this list, select "Merge plugins v1.9" or whatever the most up-to-date version is. Select "OK". You'll be prompted to select the esp files you want included in this final merged mod...make sure all the .esp files you want included are ticked and press "OK" again.
(iv) Create a new file and give it a name (e.g. "My Immersive Artifacts"). If it's your first time using this script, you may be asked to customize some settings...I suggest sticking with the default options unless you know what you're doing!
(v) This will create a single .esp file. Exit TES5Edit to finish the process.

The following changes and additional features are planned for the future:
1) Porting across to Skyrim SE nexus
2) A dremora overhaul (to complement the new Sanguine Rose mod)*
3) An Aetherial Crown mod
4) A mod containing the supplementary artifacts I created in IAC

*These mods will be independent from Zim's Immersive Artifacts, but they will be fully compatible with the content of this mod.