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This mod is also featured in Modular Morrowloot Overhaul and Minimal Immersive Morrowloot Explorer's Guide

-This mod has 3 goals, increase the difficulty of basic needs mods such as Realistic Needs and Diseases and iNeed - Food Water and Sleep, decrease the Skyrim food and wine epidemic to a reasonable level, and increase performance.


-Lonely Joe in his Cabin won't be able to provide you with a week's worth of food, maybe a meals worth at best. If you want a larger pile of food, your going to have to loot highly populated areas. And no, draugr, vampires, skeletons, and other undead don't eat, so you won't get anything while around them. Abandoned (no one in them) areas have been completely stripped of food and drink. Areas filled with creatures that are non playable races are counted as abandoned. If you can't find enough to eat, then you'll actually have to hunt, buy, or steal more.

(Jessie Pinkman's favorite word), ITS IMMERSIVE!!!!

-Real life people are not going to showcase all their precious food right in plain site so it can be robbed or allowed to rot. Also, poor people look more poor. With increased spawns or added npcs, people look even more poor. Enjoy!



1. Having less things to load
2. ?


-There are two versions of this mod to select from based on your preference of immersion>difficulty or difficulty>immersion.

-In Realism, all food and drinks are scaled back in the game so each playable actor has enough to last for the day, places with no playable actors are completely stripped, and there is a 75-90% chance of receiving nothing in leveled lists.

-In Hardcore, playable actors are given half of what they actually need to survive, places with two or less playable actors are completely stripped, and a static 90% chance of nothing spawning in leveled lists. Also inns, taverns, shops, and forts have nothing in them because they either have another functionality that is being ignored (buy your own damn food for once) or just why not (they are OP anyway). Plus, I removed all duplicate items from market stalls.

Extra Options

-In the optional files section there are further enhancements to inflict famine upon the denizens of Skyrim.
1. Brutal Leveled Lists (Sets Chance None in leveled lists to 95%)
2. No Lootable Crops (Crops can't be looted)
3. Reduced Animal Meat (75% chance of not finding meat on dead animals)

Wait! WTH did I just read!

-Basically, Skyrim has too much food/wine lying around, making basic needs mods such as RND extremely easy to survive without much effort. This mod removes most of those consumables in areas where there is too many depending on population of playable actors and the version that you are using.

Does that help?


-Choose either Hardcore or Realism based on how difficult and immersive you want your experience to be.

-If you have both Dawnguard and Dragonborn, install the Legendary Edition. If you also have Falskaar and Wyrmstooth, install the Complete Edition. If you have neither DLC, install the No DLC Edition. If you only have one dlc, install the edition that corresponds to what you have. If you don't have the Complete Edition but have Falskaar and/or Wyrmstooth install one or both of the optional files.

-Choose any or none of the optional "Extra Options" addons based on your preferences.

-Patches for Beyond Reach and Moon and Star in the Optional files section.

-Move the main esp file into the data folder manually or with a mod manager and either wait 31 in game days for all food/wine placements to be reset or start a new game. If you have a mod that allows you to adjust the cell reset time (ex. Deadly Dragons) then use that if you are not starting a new game.

Load Order and Compatibility

-This mod should be loaded before all other esp (except those flagged as an esm) files for maximum compatibility; if you load it after a sound/lighting overhaul mod, it will overwrite cell edits (lighting and acoustic space) made by that mod. For bash patch purposes, the esp has been flagged with Delev. If you play with house mods or city renovation mods (ETac, Dawn of series, Realistic Room Rental Enhanced), more food and wine will appear since they add more and move existing food which renables them.
If you use Dynamic Things, get the Enhanced Edition which allows you to turn off food distribution.

Optional Consistency patches for Interesting NPCs and ETaC located here


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