College of Winterhold Entry Requirements by TorchicBlaziken
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This mod adds skill requirements to join the College of Winterhold. It is fully voiced because Bethesda planned to have requirements to join the College at one point and recorded lines for being rejected. Also, when Faralda tests your magical prowess, she will test you on your highest skill instead of randomly selecting one of the schools of magic. You can still bypass the test by showing Faralda that you are Dragonborn during the main quest, or with persuasion, just like in vanilla.

The requirements are fully customizable using the MCM. You can set a skill level requirement in one school of magic, and set a requirement for a certain skill level with the other four. You can also set a Magicka and level requirement. I kept a wide range of available values to account for uncappers and 1.9's removal of the level limit. For those who do not use the MCM for whatever reason, the requirements can still be fully customized using the console; see the readme for detail.

This mod only adds requirements for joining the College. It does not add requirements for proceeding in the questline or becoming Arch-Mage. You also still need to actually join the College in order to get in. (The main quest-related dialogue option with Faralda is changed to clarify this.) I am sorry. I had planned to create an overhaul of the faction in the vein of Enhanced Skyrim Factions: The Companions Guild, but I am not a good enough modder to do that. It's because the College questline isn't really structured for this kind of thing, so the questline itself would have to be revised.

I implore skilled modders to develop my mod further and fulfill that dream. In the source files provided within the .bsa, I've made unused MCM options for customizing the requirements for higher ranks. Some of the specific ideas I came up with and failed to implement are in the readme on this page. This mod by itself isn't much but it is intended as a stepping stone towards an overhaul of the faction questline which has been sorely needed for a long time now.

Recommended mods:

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College Visitor Pass: Allows you to enter the College without officially joining it. Fully compatible with this mod.

The Choice is Yours - Fewer Forced Quests - Improved Dialogue Options: Makes it so hearing rumors about the College doesn't start quests to join it. Fully compatible with this mod.

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