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Last updated at 14:12, 14 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 15:31, 13 Feb 2013

You're like me, eh? Don't fancy those clunky eye adaptation and bloom effects.

What this mod does

  • It tames the exaggerated pupil dilation effect when you look around.
  • It disables the unrealistic blooming glow on brightly illuminated objects.

Unlike other approaches, HDR rendering is not entirely disabled. Only the annoying overshoot in the change of brightness is eliminated. What remains is a quick and straight transition that feels natural; you'll still be able to perceive where the world is very dark and very bright, without everything looking too dim.

It won't break the vanilla Night Eye powers (everything going black) and keeps compatible with third-party effects like Predator Vision.

Dawnguard and Dragonborn are supported but not mandatory.


My first experience in Helgen Keep: "Oooh, look, a magic broom! It's literally glowing with power!" - Boy, was I disappointed... Not to mention my confusion when I found magic ...garlic braids?! What's wrong with the lighting? Is this a dream sequence? Is my graphics driver broken?

My second experience in Helgen Keep: "Oooh, look, the game simulates how the pupils of my eyes adapt to the light!" - Bleh. Won't this become rather distracting in the long run? My real pupils are getting confused already. I can't play through a whole game like this!

So I've spent my first days of Skyrim gaming experience standing outside Helgen, searching. None of the tweak attempts on the web proved useful, ini parameters are non-functional, existing mods were either outdated, come with loads of overkill, or aren't doing just exactly what I want.

If you too get annoyed by temporary blindness and luminous fur rugs, here you are.

How to install / uninstall

It's one or more .esp files that you copy into the game's Data folder. Just activate in your launcher, or deactivate and delete. No precautions or cleanup necessary.

What to install

IShdr1bloom0_All.esp - Everything in one file. The only one you'll need if you have Dawnguard and Dragonborn installed. Both expansions are required then.

Alternatively, install these separate components as needed. All three together have the same effect as the all-in-one file:
IShdr1bloom0_Skyrim.esp - The base mod for Skyrim without any expansions
IShdr1bloom0_Dawnguard.esp - Add this if Dawnguard is installed and active
IShdr1bloom0_Dragonborn.esp - Add this if Dragonborn is installed and active


Lighting moods and various visual settings are stored in a data structure called Imagespace. This mod contains all IMGS records from the game, with the Eye Adapt Strength set to 1, and the damned Bloom parameters are all set to 0. That's it, really.

Incompatibilities - and how to resolve them

Conflicts with other mods that make their own changes to the Imagespaces. It won't actually 'break' anything or clash with additional improvements from concurrently loaded mods. Worst case, depending on load order, one just overwrites the visual settings of the other in some or all game locations.

Read the article on how to use TES5Edit to patch third-party overhauls like CoT or RCRN to run on top of these settings without conflicts.

  • Confirmed to contain conflicting data: Realistic Colors and Real Nights, Climates Of Tamriel, Realistic Lighting Overhaul, Enhanced Lights and FX, Immersive Saturation/Contrast Boost, No Tint and Desaturation.
  • Confirmed not needing the patch: the Unofficial Skyrim/Dawnguard/Hearthfire/Dragonborn Patches (as of Apr 2014), Imaginator v1c, Predator Vision v1.3, Falskaar 1.0.0, Wyrmstooth 1.8, Skyrim Contrast Fix 0.1, ColorfulLightsNoShadows-v1b.

Unfortunately, without inspecting the individual files, it's hard to tell if a mod comes with data that would undo these settings. (A definite check is described in the article.) Possible candidates to watch out for are any mods that change the overall perception of the game world (pure postprocessing profiles excluded), new lands with new climates, maybe the odd dungeon project that defines its own special lighting moods. Temporary visuals like magic effects should be fine.

As a rule of thumb: if you put a new mod after mine in the load order and the annoying adaptation effect returns in some places, it's patch time. On the whole, aside from the popular overhauls, mods that change or extend the Imagespaces seem pretty rare though.

If anyone wants to expand the list of conflicting mods to save others the trouble, or found a not-so-obvious negative (a popular mod that really looked like it needed the patch but doesn't), drop a line in the comments.


It's literally just a bunch of 1.0's and 0.0's in the game data. Do what you want with it.

Version 1.0, 2013-02-13
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