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*Finally! One file for all Relighting Skyrim Content*
-New files posted; Relighting Skyrim - FULL and one for those who only lack Hearthfire.
-Contains main, update, and all DLC files merged into one .esp; yes it uses JIT scripts
-DO NOT have any other RS plugins active if using either of these merged ones, check your load order!
-Thanks to matortheeternal for the merge script
-Re-uploaded both to include the Dragonborn mountain mesh missing at first.

*The story behind Relighting Skyrim*
Throughout this game I was bothered by the lighting, be it the fires in Dragonsreach, outside High Hrothgar and many other places that make no light, tons of places where light emits from the center of two fires rather than from each one or just from the middle of the room, occasionally necessary (there are limitations) but the vast majority are fixed, as well as the fires outside that don't light the landscape around it . This mod aims to fix all that, making all light come straight from a light source and to have all light sources make light.

Originally I was just going to make this fix for myself but the more work I put into it I thought "hey, maybe others would like a fix for these things as well." After 37,000 subscriptions on Steam, 38,000 downloads and 1000 (wooo!) endorsements here, and my collaboration with Jawz I can assure you that this has gone far beyond anything I expected! Thanks to all those who support my efforts and continue to expect the best :)

*What this mod does exactly*
-Vanilla lighting done right!
-If there's two fires, there will now be two lights, not one stuck in the middle.
-Also fixes where there is a light source near a wall/corner but light emits from the center of the room.
-Where there's a candle, fire, window, torch... there will be light. Where there's not, no light.
-Fixes a ton of instances where exterior lights didn't light the landscape, usually meaning the ground right under them
-Currently affects all major areas and a large amount of dungeons and misc. locations.
-Iincludes all outdoor areas, working on dungeons now.
-Changes the radius/brightness of lights to more realistic and uniform levels.
-Makes light coming from the sun in interiors reflect the time of day.
-Is still a Work In Progress (it doesn't cover every area) and will be for a long time... it's a BIG world after all, patience :)
-Causes zero or nearly-zero performance loss in non-JIT areas. The only areas which should see any hit are Helgen Keep and the Bard's College due to the amount of JIT scripting.

Was working with --JawZ--... but he's taking a break from this now, check out his other projects :)

*French, German, and Italian translations now posted!*
-Kudos to Warabeskel :)
-I poorly Google translated the readme :P

*Compatibility (or not)*
-This mod will change location names to English, hopefully one of the translated version is the language you need.
-Compatible with Realistic Lighting w/ customization, ENBs, Ultra Realistic World Lighting, andFurther Dark Dungeons for ENB. Should work with RCRN and any other like mods as well.
-Also compatible with Climates of Tamriel which I would recommend.
-Aside from the couple mentioned below, this should be compatible with anything that doesn't edit individual lights.

-Incompatible with Realistic Lighting Overhaul as they fix the same issues as this mod and edit the same lights.

-Also, anamorfus's Enhanced Lights and FX and any others that also fix/change lights are incompatible.

-I believe you can use the "Exteriors Only" version alongside RLO or ELFX without conflict.

-I haven't tested them all but I can almost guarantee that running any combination of these will cause problems/even more lighting issues.
-I'd recommend trying each one out individually and going with the one that suits your tastes the best.

*Load Order*
-Relighting Skyrim files can be placed near the top the order, after the Unofficial Patches, before anything else.
-For the files themselves, just keep them grouped together with the main file on top, though it shouldn't matter where they are in relation to each other.

*Update 3.6*
-Halldir's Cairn - done
-One Orc stronghold... forget which.
-Merged "update" file with main file
-Touched up interiors, notably Temple of the Divines
-Updated some readme info
-"FULL" merged files will be updated soon as well.

*Update 3.5c*
-Carried over newest USKP changes.
-Fixed a couple conflicts between main and update file.
-Updated readme with JIT info.
-Fixed torch in Windhelm barracks and touched up the place.
-Covered Hag's End, one of those places that really kills my motivation. Or completely blow out Bethesda's lighting and do it from scratch... but alas ,that's not what RS is about :P

*Update 3.5b*
-Fixed a light in Dragonsreach Jarl's Quarters.
-Mzulft Boilery, Tovald's Cave, Soljund's Sinkhole, Rannveig's Fast, Fort Kastav, some of Fort Sungard, Greywater Grotto, Graywinter Watch- done.
-Started work on a couple others.

*Update 3.5a*
-aka Now that's service!
-ALL files now carryover Unofficial Patch changes. Or make some for you if for some ridiculous reason you don't use them :P
-All credit to the Unofficial Patch team for said changes and the ton of other things they do!
-Covered Gloombound Mine, Greywater Grotto, Darkwater Crossing, and Froki's shack.
-Hopefully all is well now :)

*Update 3.5*
-Main file no longer overwrites USKP cell changes.
-Glenmoril Coven, Wolfskull Cave, Fort Greenwall, Katla's Farm interior, and a couple mines - done.
-Reworked Ratway/Thieves Guild.

*Update 3.4c*
-Fort Greymoor and Hraggstad completed.
-Dustman's Cairn, Gallow's Rock - done.
-Dushnikh Yal exterior.
-Updates to a few interiors.
-All recent bug reports resolved, major one being Folgunthur... which still isn't perfect.

*Update 3.4b*

-Darklight Tower, Driftshade Refuge, and Haemar's Shame done. Redid Whiteriver Watch.
-DLC files cleaned with updated TES5Edit.
-I'll work on those once I play through them... rather not spoil it for myself ;)
-The OLSE module is gone, covered the areas myself in the main file now.
-Started on Mzulft.

*Update 3.4a*
-Covered Whiteriver Watch and tweaked Solitude a bit.
-Streamlined the installer, now goes through steps and folders are named better to help mod managers.
-Now includes proper Dragonborn files and an up-to-date compatible version of the OLSE portion.

*Update 3.4*
-Readme file! Now has a list of locations I haven't covered.
-Mzinchaleft, Sightless Pit, couple other caves and dungeons... and a farmhouse!
-Cleaned all files with updated TES5Edit.
-Revisited a couple locations.
-Mod manager stuff... my first attempt at a NMM installer package. Let me know of any issues.

-Main file uses Just in Time Lighting Scripts to add even more lights to areas than they could normally handle. Big thanks to Daemonjax for these scripts!

-Scripts are only used where they are really needed; Bard's College, Proudspire Manor, Helgen Keep, Frostflow Lighthouse, and Karthspire. You may just notice a light or two turning on just as you round a corner but let me know of any other issues.

*To Uninstall*
-Go to the Skyrim "Data" folder
-Delete any .esp files starting with "Relighting Skyrim"
-Go into the "scripts" folder (if you were using JIT versions)
-Delete "LightingBall" and "LightingBallController" then go into the "soure" folder and do the same.