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Updated: 09/02/2017 - 07:46AM

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Throughout this game I was bothered by the lighting, be it the fires in Dragonsreach, outside High Hrothgar and many other places that make no light,tons of places where light emits from the center of two fires rather than from each one or just from the middle of the room, occasionally necessary (there are limitations) but the vast majority arefixed, as well as the fires outside that don't light the landscape around it .
This mod aims to fix all that, making all light come straight from a light source and to have all light sources make light.

Originally I was just going to make this fix for myself but the more work I put into it I thought "hey, maybe others would like a fix for these things as well." After 50,000 subscriptions on Steam, 5000+ endorsements here (wow), getting to the point where I feel actually covering all of Skyrim is within reach, and my collaboration with JawZ I can assure you that this has gone far beyond anything I expected!

Thanks to all those who support our efforts and continue to expect the best :)

-- Proper placed light bulbs at their light source  --
-- Light bulbs placed at light sources according to their labeled name  --
-- Fixes light bulbs not casting light on to the landscape in exteriors  --
-- Focus on vanilla visual style  --
-- Vanilla performance, at least as close as it can get  --
-- Comes with and without the Just-In-Time lighting script  --

With JIT
Offers more shadow light bulbs and non shadow light bulbs without causing any visual bugs, like light flickering.

Without JIT
No scripts, just vanilla light bulbs done right.






General load order in combination with other mods
Weather mods
Relighting Skyrim
Interior lighting mods (With no light bulb changes!)

As for other type of mods, let LOOT decide where in your specific load order is the best place for respective files available from this mod. Just keep in mind of having interior ambient/fog/directional lighting changing mods after the Relighting Skyrim files, like mentioned above.

- Not compatible -
Realistic Lighting Overhaul
Enhanced Lights and FX

- Compatible -
Enhanced Lighting for ENB
ELFX - Enhancer
Climates of Tamriel
Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB
Remove Interior Fog V2
RCRN AE -- HDR Lighting and Weather Enhancement

Probably best to use clean save procedures, we recommend at least being outside when you save before uninstalling.
Go to the Skyrim "Data" folder
Delete any .esp files starting with "Relighting Skyrim"

IF USING JIT, do the following as well;
Go into the "scripts" folder inside of the "Data" folder
Delete "LightingBall" and "LightingBallController" then go into the "source" folder and do the same.