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Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim

The definitive spell package.
Aug 15, 2014 - #55 Top 100 endorsed mods of all time - Thanks community! <3
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Apocalypse features 140 unique, balanced and lore friendly spells that increase the depth and skill cap of playing a magic user while blending in with the existing magic system. SKSE users can download an additional 20 spells.

  • 140 all new spells (26 per school) using custom graphics and sounds.
  • 20 more spells (4 per school) for SKSE users (SKSE not required to use Apocalypse).
  • Most spells exist in scroll form as well.
  • Fair and balanced.
  • High skill cap, rewarding player skill.
  • Enables viable spellcaster builds that do not include Destruction or Conjuration.
  • Configuration options available in the Apocalypse MCM if SkyUI is installed (SkyUI not required to use Apocalypse).
  • High level of build quality.
  • Compatible with many things.
  • Also fixes the Restoration Ritual Spell quest bug in vanilla Skyrim.
  • May contain nuts.

A few examples...
  • Atronach Mark - The next hit taken from a Daedra now has a powerful elemental punch.
  • Bolide - Flaming rock that heats up as it travels, gaining bonus damage based on distance.
  • Bone Spirit - Slow moving spirit that homes in on an undead target and explodes with holy light.
  • Char - Burns a target, leaving a patch of fire on the ground when a burning target dies.
  • Compelling Whispers - Concentrate on a target to gradually convert it to fight for you.
  • Conjure Avenging Wraith - Headless ghost whose stats are based on the last enemy that killed it.
  • Conjure Lord of Bindings - Daedric sorcerer that wields the conjuration spell in your other hand.
  • Daedric Mind - Assume direct control over a conjured Daedra.
  • Frost Nova - Deals frost damage, plus bonus damage based on the number of enemies in range.
  • Meltdown - Fiery globe that burns a target. Fire damage extends the duration, until the target explodes.
  • Ocato's Recital - Prepare up to 3 buffs and automatically cast them when entering combat.
  • Poet's Whim - If the target's Health is doubled within 10 seconds, the target dies instantly.
  • Reave - All cursed targets take damage when one dies.
  • Sense Ore - Detects and reveals the nearest ore deposit.
  • Shadowbond - Caster and target gain invisibility, then swap positions when broken.
  • Slay Living - Necromantic blast that destroys enemies below 25% Health.
  • Thoughtsteal - Steal the spells the target has equipped, temporarily gaining them for yourself.
  • Valkyrie - Regenerates Magicka by consuming nearby corpses.

How to get the spells
The Apocalypse spells and scrolls can be bought and found just like vanilla spells and scrolls of the same level and skill; any vendor that sells vanilla spells, including vendors added by other mods, will automatically sell Apocalypse spells.

  • Vendors only restock after they have been left alone for 2 ingame days.
  • Master level tomes are only available upon completing the corresponding Ritual Spell quest. After completing a Ritual Spell quest, it may take up to 10 seconds for the master level tomes to appear in the vendor's inventory, in order to reduce script execution load.

More Apocalypse
More Apocalypse is a separate patch that can be downloaded and loaded after Apocalypse to add 20 more spells to Apocalypse. The More Apocalypse patch requires SKSE, whereas vanilla Apocalypse does not.

Full list of spells
Spells that are only available in More Apocalypse are indicated with (MA).


Deep Storage (MA)

Earthrune Weapon
Feather Fall
Loot Magnet
Ocato's Recital
Reynos' Fins
Spelltwist (MA)

All In
Protection from Race (MA)
Sense Ore
Spell Sequencer
Tharn's Prison

Create Energy Orb
Dancing Stones
Detonate Lock
Gravity Wave
Knowledge is Power
Weave Shield (MA)

Master (requires Ritual Alteration Spell quest)
Acceleration Rune
Mark and Recall
Shalidor's Rune


Conjure Avenging Wraith
Consuming Power
Unsummon (MA)

Atronach Mark
Cloak of Souls
Conjure Dremora Churl
Daedric Mind
Power of the Master
Taint of Oblivion (MA)

Conjure Dremora Berserker
Conjure Lich
Conjure Mirror Specter (MA)
Conjure Xivilai Sorcerer
Daedric Crescent
Detonate Dead
Summoning Rune

Conjure Dremora Champion
Conjure Dremora Honor Guard
Conjure Herne
Conjure Kyrkrim (MA)
Conjure Xivilai Lord
Mass Summoning
Oathbound Guardian

Master (requires Ritual Conjuration Spell quest)
Banish Living
Conjure Dremora Assassin
Conjure Gateway Wraith
Conjure Lord of Bindings
Conjure Nether Lich
Conjure Radac


Death Arc
Elements Unleashed
Unravel (MA)

Creeping Cold
Morphing Blast (MA)

Frost Nova
Ice Shiv
Sorcerer's Bane (MA)

Blaze of Glory
Raw Force (MA)
Shattering Crystal
Shock Nova

Master (requires Ritual Destruction Spell quest)
Arcane Rain
Finger of the Mountain
Frozen Orb


Scared to Death (MA)

Dispel Magic
Illusory Flames
Mind Vision
Reveal Detection (MA)

Blood for Blood
Compelling Whispers
Evil Twin
Figment of Guilt
Iron Maiden (MA)
Pale Moon

Cloak of Mimicry
Dim Vision (MA)
Empathic Agony
Mind Control
Monster Magnet

Master (requires Ritual Illusion Spell quest)
Death March
Hidden Cobra
Mana Void
Mirror Entity
Scream of Pain
Twilight Zone


Bone Spirit
Circle of Strength
Sense Status (MA)

Circle of Scorn
Leech Seed
Mystic Wind
Slay Living
Spellwrack (MA)

Circle of the Moons
Finger of Death
Horrid Wilting
Orcish Healing
Poet's Whim
Words to Plowshares (MA)

Channel Energies
Exemplar (MA)
Skill Tap

Master (requires Ritual Spell quest)
Bone Storm
Breath of Arkay
Circle of Death
Culling Rune
Dust to Dust
Infinite Light

Scroll only spells

Erase Spells
Forked Tongue
Restore Skills

Aedric Blast (MA)
Forgive and Forget
One With Nothing

See the Readme for more information.


Compatibility notes
  • Optional SkyRe Compatibility Patch available.
  • Optional Requiem Compatibility Patch available.
  • Optional SPERG Compatibility Patch available.
  • Compatible with spell scaling mods.
  • Compatible with mods that add new spells.
  • Compatible with mods that modify spell vendors.

About the SkyRe Compatibility Patch
  • Due to the redesigned spell scaling in SkyRe, most Apocalypse spells have their power and Magicka cost adjusted. Because conjured minions in SkyRe scale with character level, the Apocalypse minions also scale; this may cause them to use certain spells too often or not often enough because their Magicka pool and AI spell use preferences depend on level.
  • For reasons of balance (allowing Illusion specialists to fight), Illusion spells that do not affect NPC behaviour ignore the Illusion spell immunity on SkyRe's charm spells.
  • The Compatibility Patch for More Apocalypse also changes the look and stats of SkyRe's Darkness spell to match More Apocalypse's Dim Vision spell.

About the Requiem Compatibility Patch
  • The patch removes the spells Teleport I, Teleport II and Featherfalling from Requiem. These spells implement the same functionality as Apocalypse spells but contain bugs and/or have more primitive visuals. If you already know these spells or have the scrolls, you will keep them.
  • For reasons of balance (allowing Illusion specialists to fight), Illusion spells that do not affect NPC behaviour ignore the Illusion spell immunity on certain targets.

About the SPERG Compatibility Patch
  • The Overshield spell is not affected by SPERG's Mage Armor perk due to technical limitations in SPERG.
  • No compatibility patch is needed for More Apocalypse.

Is it compatible with ASIS?
Apocalypse 5.04 and up is compatible with ASIS and its spells are correctly tagged to be distributed to NPCs through ASIS' Automatic Spells functionality. As of now, the spells Evil Twin, Figment of Guilt and Mirror Entity create duplicates due to ASIS' Enhanced Spawns functionality; a compatibility patch will be released at some point. Also, you might be interested in this INI file.

I have other mods that modify leveled lists, do I need to make a bashed patch?
For compatibility reasons, Apocalypse does not directly modify the leveled lists but contains a script that adds tomes and scrolls to each leveled list at runtime. It is therefore not necessary to merge changes with other mods that modify leveled lists.


How do I update from Apocalypse 4.00 or earlier?
Apocalypse 5.00 ("Apocalypse New") is a very large update and there is no direct upgrade path from 4.00 or earlier.

You can upgrade if you make sure all active spell effects are turned off or timed out, then uninstall 4.00, load, wait 20 seconds for the scripts to wind down, save, and install the latest Apocalypse version. You might want to clean your saves, use a save cleaner and/or use SKSE's clearinvalidregistrations function if you have SKSE installed.

Notice: You might experience crashes after upgrading from 4.00 to 5.00 and up. These crashes are not caused by 5.00 but by uninstalling 4.00. Uninstalling big mods in the middle of a playthrough is generally not recommended due to Skyrim's poor handling of such situations. If this happens, try cleaning your save.

I upgraded from 4.00 and now it crashes!
See the previous point.

What is the cleanest way to uninstall this mod?
Make sure all active spell effects are timed out, then open the console (~) and type set WB_Debug_Global_KillSwitch to 0. Only works in version 5.00 and later. Warning: do not type this command frivolously, because the scripts cannot be restarted without reinstalling Apocalypse.

What is the "no scripts" version of the mod for?
This is a version of the mod without the maintenance script running in the background. This can reduce load on script-heavy Skyrim installations, but at a cost:
  • This version of the mod does modify the leveled lists, meaning it will conflict with other mods that change loot tables or vendor inventories. You can create a bashed patch to solve this (google for it).
  • When completing a Ritual Spell quest, the associated master level tomes will only show up after the vendor restocks as opposed to within 10 seconds as with the regular version of the mod.
  • The Restoration Ritual Spell quest bug in Skyrim (the quest unlocks alteration master level tomes instead, so the restoration master level tomes can no longer be acquired after Colette restocks) is still fixed, but the fix only applies if you complete the quest after installing the mod. If you have already completed the quest and are not using a mod that fixes this bug (eg. USKP), the restoration master level tomes cannot be acquired.

Will NPCs use my spells?
This would require modifying every single spellcaster enemy. Because this is a very bad idea, a tool exists to do it for you: ASIS. As of 5.04 ASIS will add the correct spells to NPCs.