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Added: 20/09/2012 - 08:23PM
Updated: 15/08/2015 - 07:08PM

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Last updated at 19:08, 15 Aug 2015 Uploaded at 20:23, 20 Sep 2012

Name: Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul
Version: 4.6.2
Date: 16/8/2015
Language: English
Category: Overhaul
Requirements: Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE)
Recommended: DarNified UI, Oblivion Stutter Remover, Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)
Author: Maskar
Source: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42780


This is an overhaul mod, improving many aspects of the game, while maintaining the overall feel of the game and ensuring compatibility with most other mods. All features are configurable through OMOD installation and/or editing the ini file.

Features added by this mod are:

  • Unpredictable encounters;
  • Loot and equipment improvements;
  • New creature abilities;
  • New and better looking creatures;
  • Fully configurable level scaling;
  • New warring factions;
  • Combat AI fixes;
  • Climbing ability (player and creatures);
  • Spellbooks;
  • Skill based equipment system;
  • Traps and the ability to disarm them;
  • Bashing locks ability;
  • Feign death ability;
  • Darker dungeons and nights;
  • Npcs in dungeons and outdoors having torches;
  • ..and much more.

This mod comes in 3 difficulty levels (normal, advanced and expert). Casual and new players should select the normal difficulty level. Please read the included pdf readme for more details.

Compatibility and requirements

No files will be replaced by installing this addon. It will however need OBSE (version 21 or higher) to function properly. No other third-party mods are required to be installed to run this mod.

This mod does not alter any game data (leveled lists, creatures, etc.) directly, but only makes changes through OBSE scripts. Because of this it should be fully compatible with most mods. Load order is not important.

Note that cows added by this mod can be milked when Basic Primary Needs (version 6.2 or higher) is installed.

Supreme Magicka users should check chapter 16.3 of the pdf readme for compatibility instructions.


  • Extract the files to a temporary location
  • Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
  • Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file
  • Optionally edit the .ini file to customize it to your preferences

Note: If this mod is installed with Wrye Bash this mod needs to be loaded AFTER the bashed patch!


  • Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file
  • Delete the Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul files in the Data folder


Version 4.6.2 (16/08/2015)
  • Disabled door lock fixing code for older versions (v4.5.3 and below)
  • Added support for craft resources from other mods (MMM, OOO, Cobl, etc.)
  • Added some craftable OOO items (weapons and leather armor)
  • Lowered required animal pelt weight to create cut leather
  • Updated crafting menus
  • Added HESU5 EudaBear to the compatibility ini file

Version 4.6.1 (09/08/2015)
  • Fixed issue where upgrading from an older version wrongfully sets some locked doors as needing a key

Version 4.6 (08/08/2015)
  • Added large craft tools and ability to use them (saw pit, workbench, etc.)
  • Added small craft tools and ability to use them (sewing kit, fletching jig, etc.)
  • Added craft tools and resources to npcs (including merchants), containers, etc.
  • Added lumberjacking ability to collect logs from trees using an axe
  • Added sheep shearing ability to collect wool from sheep using shears
  • Added ability to craft many different items (furniture, welkynd stones, etc.)
  • Added ability to craft items from other mods by adding them to the ini file
  • Added craft book to player character's inventory with all craftable items
  • Updated ingot graphics (meshes, textures and icons)
  • Updated weight adjustments for lockpicks, repair hammers and potions
  • Lowered welkynd fragment spawn amounts
  • Increased ore atronach spawn chance for Welkynd and Varla veins
  • Added meteoric iron to ore atronachs and small ayleid treasures
  • Added health regeneration to pets based on their happiness/hunger
  • Added ability to control pets by grabbing them (z key)
  • Added adult and young dragons
  • Added stray puppies to cities/villages
  • Added ability to tame (young) dragons and puppies
  • Added ability to fly/ride adult dragons
  • Added ability for dragons to learn new spells when leveling up
  • Updated creature damage calculation for tamed leveled creatures
  • Disabled ability to feed some pets Nirnroot
  • Updated pet combat AI
  • Increased maximum control slots for pets from 3 to 5
  • Added control difficulty for pets (up to 3 slots for dragons)
  • Added logs to gnarls
  • Disabled ability to find treasure maps on actors which can't open doors
  • Disabled torches on actors without persuasion (werewolves, etc.)
  • Disabled ability to heal inanimate objects
  • Added option to configure required darkness for npcs to use torches
  • Disabled dynamic lock difficulty for doors with 100 lock difficulty
  • Fixed issue resulting in CTD when placing a craft tool near city gates
  • Disabled wanted vampires traveling outdoors
  • Added Craftybits to the compatibility ini file
  • Added collision to skinning knife



You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. Note however that most resources in this mod are from free to use modder resources. Credits for these resources go to the following people: