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A new option to improve the AI of the enemies, making them act more different between the different opponents you may encounter in Oblivion. It only has one mergeable esp.

Permissions and credits

Optional Requirements

  Ω DLCBattlehornCastle.esp
  Ω Knights.esp
  Ω Maskar’s Oblivion Overhaul.esp
  Ω Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm
  Ω OOOCreatureAddons.esp

  Ω Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp

  Ω xEdit to Merge the Plugins (use the normal xEdit executable, NOT the QuickAutoClean executable)


   Use all the files you need watch the v2.0 Video Mod Showcase if you want to know how to merge these plugins.
   You can install this mod simply
 by throwing the esp’s you need at the data folder of your Oblivion installation folder or by using a mod manager, there shouldn’t be any problem at all.
   The Vanilla version is for those who only want these changes for the base game, you can avoid this file if you plan to use either the Oscuro's or Maskar's MERGE (both of these last two files contain already the changes found in the vanilla version).
   And make sure that no other mod takes priority if there’s any conflict, you can check that in xEdit by loading all your plugins.

   Recently I noticed that if you want to update this mod using your already created merge, you only need to follow the same process described in the v2.0 video, but instead of selecting the "Deep copy as override into..." you need to select the next option:
   "Deep copy as override (with overwriting) into..."

Just delete the plugin (esp) from your data folder

   All of us have experienced and enjoyed this game, its storytelling, and the abundance of options offered to take. The game promises so much from the start that once you leave the tutorial you end up feeling amazed, in the need of adventure, you fight against some mobs and the next time you open the game you never feel the same again.
   That’s because, in the vanilla game, the enemies tend to have the same jumping attack animation, this one has a large percentage of occurrence, this is a huge problem which provokes that the different enemies end up using only that animation, that impedes the feeling to fight against more diverse and intelligent enemies, which makes the gameplay experience itself becoming so boring past a certain point.
   So, I decided to improve that, by making the enemies use different attacks with a more varied occurrence, so goblins and their different variations (archer, shaman, skirmisher, berserk, archer berserk, etc.) would never feel the same for example. Unfortunately, there are some exceptions to this, for example, the goblin warlords tend to use that jumping attack so much because they do not come with weapons as far as I’m concerned, so, I’m still thinking to give them weapons, but that could create some incompatibilities with other mods, probably… so at the moment I’m going to test this mod in-game to see if there’s something more I should do to give a more varied experience against the different enemies.
   There are some other examples for which, I would love to get your feedback, and suggestions… take in mind that doesn’t imply that I’m going to accept everything you propose, so I suggest to anyone who wants to try this mod, that if you find something game-breaking or a rather immersive-breaking problem, to please share the name of the enemy you were fighting against and if possible the BaseID of the enemy, post the problem you found and optionally how would you think to solve it. Take in mind that I’m still testing this mod so if I find something to improve it myself, I will change it as soon as possible.

Link to the Video Mod Showcase v 1.0.0

Link to the v 2.0.0 Video Mod Showcase

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   As simple as this mod is I doubt it could make your game crash, maybe if you summon a large number of enemies but that, even without my mod could make your game crash. My mod is able to be installed mid playthrough and is quite safe to uninstall unless you have created a merge of some sort, like with Wrye Bash in that case just redo the bash patch and that should be ok.
   In case you have a conflictive mod you need to make the mod you prefer to take priority below the other plugin in the Load Order (LO) but is completely possible to use my mod below any other mod that changes the same in that case my mod should apply the enemy behaviour, obviously, if both mods change the same things I recommend you to choose only one mod to use, the worst that could happen if you have a little conflict is that you don’t get the benefits of my mod with that specific creature/enemy that is getting the conflict, so it's highly suggested to load all your LO along with this mod using xEdit unfold my plugin and check and select anything turned red, doing this you may be able to see the plugin that conflicts with my mod.
   Currently, I only know about a minor conflict with the mod Vanilla Combat Enhanced, for which I recommend placing my plugin below that mod, the conflicts are only for the Combat styles of the Minotaur Lord and the Mountain Lion.
   I also have a little patch for the mod Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul for this to be consistent with the changes I have made in the vanilla game, but this is just for consistency.

   This mod could replace the vanilla Combat styles modified by mods like Martigen's Monster Mod (MMM) and yes, you can place my mod below his to change the behaviour of vanilla mobs but in this specific case, I think MMM is enough to get a better experience in Oblivion still my mod is more lightweight and offers something different (so, it's a matter of taste).
   Dynamic Oblivion Combat is completely compatible with any version of Realistic Combat Behaviour because these touch different things.

Credits and Thanks
– To the xEdit team for creating this awesome tool which allowed me to make this plugin easier.
– To the Unofficial Oblivion Patch team for their job in making this game better.
– To Maskar the author of Maskar’s Oblivion Overhaul who gave me his consent to make the patch for his mod.
– To WalkerInShadows & Team Alpha for allowing me to make the requested patch for Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul and its complement (OOO Creature Addon).
– And obviously to the game designers of this marvellous game who allowed us to continue making this game better and more suited to our taste.