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"Jsp's Mines & Caverns"
By Jsp25

29/07/17 - Version 2.2

1) What does this mod do?

    It is a compilation of my overhauls/expansions. It includes:

    - Halit Mine
    - Dissapla Mine
    - Massama Cave
    - Yanemus Mine
    - Yassu Mine
    - Abaelun Mine
    - Dunirai Caverns
    - Elith-Pal Mine
    - Vassir-Didanat Mine
    - Mausur Caverns
    - Sudanit Mine

    - Mount Kand Cavern
    - Shurinbaal (minor changes to "Bitter Coast Region, -10, 2")
    - Mallapi
    - Maran-Adon
    - Beshara (minor changes to Ascadian Isles, 6, -10)
    - Addamasartus
    - Abernanit
    - Aharnabi
    - Mamaea
    - Punabi
    - Zainsipilu
    - Abanabi

-Dwemer Ruins-
    - Bthuand
    - Arkngthunch-Sturdumz

-Daedric Ruins-
    - Ashalmawia
    - Ald-Sotha


    - Akimaes Grotto

    - Andrethi Tomb (minor changes to "Bitter Coast Region, -5, -2")
    - Seran Tomb

1.1) Optional Files

    Adds this fish to three locations; Shurinbaal, Akimaes Grotto and Ilanipu Grotto.
    The creature is made by Cait.

    If you consider the lava waterfalls from Abaelun, Dunirai, Mount Kand, Yanemus and Elith-Pal flow too fast, use the optional file here:

2) Compatibility

  • It should be compatible with everything that doesn't edit the same interior cells. The exterior cell changes are so minimal that I doubt they conflict with anything.
  • It is compatible with Morrowind Rebirth; when installing let it write over Mines&Caverns.

3) Disclaimer

  • I'm not responsible If this mod messes up your save game or something. It's always good to have a back up copy of it.
  • Cleaned with TES3CMD and Enchanted Editor.

4) Bugs

    None that I know of. Report them if there's any.

5) Credits

    DonnerGott - Cliff Racer Nests and Eggs 2
    Stabbey_the_Clown - Coil of Rope
    Detrius2004 – Flowing Lava Final
    Nigedo - Dwemer Lanterns
    Melchior Dahrk - Dire Flame Atronach
    Detrius2004 – Flowing Lava Final
    Poodemon – Dwemer Loot
    Yar-Yulme - Dwarven Creatures
    Armor/Weapon/Item mods
    Joel Braddock aka Mantodea – Cliff Racer Armor
    Joel Braddock aka Mantodea – Pirate Outfit
    Misty Moon - Bow of Misty Moon
    Misty Moon - Quiver of Misty Moon
    Archeopterix - Archie's Sabres
    Saalah - Saalah's New Types of Arrow
    DoubleBrewsky - Daedric Chainsaw
    The inwah & anoldfriend - Wooden Longbows
    Cydriic - Dark Dwemer Armor
    Bart Notelaers - Spidersilk Shield
    Silaria – Sil's Pottery
    longears34 – Complete ABC's for Barbarians

    Dungeon mods

    SwordForTheLord - Cliff Racer Burrow
    artimis fowl the third - Caves of the Bitter Coast
    Deathman101 - Aamstergash
    Dinmenel - Arkngthunch-Sturdumz Expansion
    Camobrad - Small Dwemer Ruin
    PCC aka Blockhead – Knaarus
    TheIceTurtleGod - Jahk's Mine
    Hedup – Dwemer Watchtower
    Kal-El – Abandoned Dwemer Lighthouse
    Unknown - Mzuleftingnah
    Dalin – Tos Caverns
    alari - Pearl Cavern
    Eldermaster28 - Detailed Dungeons (MW Detailed Dungeons)

    House/shack mods
    Itachi62 - Hidden Dwemer Building
    Mosrael - Archnalteg
    Kurith - Thieves' Cave
    Unknown – Dwemer Base
    Captain Teddy - Driftwood Shack
    Arimon - Hla Oad Shack
    Bladecutter - Poor Man's Shack
    Podesta - Gnaar Mok Shack
    Glymfeather - Nasty Old Shack-House
    Denina - Gnaar Mok Shack Home
    PCC aka Blockhead – Caldera Cave Spot
    LazyLoser - Clean Cliffside Cave
    alexmercer984 - Beshara Hideout

    (Original readme's included in the mod)