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    • Labyrinthian More Hostile Creatures

      I just feel like labyrinthian exterior looks empty, just added a couple of existing enemies just to make it slightly challenging.Tools Use To Make Mods: Creation Kit Thank You.

      It should look like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_rxVisC0nE...

    • Snow Elf Revival

      Added snow elf camps near waterfalls, these camps can only be found on snowy outskirts of skyrim. You may also find snow elf npc in windhelm,morthal, and winterhold as a random encounter. They are player faction and a level npc using random weapons. In dawnstar a bunch of them will be in tiny island. A small immersion but nice to have, brings them back to life as well.Snow Elf Bio:

      Snow Elves (Aldmeris: Falmer), occasionally referred to as Ice Elves or Ancient Falmer, are a race of Mer that has nearly completely disappeared. During the Merethic Era, they were the main inhabitants of Skyrim, and had a very advanced society.

      It is commonly believed that centuries of underground living and Dwemer slavery twisted the race into becoming the blind, merciless and savage Fa...

    • Px79 Dual Wield Animation SE port

      Px79 Dual Wield Animation for dual wield class.


    • Trait Names

      The traits in the config file for this mod are specified using the internal name of the trait.
      This is a list of them with the scientific and non-scientific names and descriptions.

      Antique - Heir starts with a random relic.BlurOnHit
      Panic Attacks/Stressed - Getting hit darkens the screen.BonusChestGold
      Compulsive Gambling/Lootbox Addict - Only chests drop gold and chest values swing wildlyBonusMagicStrength
      Crippling Intellect - -50% Health and Weapon Damage. Mana regenerates over time.BounceTerrain
      Clownanthropy - 30% less Health, but you can Spin Kick off terrain.BreakPropsForMana
      Minimalist/Breaker - Breaking things restores Mana.CantAttack
      Pacifist - -60% Health and you can't deal damage.Che...

    • A20.5-ZZ008

      5 New Tier-5 POIs, 2 New Tiles, 9 New Decorations, Existing POIs Updated, Loot Rebalanced....

    • FAQ



      - Please see the "Requirements" section on the mod's Description page. Items which are required to run the mod are labeled as "REQUIRED" (please also note any dependencies of dependencies).  Items marked as "Recommended, not Required" will add to the overall world integration of certain aspects of the game. Anything added by non-required mods can be found elsewhere in the mod in shop inventories or as rare forage.


      - This mod has a lot of crops and artisan goods which appear in other mods. Coding is w...

    • Script - Reduce the jetpack's AP drain

      Scriptname RBTZ_JetpackLowerAPCost extends activemagiceffect

      Float Property fInitialValue = 32.0 Auto
      {Script default is 32 - 50% less drain.}
      Float Property fSustainedValue = 32.0 Auto
      {Script default is 32 - 50% less drain.}

      Event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)
          Game.SetGameSettingFloat("fJetpackDrainInital", fInitialValue)
          Game.SetGameSettingFloat("fJetpackDrainSustained", fSustainedValue)

      Event OnEffectFinish(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)
          Game.SetGameSettingFloat("fJetpackDrainInital", 64.0)
          Game.SetGameSettingFloat("fJetpackDrainSustained", 64.0)

      The purpose of the script is to override two game settings - for initial(fJet...

    • What I've Been Working On - 5.21.22

      Hi everyone,

      It's almost been about a month since I last made any changes or updates to this mod, so I thought I would share what I've been currently working on for it - per some of the requests I've seen in the comments. Since the next official update for Ready or Not is coming out very soon next month, my plan is to:

      1. Fix anything in this mod that might break as a result of the next update - there's going to be new official armor types, which may also come with new models that will need to be replaced.

      2. Release some tweaks to the weight-painting and general optimization of the textures (I want to try and reduce the 1.5 GB file size down as much as I can, without compromising the texture fidelity).

      3. Make an optional download that ...

    • famer


    • MELE style squad icons

      Replaces the squad icons on your HUD, I tried to make them to look like in MELE. Plus changed the shield, crosshair and arrow icons. (They are appears when you give command to your squad)...

    • Himmelstein chef replaces 47 signature suit

      This mod replaces 47 sig suit with chef from himmelstein...

    • Live Twin Lil-la


    • Upgrading FIS1 to FIS2 (Old FallUI - Item Sorter to FIS - The NEW FallUI Item Sorter)

      Upgrading FIS1 to FIS2 ("Old FallUI - Item Sorter" to "FIS - The NEW FallUI Item Sorter")

      The mod The NEW FallUI Item Sorter (FIS2) (where this article is) was made with compatibility as main focus. So the upgrade from FIS1 (Old FallUI - Item Sorter) is pretty simple.

      This article describes the best practices for upgrading existing installations and give hints for the process.

      The instructions varies based on how you have installed FIS1, so this article is divided into these sections:

      1) From FIS1 with with pre-made patch ESP(s)
      2) From FIS1 with Complex Sorter

      Select the one matching your install - If you don't know what Complex Sorter is, go to section 1).

      1) From FIS1 with with pre-made patch ESP(s)

    • Flying Lizards

      If your Flying Lizard is acting up, dive bombing the ground or trying to shoot up into space, Undernier has written a guide on how to fix.  Available at How to make your own giant flying Bird/Dragon/Lizard mount (PC only) : NoMansSkyTheGame (reddit.com)...

    • MechWarrior 4 BitchinBetty mod for MWO

      this mod have's all the Bitchinbetty sounds from off of MW4! I also throw in a Music pack of MW4, new command wheel dialogue from MW4 voices
       and i also throw in some secret dialogue for Faction play but only on the Inner Sphere side so if your a MW4 Fan...well lets just say you will LOVE the secret 
      dialogue ;)...

    • Questlines Info - Hints and Tips


      Adventurer's Guild Expanded has many different questlines, each with its own rewards and events. Each main questline deals with exploring the secrets of a different monster race, but there are other smaller questlines available as well! Below you can find summaries/tips for each questline if you are stuck or need help. 

      Expand the text under a questline’s name to see the quests included. 

      Expanding The Guild: Marlon is interested in expanding the Guild and opening a new research wing. Will you help him?
      Expand the text under a quest’s name if you want help. The quests go in the order listed.

      “Expanding The Guild” #1
      Bring Robin 600 pieces of wood. You need to deliver them directly to her all at once (attempti...

    • New NPCs Info - Gift Tastes and Heart Events


      After the Monster Research Wing is built, two new romanceable NPCs will move to Stardew Valley! Expand the spoilers underneath an NPC's name to learn more about them


      Gabriel is Marlon’s nephew and Zinnia’s older brother. He runs the Monster Research Wing and dedicates most of his time to studying the dangerous monsters that lurk in the caves, trying to find a way to get rid of them in order to stop future problems. A traumatic incident he had as a young child caused him to become closed off and reserved - he rarely talks to people and believes that making friends is a waste of time that could be used to further his research.

      Birthday: Winter 22
      Gift Tastes: 
      Unless the item is listed below, it wil...

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