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This mod adds 105 bandit hideouts, 31 ambush locations to the RDR2 world, bandit posse on horseback, hire gunmen at saloons,
roaming bandits will attack the player on sight, and zombies. Players can customize all settings through the Bandit Hideouts.ini file.

Permissions and credits
Bandit Hideouts is a standalone version of the AMJM Transport mod bandit features, created by crossed99.
Both crossed and Gunter Severloh created the Bandit Hideouts mod, but Gunter maintains and updates the mod
    with crossed occasionally helping with code where needed, LittleBigSmoak maintains and updates
the Hideout Locations map for each update to the mod.

Important Recommendation!
Do not use the mod until you are at Chapter 2, as the mod may interfere with the story.
Chapter 1 is nothing but story and a tutorial, best wait til your at chapter 2 or beyond when you can free roam.
Gunter Severloh RDR2
Check out my YouTube Channel for RDR2!
All videos are me attacking bandit hideouts, hideout tests,
being chased by bandits, and many other encounters with bandits!

Bandit Hideouts
The Bandit Hideouts mod adds new hideouts across the RDR2 map for the player to discover and clear out.
Each hideout ranges in the number of bandits, but you can define in the ini of the mod how many bandits
a hideout will have, and how many reinforcements will come if any.

Hideout Locations
Download the map below to your computer, get the full resolution pic here:
Google Drive:  60.6mb
Credits: LittleBigSmoak & Moth-man

Hideout Locations Blip (icon)

A blip (icon) of a house with a skull inside it, will show up at the bottom left corner of your screen
when your close to a hideout.  Another similar icon will also show on the map where the hideout is.
    If you pass by a hideout without attacking it, the map blip (icon) will disappear once your out of range of the hideout.
If you attack and clear the hideout then the map blip will be removed from the map and your screen until the hideout timer is up.

Persistent Blip (icon)
The Persistent blip icon will show on every hideout location on the map whether your near a hideout or not,
if you clear a hideout the blip icon on the map will be removed until the spawn time for that hideout has returned.
The persistent blip icons have their own icon type vs the one on screen. Can be disabled in the ini.

Types of bandit hideouts

Each bandit hideout can be a camp, cabin, abandoned building, cave, mine, fort, ruin, and other places.

   Hideouts will spawn bandits in by chance when you're nearby, this means that if set in the Bandit Hideouts.ini
you set the chance to 100 then each time you come apon an area where a hideout would be then bandits
will spawn there for sure, the lower the chance then it becomes random or less.

Cleared hideout respawn
Once you clear a hideout you can set in the ini the cool down of how long before they respawn again.
If you set the respawn to 1 for example then in one hour from when you cleared the hideout bandits will spawn in again.

Hideout bandit/gang types
Each hideout will be populated with gang members for the area the hideout is in, for example:
  • Valentine area will have O'Driscoll members or a generic gang.
  • Lemoyne/ Rhodes area will have Lemoyne Raiders, and a generic gang.
  • Annesburg area will have Murfree gang members.
  • Saint Denis area may have either Nightfolk, or a generic gang.
  • Tall Trees area you will see the Skinner brothers gang.
  • New Austin area you will see the Del Lobo gang.
  • Grizzlies West (snow region) area will have a generic gang.
  • Grizzlies East (snow region) area will have a generic gang.
  • Guarma will have the Cuban Army and Nightfolk.

Disable individual Hideouts
This feature allows the player to disable any hideout in the mod's ini
all you need to do is locate the hideout you want to disable ingame/map and then change the number from a 1 to a 0.
There is a list of settings for both the story and all other hideouts in the ini.

Number of bandits in a hideout
The amount of bandits you can encounter in a hideout will be defined in the Bandit Hideouts.ini
there you can set the minimum and maximum numbers you will encounter, and this is for all hideouts.

Bandit Reinforcements

Bandits at hideouts can call in reinforcements, they will show up on horses and on foot.
Reinforcements is set by chance in the ini, the higher the percentage (chance) then reinforcements will show.
Reinforcements also has a setting where you can define how many bandits will come.

Bandits will chase the player
Bandits will chase you f you ride off or run away after attacking their hideout.

Bandit Ambushes
Ambushes are not dynamic they are built the same as hideouts and are at set locations.
Each ambush location can vary between 3-8 bandits that will attack you on foot if you enter an ambush location.
   If you run away on foot or on horse the bandits at the ambush location will chase after you either on foot or get on a horse.
Ambush locations are marked on the map with an X

Enable/Disable individual Ambush Points
This new feature introduced in v1.18 gives the player the option to enable or disable an individual ambush location through the included ini,
all you need to do is refer to the map linked for download and decide which ambush location you want to disable for whatever reason,
you open up the ini file, locate the ambush point, and just set the setting accordingly.

Bandit Posse on Horseback
As players explore the game world, they will be randomly attacked by bandits on horseback, these encounters can happen at any time.
In the Bandit Hideouts.ini you can define how often (how many ingame hrs) bandits will attack,
and a minimum and maximum number of bandits on horseback that will attack, you can disable this feature in the ini if you want to.

    Just to note they will mostly show up if your near or on a road, but i've had them show up in the middle of the wilderness too.

Roaming Bandits
Bandits roaming the world, they will spawn in the area you are in and will be bandit/gang members
from that area so if your in Valentine Area then you might see a small group of O'Driscolls wandering around.
These bandits may be on foot, on horseback alone, in a group, or on a wagon, or both.
    You can also set in the ini if they attack you on sight or not.

Hired Gunmen
Players can hire up to 5 gunmen to fight alongside them, to do so just talk to the barkeep in any saloon.
    These hired guns will assist the player in combat, making it easier to take on large groups of bandits or zombies.

  • You can hire up to 5 gunmen at a time.
  • You can hire a random gunmen with their own gear and weapons.
  • You can customize what they wear, and the weapons they carry.
  • Hired Guns will not fight while in a town (can change this in the ini).
  • Story characters are also available.
  • You can use the 'Rest & Recover' option in the menu that will teleport your hired guns to you in case
 you got separated, they'll be cleaned and their hats and weapons will be recovered if they lost them.
  • They automatically go into "sneak and hold fire" mode while you're crouching / sneaking outside of combat.
  • If the "Allow revive" option is enabled, instead of dying they will go down into an injured state and be revived
 by crouching close to them until the 'Help' prompt fills up (10 seconds).
  •  Using the 'Wait for signal' command will make them stay and don't do anything until you signal to them by whistling.
  • The 'Ride with me' command will prevent them from spawning in their own horse.
If there's another free horse around they'll use that, but if not they'll ride with you on your horse.

Commands menu:
You can also give commands to them through their command menu, Numpad 1-3 keys by default.

Hired Gunmen Voice Lines
Now when you tell your hired gunmen to stay or follow, Arthur or John will actually say out loud those commands,
 and when your crouched and you tell your gunmen to stay Arthur or John will say it in a quiet voice.
This feature can also be enabled and disabled in the ini, and is enabled by default.

The command menu has some extra commands:
  •  Aim at person while the menu is up: Attack target, lasso target.
  •  Aim at dead / hogtied person: pick up target.
  •  Aim at horse: put carried body on horse.
  •  Aim at downed hired gun: help up (it'll take them the same amount of time as for you).
  •  Press numpad 0 to make all hired guns stay / follow

As if bandits weren't enough to deal with, the mod also adds zombies to the game world.
    Disabled by default, you can enable them in the Bandit Hideouts.ini
There are some options in the ini to customize them, like the following:
  • Spawn frequency - this is how much more or less you will see of them.
  • Zombie health - this is how much a zombie can take before you kill them.
  • Min and max - this will be the group size of how many groups of zombies.
  • Min and max number during day or night.
  • Zombies burst into flames apon dieing.
  • Zombie lairs can be set in the ini which will change all the bandit hideouts to zombie lairs,
so instead of bandits spawning, zombies will.


All of the mod's features can be customized by editing the Bandit Hideouts.ini file.
Each setting in the ini has a description on what it does and how to enable/disable it or adjust it.
Open the ini file with notepad to edit it.

Move the following files:
  • Bandit_Hideouts.asi
  • Bandit_Hideouts.dat
  • Bandit_Hideouts.ini
  • Bandit_Hideouts_CustomPeds.txt
 to your RDR2 directory which can be found here:
C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Red Dead Redemption 2

 Script Hook By Alexander Blade is required to run the mod.

Crossed99  for his help and support, and patience in helping me create and update this version of his great mod!
LittleBigSmoak & Moth-man for their help in creating the Bandit Hideouts map showing all the locations of the hideouts,
and sorting them based on color and gang.