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    • Songs Pack 2 (80's)

      Songs Pack 2 (80's)
      All songs with:All dificulties
      Guitar, Bass and Drums
      Albums covers

    • EMB - Lite

      EMB Lite is a cut-down version of the main modpack built for compatibility, with mods like the item and enemy randomizer specifically in mind. While much of the core changes remain intact, a few things have been reverted in order to assure full compatibility:

      All item location changes have been reverted to their vanilla locations.
      All drops rates have been reverted.
      All enemy drops have been reverted.
      All shop stocks have been reverted
      All quest rewards have been reverted.
      All other changes have remained as they were. Hopefully this will assuage anyone who was turned away by this modpack's incompatibility. I hope you all enjoy.

    • bedroll1k

      warm, soft, fluffy :)...

    • i just fix boobie and poon buns

      I just made the boobies more natural looking and the poon buns droop down less....

    • texture pack for my summer car 2023

      paquete de texturas para mi auto de verano 2023...

    • texture pack 2023

      Texture pack for my summer car 2023...

    • Beta 0.5 and Onwards

      Hey everyone!

      I've made a decision regarding DSL - it's becoming increasingly clear to me that the mod needs a full rewrite, taking what I've learned making the mod and you guys' feedback into account.

      What does this mean?

      I'm going to upload what I've got of Beta 0.5 soon, most prominently fixing a bug that lead to loot being assigned the same effect ID repeatedly even when it said otherwise in its description/title, but unless it's totally broken somehow, that will most likely be the last version for a while.

      For this new rewritten version - maybe I'll call it Diablo Style Loot Remastered - I'm hoping to totally restructure how the mod functions and use Godot 4 as a base (to be honest I only used Godot 3.5 because the Kehom's Forge Databa...

    • LuxZg Pin Pack - readme and changelog

      LuxZg Pin Pack is optional (but recommended) companion download for AMPED mod.

      Pin Pack contains new icons (PNG files) and pin & label definitions (JSON files) for most objects detected by respective AMPED version.

      To use the Pin Pack you need to download AMPED mod from: 

      Current version:
      AMPED v1.3.5 or 1.3.6 (pre-release) + LuxZg Pin Pack v1.3.6 (in final testing)

      Older versions:
      AMPED v1.3.4 + LuxZg Pin Pack v1.0 or 1.1
      (versions before 1.0 were embedded as part of AMPED v1.3.3)

      As AMPED development continues, new Pin Pack will be published for new mod releases as needed. 
      To install AMPED please follow "Installation" section in mod descrip...

    • I would like to be hired

        So I would like to have a paid job in which I work with 3D spaces, wether it is for animations, commercial, gaming and so on. I'm a bit good with blender in the sense that I can place objects in an artistic way, but I cannot animate anything properly. You can always give me a new software to work on, so that I can learn how to use it

        I worked for an architect once, with Envisioneer, and then I placed the furniture with Blender, and then I moved the camera around. 

        You can consider my mod page as my portfolio, I've also worked with other modders, so my creations are actually more than what appears.

        I'm very creative and always come up with new ideas, although I'm a bit slow at creating them on 3D. 

        Regarding the salary, I'm re...


      Satsuma is fully tuned check notepad...

    • Humanity System

      Humanity is a measure of how closely a vampire clings to the morality and values of mortal life, and consequently how well they are able to resist the urges of the Beast.

      Since every Vampire was a human before their Embrace, their most natural response in resisting the Beast's feral, predatory nature is to cling to their humanity. This is generally represented by the strength of their Conscience and Self-Control, virtues common to Kindred and mortals alike.
      A Kindred's humanity has a direct effect on the strength of the vampiric curse; those who lose ground to the Beast and lose their humanity find it more difficult to interact with mortals.

      Humanity is universally adopted by the vampires of the Ambitiose Sanguine and their associated bloodlines. Som...

    • barrel vanilla

      changed mesh vanilla to a more barrel shape, color cosmetics :)...

    • String Dumper Usage Instructions


      This utility plugin can be used to create quick templates for item descriptions in ExUI.
      It saves time by automatically printing the FormIDs and names of any items into console in format expected by ExUI. All you have to do next is replace the item names with your custom descriptions.

      In Construction Set
      1. Load ExUI String Dumper.esp as an active file, as well as any mod you want to create item descriptions for.
      2. (For Inventory Items) There is a new container called "String Dumper", add any items for which you plan to have descruptions into it.
      2a. (For Spells) There is a new creature called "Magic Mud Crab", add any spells you want to have unique descriptions in it's spell list.
      3. Save the p...

    • MotherCluckinFarm

      I'm excited to provide this farm POI. I made this to assist in obtaining eggs and because chicken and egg farms are realistic. The nests and loot containers will refill in whatever length of time you've set loot respawn as long as you stay away from the POI after it's been looted for the whole length of time. I do believe you need to stay a chunk over (16 blocks) so it's not like you need to be SUPER far. Taking the quest for the farm will reset everything sooner. It should generate when you generate a world. You can also paste this into your world from prefabs in your world editor, hit appy & save, and then reset the chunk it's in in your game world or generate a new game with that world. This is a pretty high loot POI for this level.

      Land fill terrain was used so the grou...

    • The original


    • Changelog


      - moved NCR Bunker, entrance door, exit location, rubble, and signage to not overlap with a cave entrance from Eliza

      - moved one Radscorpion spawn to prevent it from spawning inside of the bunker;s new locations...

    • Songs Pack 1 (Launch... Again)

      Songs Pack 1 (Launch... Again)
      All songs with:All dificulties
      Guitar, Bass and Drums
      Albums covers

    • Alchemy Redone (0.1)

      Ingredient Effects Spreadsheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ONj24PUx9wj0HWnF_BBGOxD9ZzGrDJnd

      Crafted potions have 1/10 value.
      All bought potions have fixed prices.
      Strength of crafted potions reduced at the beginning, but scales up with Alchemy level. At the start of the game, you can make potions as good as deficient tier, with standard ingredients (excluding common flowers and butterflies - those are weaker)
      Fortify Alchemy enchantment has lowered magnitude (up to 10% per slot).
      Duration of magnitude-based potions and poisons are rearranged, now having fixed duration depending on type, not by ingredients used or tiers in case of bought potions.
      Bought potions and poisons have fixed values, depending on usefulness...

    • Feature Update 2 - Noveria - Dev Blog

      Hey everyone!

      It's been a while since I've shared an update on LE1 Diversification Project. This mod is of course a huge undertaking, but even with the Citadel update done, there's still a long way to go.

      The next feature update will be for Noveria, which features the only other true 'hub' areas in the game outside the Citadel. Feros technically has Zhu's Hope, which will of course be covered in the Feros update, but Noveria is the only one with any real substance to it.

      There's also a lot of room for improvement with Noveria - mainly centered around immersion and mood. MELLO has done a fantastic job restoring the atmosphere of the planet, but I feel that some ambient decorative design is in order. So here's a taste of what will be coming when Feature Up...

    • Darker Nights - Next Gen French

      Devrais s'installer via mod manager ou a la main copier le fr.w3string dans le dossier content du mod...

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