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    • KRH Telona Buggy

      Author: Krahazik
      A 3 person early game buggy made from wood, iron and steel with wood wheels. Equipped with a single rapid fire turret for defense.

      Weight 11.08 T
      Volume 2.40 m^3
      Attack 454 /s
      Durability 7,083
      Fuel 168,000
      Top Speed 70 kph

      1 Vehicle Cockpit
      10 Wood Wheels
      1 Vehicle Engine Type 01
      6 Vehicle Headlight Type 01
      6 Fuel Cell Type 01
      1 Rapid Fire Turret
      2 Side Seat
      17 Iron
      69 Steel
      16 Wood...

    • DIY SSE Skyproc Patcher for DSR

      Do It Yourself SkyProc Patcher for SSE

      I came across this tip on a Reddit post and decided to give it a try - worked like a charm! No more messing around with Plugins.txt or LoadOrder.txt.  Before getting into the guide, a disclaimer:

      I know absolutely nothing about programming in Java.  Besides the usual hiccups that one might run into trying to patch DSR with SkyProc, I can't be of any real help on anything real technical with the new patcher.  That said though, the process is VERY easy even if there are quite a few steps.

      Onto the guide:  Make sure you can see the file extensions in Windows as you will be changing them.  Also make sure you have the most recent version of java.

      1) Create a new folder somewhere that's easy to get ...

    • Alduin Blood

      Alduin Blood retex ...

    • Saber el ID de las ventajas

      1. Para empezar ocupamos el numero de orden de carga del mod,puede depender de tu propio orden de carga yo como uso Mod Organizer es mas fácil pero si usas NMM tendría que verse igual el orden de carga, para mi es este:

      2. Abrimos SSEdit, y en la ventana que sale, click derecho seleccionas NONE:

      3. Ahora busca el mod Ordinator (este es el mismo orden de carga del principio), como yo no use loot y lo acabo de activar se que esta hasta abajo. Lo seleccionas que quede marcado como en la imagen, empezara a cargar:

      4. Cuando termine de cargar se vera así:

      En el numero 1 es que ya termino de cargar, el numero 2 es el mod ya cargado junto con los demás archivos maestros
       que necesita Ordinato...

    • Questions and Answers

      Below are some Questions and Answers that provide more info about this mod.

      Why doesn't the in-game clothed body look like the one in the nude screenshots?
      Some clothing/armor mutes the slider effects. The same holds true for body tats. Nothing I can do about that. Remove the armor/clothing/tats for the true well-defined assets.

      How do you make the waist so slim and the hip bones so pronounced?
      That's my magical secret, but you can achieve the same results with a lot of work and patience.

      What do I do if I adjust the sliders and really mess up?
      Simply re-download this mod's Rachel Body Preset and FemaleBody.nif files.

      I want to adjust some of the sliders. How do I make my own FemaleBody.nif?
      Click on Preview at the bot...

    • Ideas

      I will work on an overworld Model for Yuri. (Will maybe be included in the next update)
      But i am running out of Ideas. So give me some Ideas on what i shoul work next pls.
      If you have any ideas, let me know and write a comment....

    • NordInvasion 1.8.3

      In this update we are taking massive steps to improve the NI economy and trading experience, adding many quality of life features, and preparing for future updates.

      First off, the loot system has been completely remade.  The new system has a significantly more even distribution and does not nerf the experience or loot chance of smaller teams; having fewer bots already does this sufficiently.  In the new system, your individual loot rate will be the same for every bot of each type you kill: the size of your team, number of people alive, and other factors will not change the chance of you looting.  Having more people on your team will only increase your chance of getting loot by increasing the number of bots per wave.  This new system will also give you far more loot per run,...

    • Companion Details


      I have it written, just hate formatting with BBCODE with a passion and have yet to find a good MD to BBCODE converter....

    • Serras preset

      This is intended to be downloaded and used in your'e own personal game, feel free to edit as you like but I would like you to ask me before trying to publish any edited version of this mod....

    • Infinite Hover mod for ME:A

      I saw a user request this in the forums and figured why not?  Seems easy enough.  Mod changes the base hover time to 2 minutes (before character bonuses) so you'll slowly fall to the ground before the hover time limit is reached.  That's pretty much it.  Compatible with Infinite Jump and Hyper Mobility....

    • Face Only a Mother Could Love

      Go Razor Sharp and the world will be your oyster. Wear the hat and shades to get a =4 boost to your charisma....

    • BetterOasis

      Ist been a while since the last Version of this mod.
      But i made a new Version where all languages are supported (only languages Stardew Vally supports)...

    • FAQ

      "Help, I'm getting Error Item instead of the new seeds!"
      Please make sure you've followed the installation guideline throughout and don't have any other Mod interfering with Longevity. Error Items are connected to a problem with MCM as the game cannot detect the new seeds added by it. Please make sure, you have the english language settings activated.

      "I don't want to use certain aspects of the Mod, how do I turn them off?!"
      Locate your SMAPI-Mod-folder and your Longevity-folder within it (use the installation section, if you don't know where to find it). In this folder should be a file called 'config.json'. Open it with an editor of your choice (e.g. Notepad). Some of the settings there are just for debugging and beta testing, so please be careful. If you want to t...

    • Installation Guideline


      Download and install SMAPI: Installing SMAPI

      Step-by-step Guide

      Download and extract Longevity
      Locate your Stardew Valley installation folder: Finding the Game folder
      Backup you game files
      Copy the extracted Longevity-folder to the Mods-folder in your Stardew Valley installation directory
      For Windows-Users: Stardew Valley\Mods
      For Mac-Users: Stardew Valley/Contents/MacOS/Mods
      Install MCM (More Crops Mod)
      For Windows-Users:
      Go to Stardew Valley\Mods\Longevity\MCM
      Copy the Content-folder
      Now change to Stardew Valley (the basic game folder) and paste the copied Content-folder here
      Let your system overwrite the files
      For Mac-Users:
      Go to...

    • I don't think i have any idea for an article

      oh well i'll write somethign random then.. ekh ekh. so i was really bored for the past few days and come up with a really weird though on robin hood.. i mean i realized that his name in not robin hood because he wore hood but its actually rob-in-hood because he was wearing hood and stealing.......

    • First Mod

      Hi, I like just to tell you that this is my very first mod ever made for fallout 4.
      That is it....

    • Represent Redania

      With the launch of this mod you have the chance to show your Northern pride by representing Redania!...

    • Changelog

      fixed gunner leveled list integration and added to vendor list

      added tacticool blade color, inspired by csgo

      added gold blade and descriptions for each upgrade

      base version...

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