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    • StarShip Speeds

      Ship Speeds Mod:

      I made this mod as a 'practice' run after finishing my PLAYER SPEEDS mod. I got to thinking the starships felt a little too slow after entering a planet's atmosphere.
      This mod turns up all the speeds slightly, so it's a little quicker getting around while in your ship. It also has a HOVER feature, this doesn't remove the reverse
      from the ship. I've also lowered some Pulse Drive ranges, so you can enter Pulse drive from a slightly closer distance to Space Stations and the Anomoly, NOTE, these aren't
      huge drops in distance, just enough to be a little better. I make these mods for myself, but I like to share.

      -Delete or rename file Disablemods.txt found in C:/Programfiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/No Man's Sky...

    • Instructions on Acquiring Familiar Eggs (For Cheaters)


      Dino Familiar Eggs:

      Carry an ordinary dino egg to the strange triangle in the desert.

      Bat Familiar Eggs:

      Put 100 bat wings in the slime press.

      Dust Sprite Eggs:

      Learn the recipe at Combat level 8....

    • Hints On Acquiring Familiar Eggs


      Dino Familiar Eggs:

      In the desert.

      Bat Familiar Eggs:

      Misuse a crafting station.

      Dust Sprite Eggs:

      Fight a lot....

    • Request Mods Here

      Please comment on your requests below in order for me to know what mods you would like me to add to this modpack.


    • All the documeantation.

      This mod replaces Anakin with Mace Windu. Mace was an asteamed Jedi Knight for his cunning tactics on the battlefront, this particular variant of the mod is online safe however you it with caution online as there is a small chance you will get banned, as such you can use this mod online.

      This mod replaces Anakin with Mace Windu. Mace was an asteamed Jedi Knight for his cunning tactics on the battlefront, this particular variant of the mod is OFFLINE ONLY, as such if you use this mod online you will be banned SO DONT DO IT!!!!!...

    • Romanian Carpati training pistol

      This is a pistol that shoots 50m in reallife......

    • Romanian CarPack V2

      Many romanian made cars i converted from my old team back in 2007.

    • Gothic 2 - Riisis Edition - Announcement and Teaser Trailer

      Gothic 2 - Riisis Edition - Announcement and Teaser Trailer

      I'm currently working on my Gothic 2 Mod. The so called "Riisis Edition" will be a Content Mod for Gothic 2.

      I decided to upload a little Teaser for my Mod to gain a little bit of attention. I need Your idea's so please leave a comment, interact with me and give me an idea of what you would like to see in a Gothic 2 Content Mod. Some things you miss since Release or features other Mod's haven't included.
      I just want to make the game feel like it was back in the Day, but with more Lore-Friendly Content. Mostly new Items and Enemy's, Completely New Ways to play the game and much more.

      But for now enjoy my little Announcement Teaser:


    • Release

      So happy i was finally able to release this mod now you can have all the food you will ever need whenever you need it! I hope you enjoy! Thank you!...

    • Handsome Jack Modded Weapon Snack Pack

      Different rarity handsome jack talking weapons with different effects and uses, plus an amazing shield....

    • Whats on the tin - Patchnotes

      Retaming the Wasteland
      Condensed Patchnotes

      In an effort to make reading the contents of the mod, here's a simplified version of the notes!

      No more revision history, just "here's what you get with the mod"!

      New custom weapons, renovated locations, perks, damage/defense rebalancing and more!

      Damage and Defense Overhaul notes (important);

      I've completely overhauled defensive values for effectively every piece of armor and clothing in the game, 
      examples of this are; buffed Mercenary themed clothing to have basic defense values, making them useful rather than just for appearance only.
      armor had its defensive values all adjusted (mostly just buffed) to reflect the change with lower tier clothing and armor.

    • Updates

      Version 0.2: Mod now loadable through SMAPI and Content Patcher.

      I'll be adding dialogue and portraits at some-point in the future....

    • Updates

      Version 0.1: Image Sheets Uploaded

      If you have any comments or queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch....

    • Massive Skyscrapers for Balmora city expansion.

      Adds huge skyscrapers to Morrowind connected by  two levels of bridges and a vast sewage system below... With lots of parkour theft and assassination opportunities rewarding great level, and with lots of windows to break in through. That's about all basically... And you get to make Elevenpenny die....

    • Positioner Tool

      The Positioner is the ingame tool, or to be more clear, set of commands on numpad that allows to mess with currently active weapon holster node - move and rotate.
      These are the commands:

      num . = on/off

      num + = add operation
      num - = subtract operation

      num = reset all
      num 0 = show current state

      num 1 = choose operation move
      num 2 = choose opearation rotate

      num 7 = choose dimension x (heading)
      num 8 = choose dimension y (attitude)
      num 9 = choose dimension z (bank)

      num * = mark changes for current save

      So, you choose the needed operation (move or rotate) and dimension(x,y,z) and increase/decrease values with num + and num -

      It works in realtime so you see all of...

    • Customization Options

      The mod comes with ClassicHolsteredWeapons.ini file, where you can customize some mod settings. File has two sections:


      IsHolsterVisibleOnNPCs – this setting controls if holstered weapons appear on npcs in addition to player.

      Settings controlling appearance of various weapon types (differentiated by keywords)

      IsRiflesDisplayed – if holstered rifles appear on characters
      IsPistolsDisplayed – if holstered pistols appear on characters
      Is1HMeleeDisplayed – if holstered one handed melee weapons appear on characters
      Is2HMeleeDisplayed – if holstered two handed melee weapons appear on characters
      IsBigGunsDisplayed – if holstered big guns appear on characters (disabled by default because of clipping issues...

    • Hardcore survival stealth mod for MW and OpenMW. MW NightTerrors Overhaul by Kitty Bastetinati.

      This mod enhances Morrowind's natural survival and horror game elements turning them up to 11. With features like claws that allow tree climbing, a portable ice shelter, ww form allowing tree climbing, hiding inside most large containers, torch averse night zombies, bounty hunters and bandits who stalk you based on time, bounty and gold amount held, and iron locks made from iron weps to lock them out of interiors. Flashbombs to banish them, instant cast invisibility and blink for OpenMW, a soul powered hoverbike which continually needs souls, deadly weather conditions, and encounters you are meant to run away from rather than fight through, with things like rare spawn giant kagouti, giant alits, and silt strider sized slaughterfish.

      A lot of these items you don't even need to k...

    • Streams and Videos


      To help aid in the balancing, construction and continuing betterment of the mod - I would be eager to see streams or playthrough videos using this mod.

      Just respond with a link, or DM me so I can watch and review.

      Many thanks! ...

    • Just trying to add something to the comunity of modders

      This save file is modded guys so beware. Use at your own risk.

      This is my first post on nexus so i hope it will work.

      Fallout 4 locks achievements when the game is moded. So i higly recomend mod for that from xSHADOWMANx


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