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    • Update: There's Boys Now

      I spent 4 hours today sculpting male argonians and am now working on male/female Khajiit. There you go! Enjoye your boyes! :)...

    • Share Preset Mode Ideas

      Since implementing the ability to cycle through config presets with the backslash key "\", I've realized that there is no one perfect jetpack config.  Instead there are sets of values that are good for different use cases

      Even though this mod is called Jetpack, some of those cases would barely be considered a jetpack (like airplane or parkour)

      So this article and comments are to serve as a place for people to share their config values / modes

      Please give the mode a name, tell a bit of a story of its intent.  Maybe it's a refinement of existing values, or all new

      Also, if there is any functionality that could be added to this mod that would better serve that use case

      (At the time of writing this, there is still no horizontal ...

    • Plugins

      Documentation: Plugins

      The plugin system of Complex Sorter provides the possibility to perform complex task with little effort.

      A plugin will be set on top of the Complex Sorter system with its mighty processing rules and you can setup your desired actions on top just using a few simple commands. The plugin is extremely customizable through definable user settings, "trigger script" rules and the scripting itself.


      Each plugin is defined in a simple ini text file, e.g. "Plugins\Add Component Tags.ini".

      The possible sections of the ini file are:

      - Defines the basic properties of your plugin, like name, author and so on.
      - Defines the user settings available trough the main interface.
      - ...

    • bugs

      put the bugs your experiencing here...

    • Quick patch has come

      6.5.2 brings a visual bug fix regarding Monkey Glue and Monkey Acid cards. They will now no longer show visual Power animations. Does not apply to the Battle Power versions....

    • Processing rules

      Documentation: Processing rules

      The processing rules are the heart of Complex Sorter. All actions are defined and customizable by processing rules.

      The basics are simple though. Basically the rules are a list of "When CONDITIONS then TAG" statements.
      Here are two examples:

      EFFECTS contains RestoreHealthFood = food
      EDID contains SkillMag = skillmag

      Explanation: When the item has the effect "RestoreHealthFood", then apply TagIdent "food". When the items EDID property contains the text "SkillMag", then apply TagIdent "skillmag".

      The TagIdent (e.g. "food") will then (accordingly to your choosen TagSet) converted to the final tag  (e.g. "" for FallUI or "(Food)" for Ruddy88).

      More complex rule...

    • FallUI tags list

      Documentation: FallUI tags list

      These are the tags names of tag set FallUI (which are used by "FallUI - Item Sorter Mod")

      Weapons - Melee
      , , , , , ,

      Weapons - Ranged
      , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

      Apparel generic
      , , ,

      , , , , , , , , ,

      , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

      , , , , ,

      , , , , ,

      , , , , , , , , , ,

      , , , , , , , , , , , ,

      , , , , , , , , ...

    • Easy Mod Setup

      Steps to easily load your mods in the Setup Window:

      Click the Setup button.
      Once the Setup Window is open, drag it to one side of your desktop.
      Open a browser and log into the Nexus site.
      Once logged into the Nexus site, use the Nexus menu to navigate to Mods > My Mods.
      Change the Games dropdown list to "All games (xx)".
      Having both the Nexus Mod Monitor Setup Window, and the Nexus My Mods browser window side-by-side, use the mouse to simply drag each mod to the from the My Mods list to the Setup Window.



    • Informations

      This is just patch for living version Heroes of Sovngarde affected by Men of Winter. On Sovngarde version of this patch - or patch, that sends textures from living version of Heroes of Sovngarde affected by Men of Winter, to death version without black face bug is still in progress... But it will be on very long time...

      But if someone will know how to do it this, so go on :)...

    • Anime Topics 2021

      I thought I already wrote a description....

    • What is an article

      There's no description of what this is, someone help...

    • Mater from Cars

      i made Mater from the Movie Cars from 2006!

      how to download:
      1. download the two files and paste the text file into the main.xml file in any map you want
      2. put the Mater.vox file into the main map from the map you want the vehicle in
      3. have fun...

    • Bugs

      put any bugs  that your experiencing in the mod here...

    • Treasure Chests Expanded API

      Add a ITreasureChestsExpandedApi class to your project:

          public interface ITreasureChestsExpandedApi
              List<Item> GetChestItems(int level);
              int GetChestCoins(int level);
              Chest MakeChest(List<Item> chestItems, int coins, Vector2 chestSpot);
              Chest MakeChest(int mult, Vector2 chestSpot);

      Create a GameLaunched event:

              public static ITreasureChestsExpandedApi treasureChestsExpandedApi = null;
              private void GameLoop_GameLaunched(object sender, StardewModdingAPI.Events.GameLaunchedEventArgs e)
                  treasureChestsExpandedApi = context....

    • Resetting interiors.

      So, you have a mod that alters a cell, and the interior is unfortunately is a mess with objects clipping through other objects.
      This may be because of a mid game addition, or an accident.

      Warning, resetting interiors should not be done lightly

      Make sure you have no active quests that are associated with the cell(s) in question.

      In this example, we are using the unfortunate problem with my 1.51 update to Wind District Breezehome - Reborn, which caused many issues due to a save quirk when I was updating it.

      If you are having this problem, strip your player home completely.  In this case, all displays and storage in Wind District Breezehome - Reborn, Attic, Main House, and Basement, including plants.  Make sure to remove everything, I ca...

    • 1.0 Release

      it's out

      bottom text...

    • note

      Janquel post. Just pasted it here so i don't forget about it.

      Just want to chime in and say from the screens that this looks like a really nice expansion for Windhelm, which is probably the city in vanilla which needs it the most. Are those sketches your own, or going back to art from the planning stages of Skyrim? :)

      Also, I'm not MAKING patches (at least right now - zero way to get this into my current game and I'm coming up on level 60 now, so not abandoning that :P), but I got curious enough to download and check with a quick once-over (largely not bothering with checking in CK at this point so it's not the MOST thorough), so if you want to toss it in the compatibility notes:

      Spoiler:  Show
      - Deadly Dragons, PCE, and USSEP all have Location K...

    • v. 108 update

      v 108 You can now craft Drow Poison (Combine Poisoners Kit + Drow Assassin Poison = Drow Poison). Works mostly like 5e rules.

      Skeleton now sells a ring that grants ability to summon Shovel the Quasit (no more spoilers)

      A certain trader in the underdark (Omeluum) sells potions that unleash Repulsor tadpole ability and a Magical Staff (I have NOT tested the staff so let me know how it goes!)


    • Easy instructions...

      for a new character it shouldn't be any issues.
      for an existing character, zero out all race menu sliders first, especially weight !
      UUNP+JB v1.2 has an .XML for bodyslide
      any UUNP type bodyslide armor will work, just load UUNP+JB v1.2 .XML for your( BodySlide) PRESET....



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