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    • Minermanb Great Modder or Greatest Modder

      Minermanb: Great Modder or Greatest Modder?

      By Randice Gibbs

      Ask any member of the Skyrim Modding Community who the greatest modder is, and you'll get various accounts (heh). Some popular choices include EnaiSiaion, maker of mods like "SUPERSAFE DWARVEN ROCKET BOOTS", "Modern Brawl Bug Fix", and "That one with the Mephala-Worshipping Moon Dwemer". Others might say Arthmoor, Mr. "no Unofficial Skyrim VR Patch for you good sir" himself. Others still might say Trainwiz, the modder somehow simultaneously responsible for Wheels of Lull, a mod steeped in obscure lore, and Really Useful Dragons, a mod that adds Thomas the Tank Engine characters as Dragons. 

      They're all wrong. 
      I present, for your consideration,



    • Storage Player House

      There are two more additional rooms with mannequins and statues.
      There is now leather and leather strips in the master chest along with the glass banish deadra enchantment.
      the mannequins actually work. and you can have some fun dressing them up how you want to see them.
      if you want to see anything change or have any ideas for future versions pleas fill free to add your ideas in the comments and i will make it so.

      Thanks for the ones that have downloaded the Mod i appreciate  the support. Thank you...

    • Bugfix for light helmet preventing hair and other helmet from showing.

      Sorry, had to update it due to weird bug on Invisible Dragonscale Helmet. It was still set to Orc-Race and used variants for Argonians and Kajiit.
      Set to default race - there will be Clipping, but you won't see it!  :P...

    • Preparing content before making film-reels for the Starlight Drive-In

      Something else that I don't think has been really explained regarding Videos of the Wasteland concerns the Starlight Drive-In and something to be aware of when attempting to make film-reels for it; specifically how your content will display on the Drive-In screen, and ways to ensure that the content looks the best that it can in-game. So let me explain:

      Here's some pre-prepared footage (above image) playing on the Drive-In screen; it's important to note that the screen uses a ratio that is approximately 16:9, however VotW uses a series of images arranged in a 16x16 grid (for a maximum of 256 seperate images contained in an 8k .dds texture file) Each image is 512 x 512 pixels, as shown below:
      This is the same individual frame, but as it actually is i...

    • Compatibility M-Z

      Magic - Gameplay

      Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded -- version 4.6.3
      ESP conflicts:
      - none
      In-game reports:
      - none so far

      Enhanced Magic VSFX -- version 1.1a
      ESP conflicts:
      - none
      In-game reports:
      - none so far
      - removes a couple of USSEP fixes

      FIZZLE -- version 1.0
      ESP conflicts:
      - none
      In-game reports:
      - redundant, the same features are already present in YASH

      Undeath Immersive Lichdom -- version 1.3
      ESP conflicts:
      - replaces YASH pearls found in clams
      In-game reports:
      - none so far

      Magic - Spells & Enchantments

      Animated Weapon Enchants -- version 1.16
      ESP conflicts:
      - none ...

    • teleporter rooms

      there are three teleporter rooms on Plenitude

      TIP!    teleporter room 1 contains 4 teleporters, 1 or more activate from the adjacent upper platform only ...  if not all turn on, the others will come on later
      Teleporter 1 : Advanced Tomb!    TIP!   this is a great mission but 1 critical factor, KILL THE RATBOSS, the special trapdoor nearby then unlocks and that opens a whole new mission worth doing!! you'll love it
      Teleporter 2 : Advanced Sewers   TIP!  this time the trapdoor pit in the middle IS OPEN and leads to a gorgeous lake (full of loot) 
      Teleporter 3 : Advanced Castle   TIP!   easiest teleporter mission of the lot, teleport - find the path, grab the awesome loot, simple.  do this one if your team are low
      Teleporter 4 : Advanced Dun...

    • Pilot Quirks


      This optional mod to dZ Consolidated Company Commander adds quirks to all of the pilots in the game. The tags are now fully utilized to impact gameplay! Due to this, pilots now play a much more significant role in the day-to-day operations of the Argo and will show different strengths and weaknesses in combat. See the full list of Quirks here:


      Please note, this is a beta release! I have tested a lot of the functionality, but there are a lot of things that are changed in this. Please report any bugs or problems here: 

      https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/modpack-dz_consolidated_company_commander.1099514/page-127 ...

    • Hey. Hey you.

      Wanna know how to trigger the 12 heart event?

      Listen close. I can only say this once.

      Enter Harvey's room above the clinic between 9am and 3pm.

      But you didn't hear it from me....

    • Perk Overhaul

      I'm new at modding so if you notice anything buggy or otherwise out of place please let me know....

    • Upcoming SuperMutant Redux 2.0 Article 2

      -The Armor Table was expanded greatly, but also kept more or less Immersion and Lore friendly.
      Some of m150's content was added, as a hide outfit makes sense for SM's to be able to craft, but a Vaultsuit that is intact, fits, and numbered makes less sense.

      -That Expanded table also includes more variety.
      When looking at allot of the vanilla Armor Nif's it looked like Bethesda originally planned on including a standard armor configuration but cut it for one reason or another, some of the Torsos for example had as many layers as an Onion, and when pealed back still looked great, and well significantly different than the previous version. What that means is ...

      -Basic SM Armor now have a Light, Medium and Heavy version of almost...

    • Whats so bioWare about the next command and cconquer

      During my recent interview with BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, we talked about the obvious things like Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

      We also discussed Command & Conquer.
      Why were we discussing Command & Conquer? More specifically, as I asked both men, why should we think of the upcoming Command & Conquer Generals 2 as a BioWare game? After all, wasn't Generals 2 in development at the former EA LA studio, which was known briefly as Victory Games? And wasn't that studio simply re-branded as BioWare Victory? Is there really anything BioWare about this game other than the name?

      Outstream Video

      Should I be so cynical?
      "I hope not," Muzyka said to me.
      "We ...

    • Stardew Valley cute Character and Portraits

      Stardew Valley cute Character and Portraits Senbby and Sam...

    • Getting IN Touch with The Koji Main


      Marana #7264


    • Ice Age spell

      I have created A spell that plays the ice age theme song for fun. This is also my first mod....

    • Upcoming SuperMutant Redux 2.0 Article 1

      So I know people have been waiting for SMR to update, especially with the outstanding bug reports and the semi-radio silence, but I'm hoping in the long run it will be worth the wait.

      I've rebuilt the plugin from scratch, mostly in CreationKit, 4 times over the last year or so, and the "Core" of that work has been in various states of Beta testing for several Months (If you were a former tester and I stopped sending updates, it's due to me taking a 6 month break from Nexus for sanity reasons, please don't take it personally)

      Thanks to Armorkeywords being live, which the new SMR is heavily dependent on, we should see the update "Soon"... I can't say it will be today, tomorrow, or next week, but it will be soon.

      People are going to have questions, an...

    • Initial Release

      The mod is ready for download!...

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