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This mod project seeks to cleanup the many typos, spacing, formatting, inaccuracies, and other issues related to the game's text. In all, there are more than 2,200 lines of text that are edited to increase accuracy and immersion for the player.

Permissions and credits
During my many playthroughs I noticed numerous typos, spacing issues, formatting issues, inaccurate text, and other textual issues throughout the game. This mod seeks to clean them up. The objective is to present accurate text in the game's journal, quest, glossary, bestiary, character, books, notices, and dialogues (subtitles) to greatly enhance player immersion.

This project consists of edits to more than 2,200 lines throughout the entire game.

Type of Fixes
  • Typos -- words that are spelled incorrectly (e.g. "form" instead of "from").
  • Line Spacing -- hundreds of the game's journal entries, books, and notices do not properly space between paragraphs, resulting in a wall of text.  This adds spacing to make them easier to read.
  • Formatting -- the game is incredibly inconsistent in use of italics, spacing between words, quotes, etc.  This seeks to make the text entries consistent for the same look and feel.
  • Inaccuracies -- some of the entries in the journal are plain wrong and do not match what happens in the game.  This subtly revises many of them to match events in the game.
  • Missing Text -- many of the character and bestiary journal entries are missing text.  Not because it wasn't added by the .w2phase or .journal, but because it was never written.  This adds some subtle, lore-friendly entries for uniformity and consistency.

Recommended Companion Mods
This mod will work with the vanilla game. However, for the best experience, I recommend pairing it with a few other mods:

  • Brothers in Arms: TW3 Ultimate Bug Fix and Restored Content Collection -- this collection of bug fixes and restored content adds more than 150 missing journal entries, many of which suffered from formatting and other text issues. Using Grammar of the Path and BIA together will greatly improve the user experience.
  • Witcher Lore Collection -- WLC does for the game's books, documents, and notices what BiA does for bugs. WLC adds 200+ missing books, journal entries, and other missing text to the glossary. These items also suffer from the same formatting, spacing, and other issues. Using Grammar of the Path and WLC together will greatly enrich the user experience.
  • Names from the Path -- cleans up more than 200 NPCs' display names throughout the game for greater accuracy and immersion when interacting with other characters.

Language / Translation
Given the nature of this mod, I am only able to present it in English. In fact, many of the typos would not occur in other languages.  However, in my experience, most of the formatting and spacing issues do occur in other languages. I will not be providing translations; however, if other mod authors want to take that on, I give my consent. Just credit me as the original author since I found and fixed so many of these.

There are two ways to install this mod:

1) Extract the contents of the file to your \Mods folder, typically found at:
[your drive directory]\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY\Mods


2)You may also use a mod manager. This has been fully tested and works with Vortex.

To uninstall, simply delete the mod from your \Mods folder or disable in your mod manager.

This mod should be compatible with just about everything out there. However, although unlikely, it is possible that other mods edit these same lines of text. As such, I recommend giving this mod lower priority in your mod load order as you will almost always want those other edits to take priority over these to maintain compatibility with their companion mods. By default, the mod name starts with z to give it low priority.

Special thanks to MerseyRockoff for contributing more than 150 edits to this mod, and for his ongoing collaboration and support.

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