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Cool Slow Motion effect during combat! Overhaul and tweak original mod by KNGR.

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Thanks for amazing original mod by KNGR. He gave permission to overhaul and tweak this mod.
And some code from Immersive Cam by ksolberg.

Compatible with The Witcher 3 Next-Gen version 4.04
For classic version 1.32 please download old version 1.14

This mod will add cool slow motion effect only during combat and can adjust Dismember Kill Chance, Finisher Chance , etc.

New Video! New Version!

Change from Original Mod
  • Full customize menu settings. You can change settings when ever you want or use the preset settings.
  • You can set slow motion chance separately. (Original can set only critical.)
  • Enable/Disable Mod in the Mods Menu.
  • Fix slow motion will work during combat only.
  • Add Slow Motion for Aard and Igni Sign during Combat.
  • Add slow motion option for Dodge, Aard Sign, Igni Sign.
  • Add 'Human Finisher Chance' work only on human enemies and 'Dismember Kill Chance'.
  • Add option for 'Human Finisher Camera Slow' (All, Last Enemy, None)
  • No 'More Blood' Version. Recommended use with Combo Blood mod.
  • Slow motion combat when reflect arrow. (Updated on version 1.10)
  • Add new death slow motion camera. (Updated on version 1.11)
  • Add slow motion sound effects. (Updated on version 1.11)
  • Customize slow motion on horseback. (Updated on version 1.11)
  • Slow motion work on Ciri. (Updated on version 1.13)
  • All feathers work with Next-Gen update (Updated on version 2.0)

  • Download and extract .zip file. Install the main mod by copy and replace 'mods' folder into '[The Witcher 3 Path].
  • Install the mod menu by copy and replace 'bin' folder into '[The Witcher 3 Path]' folder.
  • **IMPORTANT For Next-Gen Patch Add the line modCriSlowMoCR.xml; at the bottom of 'dx11filelist.txt' or 'dx12filelist.txt' from folder '[The Witcher 3 Path]\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc'  to make mods menu work with new patch.
  • If you have original mod. Uninstall by delete folder 'modKNGCritical_SlowMotion_Combat' or 'modKNGCritical_SlowMotion_Combat_MBM' from '[The Witcher 3 Path]\mods' folder.
  • Download and run Script Merger for solve the conflict by other mods.
  • Launch the game and go to mods settings menu 'General Settings'  then set 'Enable mod'  and setting 'Slow Motion Change' and 'Slow Motion Time Scale' or use 'Preset Setting'

  • Delete the folder 'modCriSlowMoCR' from '[The Witcher 3 Path]\mods' folder.
  • Delete the file 'modCriSlowMoCR.xml' from '[The Witcher 3 Path]\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc' folder.

Compatible Mods

Not Compatible Mods
  • All Ultra Gore and Dismember Mods. It may cause bug with the script. You can set 'Dismember Kill Chance' to 100 in Mod General Settings for more often gore.
  • If you want to use with Ultra Gore 2 Next-Gen (includes dismembering guards) by GromuhlDjun please remove file '' from his mod. Keep only '' to make it work together. Or download 'Kill The Guards Only' in Optional Files
  • If you use with Improved Horse Controls mod. Please download 'No Slow Motion' version from mod files.
  • Original of Critical Slow Motion Combat Mod. Please choose only 1 version.

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