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Adds two new armor sets (mastercrafted + grandmaster).

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Morgraig Armor Set

1. What this mod does:

This mod adds a new set of Mastercrafted Witcher equipment which can be upgraded to Grandmaster gear.
Item names are only shown in English and German versions of the game.
Polish localization has been added in version 1.0.1. Dziękuję, CICHOCIEMNY1234!
NG+ is supported.

As the last witchers abandoned Castle Morgraig, they took everything that could prove useful for founding their own witcher school in the
valley of Kaer Morhen.
Centuries have passed and no witcher is left alive to remember the nondescript treasures that are left to rot inside the walls of the wolven keep: Diagrams with instructions on how to recreate the armor that was once worn by the first witchers to roam the continent. Witchers brave enough to face even the vampires of Tesham Mutna.

To add a bit of personality to the armor this one – like all the other witcher sets do – supports a specific playstyle. It aims to encourage aggressive encounters and heavily relies on critical attacks while having lower defensive values than most other witcher sets.

Landing a critical hit with at least 2 pieces of the set equipped increases the chance for the next fast attack to do critical damage as well.
Wearing the full set makes these critical hit chains even deadlier as Geralt restores vitality with each successful critical hit.

2. How to install / uninstall:

Install: Unpack morgraig_armor.rar and copy everything inside into your Witcher 3 main folder. If you have other mods installed, please run Script Merger to resolve possible conflicts. Without this step, the set bonuses might not work.
To uninstall, just delete the dlc__morgraig_armor folder in your DLC folder and the modMorgraig_armor folder in your mods folder.

3. How to obtain:

The schematics needed to craft the whole set can be found scattered throughout Kaer Morhen and the ruins of Tesham Mutna.
Check out this video for their exact locations:

Once you found them all you can head to an (master / grandmaster) armorer to get your Morgraig Armor Set.

4. Notes and Tips:

Please note that you can't change this armor's colour. Applying dyes won't change the appearance at all and wastes your precious dyes.

Since this armor relies a lot on critical attacks, it has great synergy with skills like "Precise Blows", "Cat School Techniques" and "Hunter Instinct" as well as "Rend" which can serve as a critical hit chain starter.

Need any swords to go along with your new armor?
How about this: Raven Swords, Of viable Swords and Dumplings, Who wants to taste Skellige Steel?

5. Debug Console Commands:

If you have enabled the debug console you can add items directly into your inventory by opening it and typing: additem("itemID")
for example: additem("Morgraig Pants 4 Schematic")

Item IDs: