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This mod fixes the buggy Hunter Instinct skill of alchemy tree.

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Many players have noticed that Hunter Instinct skill does not increase damage, even when all the skill conditions is met. This mod fixes the Hunter Instinct skill, making it work like described.

How it works:

Vanilla skill description (at level 5):
"When Adrenaline Points are at their maximum, critical hit damage against the targeted enemy type is increased by 100%."
Basically it should give +20% critical damage for every skill level (+40% for level 2 and so on). But, seems like developer have forget to multiply by skill level and Hunter Instinct always gives +20% crit damage no matter the level. That means, that in vanilla game skill gives you +20% crit damage on level 5, just like on level 1.
So, actually skill works on vanilla game, but does not scale to skill level. And +20% crit damage bonus is simply too small to notice. This mod makes critical damage scale properly.

Compatible with 1.32 GOTY/nonGOTY.


Using Nexus Mod Manager:
Download with NMM and simply activate mod.

Download manually and unpack "modHunterInstinctPatch" folder to Witcher 3 game
directory/mods folder (example D:\Games\The Witcher 3\mods). If mods
folder does not exist, create it.

Compatibility with other mods (Script Compilation Error troubleshooting):

This mod alters

If you have other mod that uses you will have to merge them.
Script Merger might help.

If Script Merger doesn't helps you can install it manually. It's very simple, you just need to edit a single line in a text file.
To do so:
1. Navigate to in mod that causes compatibility problems like AutoLoot or MoreQuickSlots. It should be located in modName\content\scripts\game\playerfolder.
2. Open via text editor (Notepad++ or so on).
3. Find a line below:
bonus += GetSkillAttributeValue(S_Alchemy_s07, theGame.params.CRITICAL_HIT_DAMAGE_BONUS, false, true);
If you can't find it, read a comments below.
4. Replace found line with line below:
bonus += GetSkillAttributeValue(S_Alchemy_s07, theGame.params.CRITICAL_HIT_DAMAGE_BONUS, false, true) * GetSkillLevel(S_Alchemy_s07);
5. Save a file.

Yes, it's that simple that you can apply a patch even without actually downloading a file for it.
Finding a line (step 3) problems:
Actually, that's where patching becomes tricky. Try to search for a similar line because in modded version spacing can be different. If you have found a line like in step 3 but with different spacing like "bonus+=GetSkillAttributeValue..." than replace it. Spacing can be different and it's actually does no difference. It should be around line 2200.
If you still can't find such a line... Well, seems like simply merging doesn't works and it needs a special compatible version.

How to check if it works:
If you have installed it with no compatibility problems, than it simply works. Relax, you don't need testing it - I've tested it for you.
If there was compatibility problems and you've solved it via Script Merger or by my manual mod installation guide, it 90% works. I still recommend you ignore testing and enjoy a game. But if you really want it - well, putt off all the gear but sword, and disable all the skills, leaving only Hunter Instinct. Than, get an silver sword and go fighting a dogs. Thanks to improper sword dogs won't die easily and you'll be able to test damage.
Remember about taking off your gear (only swords that increases crit chance can remain). I strongly recommend you to ignore actual numbers and just check if damage noticeable increases because crit math is tricky.
Due to my calculations, default critical damage is +45%. Also, it seems like devs have nerfed crit damage and +100% damage bonus doesn't means that damage will be increased by 100%. It seems like crit damage bonus works at 80% effectiveness. So, with 100 base damage, +100% crit damage bonus you will have 100 + 100 * (45% + 100%) * 80% = 216 average crit damage. It's a bit weird formula but I've nothing to do with it. This mod only fixes Hunter Instinct crit bonus and have no impact on damage calculation designed by CD Project Red.