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This page will serve as a central hub for all texture mods that I create.

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As I am running around the game testing other mods that I am making, I have found myself spotting textures that I want to replace.  Rather than create a separate page for each of them, I am starting a collection page here where I will collect them all.  Initially these will be standalone mods, but as I reach a completed state, I will bundle them all into one to make it easier.

Below are the list of mods and textures that I am updating or replacing:
  • Avallac'h Painting Replacement - This can be found in Avallac'h's secret laboratory during the quest "Child of the Elder Blood".  During this quest, it is heavily implied that Avallac'h has an infatuation with Ciri beyond simply trying to nurture her powers.  This is confirmed during the discussion with Avallac'h's "Assistant"/Lover who comes across as venemous as a viper toward Ciri during their exchange.  In the laboratory, there is a painting of Avallac'h on the wall, which I always felt was a bit vain and self-serving.  I decided to replace that painting with a painting of Ciri.  I think this suits the narrative better in that it really makes the tense exchange with the "Assistant" feel more like a confirmation.  And during the ensuing destruction of the lab, the painting gets damaged to symbolically take it away from Avallac'h and get some measure of revenge on him.  To me, this adds a layer of tension and release, unlike the frankly juvenile vanilla story version which sees them draw facial hair on Avallac'h's painting. Two options available: 1) white background, or 2) blue background (only install one at a time).
  • Ciri Portrait - there is a painting of Ciri that you can acquire in the game and hang it on the wall in Corvo Blanco.  This picture of Ciri depicts her as a child and looks like she is throwing a temper tantrum.  Per request by RevanFanMan, I created a replacement portrait.  Comes in two options: 1) looking straight ahead, or 2) looking over her shoulder.  Pics in gallery.  Note: I also updated the thumbnail icon and the image that is displayed in the inventory Image Viewer for consistency.

Install by placing mod in the game's \mods folder or use a mod manager.

There might be other mods out there that could swap these textures as part of their base package.  If that happens, load this mod with higher priority.

Credit goes to the following artists for creating the pictures used in these mods:
  • marioteodosio - Avallac'h Painting Replacement
  • astoralexander - Ciri Portrait option 2

Other Works
My collection of mods: