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This mod is intended as a tutorial on how to make character edits. Although I wrote it from the perspective of nude characters, the principles can be applied to any desired character edit.

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There are a number of character edits I wanted to see, but I got tired of asking for other modders to make them.  I decided to learn how to do it myself.  I created this step-by-step tutorial as documentation on how to do it, which is mostly just a brain dump of some of the things I learned while making My Nudes Collection.  Just download the .pdf file from the files section.

Bear in mind that there are other ways to do this, like adding partial body parts like arms, torso, waist, legs, etc separately.  For simplicity sake, I just stuck to using the predefined complete nude bodies contained in the game.

Note: this process works on GoG Game Of The Year version 1.32.  I can't confirm that it will work on Steam or versions other than 1.32, but feel free to try it for yourself.

This procedure only shows how to access the character files and make edits.  It does not cover adding textures, or setting up WolvenKit and WCC_Lite.

Credits and Thanks
Special thanks to munchyfly who unwittingly launched my learning on this subject by posting an excellent tutorial on how to create custom eyes.  Some of the same principles learned in that tutorial can also be applied here.

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