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This page is a collection of eye-changing mods for various characters. Presently includes: Keira, Ves, Priscilla, Mary Louisa la Valette, Cerys, Syanna, and Orianna.

Permissions and credits
A couple of modders are currently creating some really nice eye mods (keep up the great work TheSmile3000 and munchfly!), but as of yet, I have not seen anyone create eye mods for these characters.  I decided to try my hand at it.  And if there are other characters that I decide to create eyes for, I will post those here as well.
  • Keira - changes her eye color from green to sapphire blue.
  • Ves - changes her eye color light blue to an icy blue.
  • Priscilla - Priscilla was always one of my favorite characters in the game.  Although she is sadly not in it for very long, the scenes she is in simply radiate when she is on screen.  Her vanilla dark green eyes suit her, but I wanted to give them a little more color and pop to go along with her beautiful voice.
  • Mary Louisa la Valette - although she does not have much screen time in the game, she is one of the most beautiful women in The Witcher universe IMHO.  I'm not aware of any other mods dedicated to her beauty, so I created this mod to give her rich, chocolate eyes to accent her exotic beauty.
  • Cerys - changes her vanilla light brown eyes to have a bit more pop and really complement the brown tint of her hair.
  • Syanna - I always saw her as more on the evil side of the spectrum due to the association with the Curse of the Black Sun (not to mention her own actions during the course of the DLC).  As such, I thought giving her red eyes looked more appropriate and tied in to her cape from late in the quest.  This comes in two versions: Main (which is a vibrant red) and Alt (which is a more subtle blood red). Note: Blood and Wine DLC is required for this mod.
  • Orianna - her dark green vanilla eyes always felt passive to me, particularly upon her great reveal.  I decided to give her fiery yellow eyes via a new texture. Note: Blood and Wine DLC is required for this mod.
  • Ciri - per request by nelsonmeister, Ciri has the same green eye texture used on Priscilla.  This includes her normal eyes as well as her crying eyes.

Extract contents to your \mods folder.  Can also use Vortex (or other) mod manager.

To uninstall, simply delete the mod from your \mods folder or disable in mod manager.

I don't know if these mods need higher priority.  I tested them with other mods for each character and priority didn't seem to make a difference.  Still, if they don't work for you, I'd recommend increasing the priority.

These should be compatible with other mods that don't change eye textures.  I tested them with mods that alter both Keira and Ves' face and there was no conflict with the eye mod.

A great big thanks and shout out to munchyfly for sharing easy step-by-step instructions on how to create custom eyes.

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