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This mod changes the Viper set (armor, gloves, trousers, and boots) from Medium gear to Light gear. Comes in two variants: one that simply changes from Medium to Light, and another which changes stats to be a hybrid of the Viper and Feline (Cat) gears.

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This mod simply changes the .xml of the Viper gear so that the game recognizes it and treats it as Light gear instead of Medium gear.

Why, you might ask?  I personally like an aggressive combat style of play, and I basically hack-and-slash everything to death.  The Medium gear does not allow me to use the Cat School Techniques bonus because it applies to Light gear instead of Medium.  I also like the look of the Kaer Morhen (Viper) gear.  So I constantly found myself toggling between the Viper gear (which I love based on the appearance) and the Cat gear (which is not as attractive IMHO) just to get the higher attack bonuses and faster stamina recharge.  I didn't see another mod out there that does the same thing, so I decided to create one myself.  By changing Viper to Light gear, I can now get the benefit of using the Cat School Techniques and faster stamina while enjoying the look of the Viper gear.

Taking it a step further, I decided to add a variant that gives the Viper set some of the bonuses from the Feline set, making the Viper set now the best of both worlds.  It looks great, functions as a light gear, and provides balanced attack and defense.

Type A: Very simple, all it does is change from Medium to Light.
Type B: Complete overhaul to give the Viper gear the combined best of Viper and Cat gear.  Type B is available in three options: Complete (with armor and swords), Armor Only, and Swords Only.  Changes are:
  1. Gear is Light instead of Medium
  2. Added protection from bludgeoning, which was missing on the Viper gear.  Stats were set at 30%, 5%, 5%, 10% for a total of 50%.  This is consistent with the slashing and piercing protections already present on the armor.
  3. Added stamina regen for each piece (10%, 3%, 2%, 10%) for a total of 25%.  This is consistent with the stamina regeneration rate of the Feline (Cat) gear.
  4. Added Attack Power bonuses for each piece (22%, 11%, 11%, 11%) for a total of 55%.  This is consistent with the attack power bonuses of the Feline (Cat) gear.
  5. Increased the Poison percentage on the Viper swords (both Silver and Steel) from 15% base to 50%,
  6. Increased the Critical Attack percentage on the Viper swords (both Silver and Steel) from 10% to 25%.
  7. Increased the exp bonus on the steel sword from 5% to 20%.  This is consistent with the 20% for killing monsters already present on the silver sword.

I also edited the NG+ files, so it should also work in NG+.

Install by placing mod in the game's \mods folder or use a mod manager.  Use script merger to resolve any conflicts.

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