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This mod restores cut content and brings back the amazing snowboarding experience in Witcher 3! Now compatible with Next-Gen Edition!

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Do you remember this clip from the Behind-The-Scenes video from the creation documentary of Witcher 3?

Well, prepare to see something amazing, something that seems completely random and out of the blue for the year 2020, but it might just be what this year needs to finish at least in a more positive light!

So all of you alpinists and medieval thrill-seekers out there, get ready for the time of your lives!

This DLC mod introduces a Snowboard Altar overlooking the bay of Kaer Trolde (Skellige), from where you can get some pretty cool items!
Plus, it's also an amazing spot for avid virtual instagrammers!

It is dedicated to the Ozaki 8 (know the reference? shout in the comments!) and it grants a unique Snowboard that will enable you to zoom-zoom across the world of Witcher 3 in the grandest style and utmost speed! (placeholder for-no-longer-needed Roachsadface.png here)

It is a multi-purpose item, can either be magically worn as snow boots or used as a sharp impromptu weapon!

(Big thanks to Linas for the video! Get a taste of the sweet snowboarding life where adrenaline runs high nd every turn is a high-stakes maneuver!)

For installation - SUPER SIMPLEEE

1) Choose and download the correct main package for your game (The "NGE" version if your game version is 4+, the "Classic" version if your game is still at v1.32 and below)
2) Inside you will find 2 folders named "dlc" and "mods"
3) Unpack these folders inside your main W3 directory, so that their contents (tip: folders containing the word "geraltsnowboarder) are located firmly inside these directories.
4) If you have many mods installed, run script merger to check if there are any conflicts, there shouldn't be any but if there are, just merge them easy-peasy. If you have unmergeable conflicts then that means that you chose the wrong version for your game!
5) Launch the game and make sure the DLC is automatically enabled in the main menu "Options" (for v1.32 and below) or "Gameplay" (for v4.0 and above) like vanilla DLCs.

Extras for more IMMERSIOOON

9) It's highly recommended to install either or both of KNG's Winter is Coming mods for higher immersion (as can be seen in the pictures).
10) For some extra FX (sparks flying when snowboarding) download the main file from here, unpack and move ONLY the folder "DLCSlideParticles" inside your dlc folder.
11) An alternative to KNG's winter mods is Teresatiger's Skellige Winter Weather mod
12) also goes well together, Jato's Everest (=huge mountain to slide down) mod
13) For extra festive cheer, don't forget to get Valennia's Christmas Geese mod and Halk's Christmas Contest Project mod! 


1) Get the items, either from the Snowboard Altar over the Kaer Trolde Bay or from the merchants Bran (in White Orchard) and Herbalist (in Kaer Trolde) or via console commands: additem('SnowboardSword') + additem('SnowGoggles').
2) The SnowboardSword goes into the weapons tab and the SnowGoggles in the Quest items tab and to wear them all you have to do is equip them.
3) To avoid clipping with the Snowboard remove silver sword and crossbow from Geralt and preferably choose a shorter hairstyle, such as the DLC Hairstyle 1 which looks dope.
4) Press 1 to pull the Snowboard and watch it magically do its thing!
5) Jump to start snowboarding! Every time you press jump after the first, you will switch sides
6) While sliding, your inventory can't be opened to avoid bugs
7) To stop, press shift + W or S (=movement buttons)
8) Once fully stopped long-press 1 to sheath the snowboard.
9) When in combat and you pull the snowboard out, it will function as a carbon-reinforced sword, slicing/dicing enemies with ease and gusto (and not as a snowboard).
10) If while snowboarding you encounter enemies and want to stay to fight them, then stop snowboarding and long-press 1 as above. You will sheathe your snowboard and pressing 1 afterwards will enable it as a sword and not as a snowboard.
11) That's it, roam wild - roam free because there is no fall damage while snowboarding with thee!!


1) If sheathing/unsheathing the snowboard when Geralt is on shallow water it may bug out and then you will have 2 snowboards, one on the feet and another one the back! So, just unequip it or reload and it will fix the issue! 
2) Because the Snowboard autolevels to match your Geralt level, if the item level for the Snowboard is too high for some reason, either temporarily use the console command "setlevel(70)" to raise your character level or install a this great Normalised Item Levels mod by Partoutatix.
3) There is a tiny bit of clipping with the surface sometimes, it's more pronounced if you go uphill. 
4) Remember to endorse/like/vote if you enjoy! 

(For all the kind people that helped, as without them the mod would have been less cooler. Check out their awesome mods and show them some love!

Wasteland Ghost

Special Mention
(1st use of the continuous sliding mechanism that Geralt does down mountains that was the inspiration of this mod)


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