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Adds Mt. Everest to Witcher 3 as a new world.

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Adds Mt. Everest to Witcher 3 as a new world. Map is sized 9.7km x 9.7km, should be pretty true-to-life in scale. I used Google satellite data to generate topology, then used some artist software to generate finer details procedurally. It's possible I made an error though, since the data was exchanged in several different softwares and formats. Exposed rock isn't represented very well either, this would require some custom rock assets and way too much time. Don't consider this a 1:1 representation, but it will help you understand the size of Mt. Everest. While Mt. Everest is huge, it's probably smaller than you expect. It's ~8km high from sea level, but closer to 3km high compared to the surrounding geography.

Patch Notes

V 1.0 11-23-2020

Initial upload to Nexus.

Hub ID

Hub ID: 12

What's a hub ID? Each user-generated hub (new world) will have a unique hub ID. REDengine takes advantage of ID's numbering to 99, with 0-15 reserved by vanilla game or Radish tools as a local debug ID. Everest uses ID 12, which is a debug ID since it's not a project with any serious scope. So Everest will be incompatible with any Hub ID using the 12. This really shouldn't be an issue, but making this ID public needs to be standard to prevent conflicts.


Q: I can't read the installation instructions. How do I get to Mt. Everest?
A: Load a save, you'll teleport automatically.

Q: What is there to do on Mt. Everest?
A: Nothing really. Walk around and enjoy the sights.

Q: How'd you make this?
A: Modding Witcher 3 is a bottomless rabbit hole. Blood sweat and tears. Significant contributions by rmemr. Check out his Radish Discord server for more details.

Q: But, why?
A: Mostly just for fun. It'd also be nice if this project generates interest in Radish modding tools. With enough determined modders, it's definitely possible to add standalone DLC hubs with real quest-content. If you're a modder interested in something like that, feel free to find me on Discord.

Q: Any plans for future support?
A: Probably not. Maybe I'll add a big slide or some obstacle course. But probably not.


Installation is very easy, but you must UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE overwrite your saves.

1. Download ZIP file from this page.

2. Extract ZIP file.

3. Be sure to delete/backup previous versions.

4. Place "dlcEverest" folder into your DLC folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\DLC) for Steam.

5. Boot the game, load any save and you'll be teleported to Everest shortly.

6. Enjoy!

To uninstall, delete dlcEverest folder from your Witcher 3 directory. If you overwrite a save, it will become unusable if Everest is uninstalled.

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