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A new unique VGX take on Geralt's boat featuring a new vertical sail with physics and without obscuring your view! Compatible with Next-Gen Edition!

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V3.5: Now also compatible with Next-Gen Edition and latest update 4.0.4!

V3:What you've waited for has just happened: T
he sail is physics enabled and more! Woot woot, go get it while it's hot!

Now the sail always stays in place and behaves as it should! Kudos for the fix go to Lexars

New VGX Geralt Boat

Mod is amazingly simple: An alternative take on Geralt's boat featuring a new vertical sail that is physics-enabled just like the vanilla boat but with more realistic wind behavior, extra wind+rain proof and without obscuring your view! The mast has gone through some quality improvements too!

Looks E3 and it is made from the same ripe old cotton material with extra detailing. xD Try it out and if you notice anything strange with it let me know!

Super simple installation instructions: 

1) Download and unpack archive inside your "mods" folder 
2) Launch game
3) Sail the open seas sailor!


It is highly recommender to get the E3 Boat with Multiple Boats - Vanilla or E3 Boat or New Geralt Boat made by menschfeind13 with scoutbro and use it together with my mod. That way you will be able to use my together both my VGX boat mod with Scoutbro's E3 boat mod and also have the vanilla boat for maximum maritime variety and fun! Go get it from here and follow the simple instructions, it's a great addition to your game!

The Lamp on Player's Boat mod by friend Hyadum27 is a nice, atmospheric and useful addition to every player's boat whenever daring the high seas. If using the version 3.0 of the mod you have to choose one of the "Lamp on player's boat - E3 version" versions, as they are the latest and also works with the mulptiple boat patch mentioned previously.

If you prefer to keep using the older versions of my mod, then you will have to select one of the NGB versions of Hyadum's boat lamp mod to still 
have tons of illuminating fun...xD

The Configurable Boat Speed mod by rfuzzo can also work nicely alongside this for a nice speed boost! ;)

The mod has also been tested with the Brother in Arms Brothers in Arms - TW3 Bug Fix and Restored Content Collection - Next-Gen and it works without issues.

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